11 oktober

Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand

De nummer 1-hits van 11 oktober

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1902: Harry Macdonough – The Mansion Of Aching Hearts [Monarch Record 1415] (4 weken 1)
The Mansion Of Aching Hearts - Harry Macdonough
(vandaag 115 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Arthur J. Lamb /Muziek: Harry Von Tilzer)

(#1 hit voor Byron G. Harlan op 20 september 1902 [Edison Gold Moulded Record 8093] (wax cylinder)

(#2 hit voor J.W. Myers op 5 juli 1902 [78-Columbia Disc Record 861]

(Drie weken later op 31 oktober 1902 komt de eerste telegraafkabel door de Stille Oceaan gereed.)

1924: Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Memory Lane [Victor 19303] (5 weken 1)
Memory Lane - Waring’s Pennsylvanians
(vandaag 93 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Buddy DeSylva /Muziek: Larry Spier; Con Conrad)
(Vocal refrain by Tom Waring)
(Orchestra with vocal refrain)

(#8 hit voor Paul Specht And His Orchestra in 1924 [78-Columbia 121-D]

(#1 album-hit voor Vaughn Monroe in 1948 (LP: Down Memory Lane)

(#16 album-hit voor The Three Suns (with Ray Bohr on the Pipe Organ) (Produced by Al Nevins) (Arranged by Sid Ramin) in 1957 (LP: Midnight for Two) [RCA Victor LPM 1333]

1975: Neil Sedaka – Bad Blood [The Rocket Record Company/MCA Records PIG-40460] (3 weken 1)
Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka
(vandaag 42 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Neil Sedaka; Phil Cody)
(Produced By Neil Sedaka And Robert Appere)

1986: Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You [A&M Records AM-2855] (2 weken 1)
When I Think Of You - Janet Jackson

(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Jimmy Harris III; Terry Lewis; Janet Jackson)
(Co-Producer: Janet Jackson)
(Executive Producer: John McClain)
(Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis)
(Rhythm & Vocal Arrangers: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Janet Jackson)

1997: Elton John – Candle In The Wind 1997 / Something About The Way You Look Tonight [Rocket 31456 8108 7] (14 weken 1)
Candle In The Wind 1997 - Elton John Something About The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John
 (vandaag 20 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Elton John /Tekst: Bernie Taupin // Muziek: Elton John /Tekst: Bernie Taupin)
(A-kant: Produced by George Martin)
(B-kant: Produced by Chris Thomas)

(A-kant: #1 album-hit in Amerika voor Elton John {het origineel} (Produced by Gus Dudgeon) (Orchestral Arrangements by Del Newman) (Engineered by David Hentschel) (Recorded at Strawberry Studios, France) (Assistant Engineer: Andy Scott) (Remixed at Trident Studios, London) (Assistant Engineer: Peter Kelsey) (Co-ordinated BY Steve Brown) in 1973 (LP: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) [MCA Records ‎MCA2-10003]

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1913: Will Oakland – The Curse Of An Aching Heart [Victor Record 17372] (2 weken 2)
The Curse Of An Aching Heart - Will Oakland
(vandaag 104 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Henry Fink /Muziek: Al Piantadosi)
(With orchestra)

(#9 hit voor Manuel Romain in 1913 [78-Columbia Record A1380]

(#4 hit voor “Fats Waller” and his Rhythm (Vocal refrain and piano by “Fats” Waller) in 1936 [Victor 25394] (78 rpm)

(1957: Turk Murphy (LP: Turk Murphy’s San Francisco Jazz, Vol. 1) [Good Time Jazz L-12026]

(#6 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra (Orchestra Conducted by Billy May) in 1961 (LP: Sinatra Swings) [Reprise R-1002]

1919: Bert Williams – Everybody Wants A Key To My Cellar [Columbia A2750] (2 weken 2)
Everybody Wants A Key To My Cellar
(vandaag 98 jaar geleden)
(Ed Rose; Billy Baskette; Lew Pollack)
(Orchestra Accompaniment)

1924: Ted Lewis And His Band – June Night [Columbia 157-D] (2 weken 2)
June Night - Ted Lewis
(vandaag 93 jaar geleden)
(Abel Baer)

(#7 hit voor Waring’s Pennsylvanians (Orchestra) in 1924 [Victor 19380] (78 rpm)

(1955: The Jerry Fielding Orchestra (LP: Sweet with a Beat) [Decca DL 8100]

(#19 album-hit voor Jimmy Dorsey, his Orchestra and Chorus in 1957 (LP: The Fabulous Jimmy Dorsey) [Fraternity F-1008]

(#21 hit voor Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra And Chorus With Dick Stabile {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 1957 [Fraternity F-777] (45 rpm)

(1957: Bill Frawley (LP: Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones…) [Dot DLP 3061]

(1961: Tony Mottola (LP: String Band Strum-Along) [Command Records RS 828-S.D.]

(#27 album-hit voor Mitch Miller And The Gang als June Night (Just Give Me a June Night, The Moonlight and You) in 1962 (LP: Family Sing Along with Mitch) [Columbia CS 8573]

(#141 album-hit voor Ray Conniff His Orchestra And Chorus in 1965 (LP: Friendly Persuasion) [Columbia CS 9010]

(1965: Bill Henderson (LP: When My Dream Boat Comes Home) [Verve Records V6/8619]

1947: Perry Como And The Satisfiers with Lloyd Shaffer and his Orchestra – When You Were Sweet Sixteen [RCA Victor 20-2259] (1 week 2)
When You Were Sweet Sixteen - Perry Como
(vandaag 70 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: James Thornston)
(Published ℗ 1898)

(B-kant van Chi-Baba Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go to Sleep)

(#1 hit voor Jere Mahoney {het origineel} op 7 april 1900 [Edison Records 7410] (wax cylinder)

(#1 hit voor George J. Gaskin op 10 november 1900 [Columbia Phonograph Company 4281] (wax cylinder)

(#3 hit voor Harry Macdonough op 24 augustus 1901 [78-Victor 769]

(#3 hit voor J.W. Myers op 15 juni 1901 [78-Victor 3135]

(1938: Sung by Quartet in de film Little Miss Broadway)

(#3 album-hit voor The Mills Brothers (Vocal with Orchestra) in 1946 (LP: Famous Barber Shop Ballads, Volume One) [Decca Album No. A-476] (10 Sides–10) [Decca 23627 B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1946: Sung by Scotty Beckett (dubbed by Rudy Wissler) in de film The Jolson Story)

(#1 album-hit voor Al Jolson (Vocal With Orchestra Directed By Morris Stoloff) in 1947 (LP: Al Jolson Souvenir Album) [Decca Album No. A-575] (8 Sides–2) [Decca 24106 B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#16 hit voor Mills Brothers (Vocal With Guitar) in 1947; B-kant van Way Down Home [Decca 23627] (78 rpm)

(#17 hit voor Dick Jurgens and his Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by Jimmy Castle) in 1947 [Columbia 37803] (78 rpm)

(#1 hit in Australië voor Al Jolson (Vocal with Quartet and Orchestra Directed by Morris Stoloff) op 1 december 1948; B-kant van Waiting for the Robert E. Lee [Decca 24106] (78 rpm) {Amerikaanse persing}

(1948: Steve Conway (With Orchestra) (Conducted by Peter Yorke) [Columbia FB.3398] (EMI) (78 rpm)

(#3 album-hit voor The Chordettes in 1950 ‎(10” LP: Harmony Time) [Columbia ‎CL 6111]

(1955: The Chordettes ‎(LP: Listen) [Columbia ‎CL 956]

(1958: Joni James (Orchestra conducted by David Terry) (LP: Among My Souvenirs) [MGM E3602]

(#4 album-hit voor Mitch Miller & the Gang als Medley: When You Were Sweet/Sixteen Silver Threads Among the Gold in 1959 (LP: Still More! Sing Along with Mitch) [Columbia CL 1283]

(#40 album-hit voor Al Jolson in 1962 (LP: The Best of Jolson) [Decca DXA 169]

(1994: Dani Klein op de various artists Soundtrack (CD: Suite 16) [BMG/Ariola 7 4321 249762]

(#151 album-hit voor Ronan Tynan in 1999 (Conductor And Musical Director Frank McNamara) (Recorded Live at the Royal Dublin Society Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland) op de The Irish Tenors (CD: The Irish Tenors) [Point 8552]

1947: Alvino Rey And his Orchestra – Near You [Capitol B452] (3 week 3)
Near You - Alvino Rey
(vandaag 70 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Francis Craig /Tekst: Kermit Goell)
(Vocal by Jimmy Joyce)

(#1 hit voor Francis Craig (Vocal by Bob Lamm) (Francis Craig at the piano); B-kant van Red Rose op 30 augustus 1947 [Bullet 1001] (78 rpm)

(#2 hit voor Andrews Sisters with Schoen and His Orchestra (Vocal with Orchestra) op 25 oktober 1947 [Decca 24171] (78 rpm)

(#3 hit voor Larry Green and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Trio) op 25 oktober 1947 RCA Victor 20-2421] (78 rpm)

(#4 hit in Amerika voor Elliot Lawrence and his Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by Rosalind Patton) op 1 november 1947 [Columbia 37838] (78 rpm)

(#12 hit in Amerika voor Dick “Two Ton” Baker And His Music Makers (Vocal by Two Ton Baker) op 25 oktober 1947 [Merury 5066] (78 rpm)

(#1 hit in Australië voor Bing Crosby op 1 april 1948)

(1957: Sonny James (The Southern Gentlemen) (LP: Sonny) [Capitol T-867]

(#9 album-hit voor Roger Williams (With Orchestra and Chorus Directed by Hal Kanner) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 1959 (LP: Near You) [Kapp KL 1112]

(#10 hit voor Roger Williams (with Orchestra Directed by Hal Kanner) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} op 29 september 1958 [Kapp K-233X] (45 rpm)

(1959: Andy Williams (Orchestra Conducted by Archie Bleyer) (LP: Two Time Winners) [Cadence Records CLP 3026]

(#36 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra (℗ 1959) in 1960 (LP: Golden Saxophones) [Dot DLP 3205]

(1960: The Blue Diamonds (with choir and orchestra conducted by Jack Bulterman) (LP: “Always… The Blue Diamonds!”) [Decca LQ 60413]

(1960: Dick Hyman And His Orchestra (Produced By Enoch Light) (LP: Provocative Piano) [Command ‎RS 811-S.D.]

(1961: The Blue Diamonds; B-kant van Always [45-Decca FM 264 364]

(1961: B. Bumble & The Stingers; B-kant van Boogie Woogie [Rendezvous Records R-151] (45 rpm)

(#24 album-hit voor Nat King Cole (With Orchestra And Chorus Conducted by Belford Hendricks) in 1962 (LP: Dear Lonely Hearts) [Capitol Records T-1838]

(#30 album-hit voor Ferrante & Teicher (And Their Orchestra Conducted by Nick Perito) in 1962 (LP: Golden Piano Hits) [United Artists WWS-8505]

(#139 album-hit voor Bill Black’s Combo in 1964 (LP: Bill Black’s Combo Goes Big Band) [Hi Records SHL 32020]

(#74 C&W-hit voor Lamar Morris (Produced by Jim Vienneau) in 1971 [MGM K14289] (45 rpm)

(1971: Slim Whitman (Produced by Biff Collie) (LP: It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie) [United Artists Records ‎UAS-6819]

(#1 C&W-hit voor George Jones and Tammy Wynette (Produced by Billy Sherrill) {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} (℗ 1976) op 5 februari 1977 [Epic 8-50314] (45 rpm)

1975: John Denver – Calypso [RCA Victor PB-10353] (4 weken 2)
Calypso -John Denver

(vandaag 42 jaar geleden)
(John Denver)
(Arranged and conducted by Lee Holdridge)
(Produced by Milton Okun)
(Assistant Producer: Kris O’Connor)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

{Calypso is de naam van het schip van Jacques Yves Cousteau. Met de Calypso, een omgebouwde Britse mijnenveger, heeft hij de wereldzeeën bevaren om onderwaterfilms te produceren. Jacques Yves Cousteau overlijdt op 25 juni 1997 op 87-jarige leeftijd}

(1984: Ronnie Aldrich, His Piano And Orchestra (Arranged and Produced by Ronnie Aldrich) (LP: Sea Dreams) [MfP MFP 41 5686 1]

1986: Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) [Manhattan B-50037] (1 week 2)
Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) - Glass Tiger

(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Glass Tiger [ = Alan Frew, Al Connelly, Sam Reid, Wayne Parker & Michael Hanson]; Jim Vallance)
(Produced by Jim Vallance)
(Mixed by Ed Thacker)

1986: Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts [Atlantic 7-89381] (1 week 3)
Two Of Hearts - Stacey Q
(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(John Mitchell; Sue Gatlin; Tim Green)
(Produced by Jon St. James)
(Associate Producers: William J. Walker, Jeff C. Fishman)

Adult Standards/Timeless Classics

1986: Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & his Orchestra – Am I Blue [Asylum] [albumtrack]
Am I Blue - Linda Ronstadt

(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Harry Akst /Tekst: Grant Clarke)
(Recorded & Mixed By George Massenburg)
(Assisted by Sharon Rise)
(Recorded at The Complex (L.A.) July 10, 1985 – May 16, 1986)
(Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab (L.A.)
(Arranged by Nelson Riddle)
(Orchestra and String Quartet conducted by Terry Woodson)
(Produced By Peter Asher)

(#46 US album-hit {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (LP: For Sentimental Reasons) [Asylum 60474-1-E]

(#1 US-hit voor Ethel Waters op 5 oktober 1929; B-kant van Birmingham Bertha [Columbia 1837-D] (78 rpm

Billboard Easy Listening chart:

1975: Art Garfunkel – I Only Have Eyes For You [Columbia 3-10190] (1 week 1)
I Only Have Eyes For You - Art Garfunkel

(vandaag 42 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Al Dubin /Muziek: Harry Warren)
(Strings and horns arranged and conducted by Del Newman)
(Produced by Richard Perry)

(#18 hit in de Hot 100 op 29 november 1975)

{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(Het origineel is van Dick Powell in de film Dames met in de hoofdrollen Dick Powell & Ruby Keeler, ging op 16 augustus 1934 in première en draait vanaf 1 september 1934 in heel Amerika)

(#2 pop-hit voor Ben Selvin And His Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Howard Phillips) op 4 september 1934 [Columbia 2966-D] (78 rpm)

(#4 pop-hit voor Eddy Duchin in 1934 [78-Victor 24665]

(#20 pop-hit voor Jane Froman in 1934 [78-Decca 181]

(1934: Eddie Jackson & His Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by Smith Ballew) [Vocalion 2748] (78 rpm)

(1934: Anson Weeks and his Orchestra (Vocal Chorus Kay St. Germain) [Brunswick 6944] (78 rpm)

(1934: Scott Wood and his Orchestra op de various artists 48 Original Recordings Featuring In The BBC TV Serial (CD: Pennies From Heaven) [BBC Records REF 768] {Released in 1990}

(#3 album-hit voor Paul Weston in 1945 (LP: Music for Dreaming)

(1948: Freddy Gardner, Saxophone, with Peter Yorke and his Concert Orchestra (Saxophone Solo); B-kant van I’m in the Mood for Love [Columbia 38346] (78 rpm)

(1948: Freddy Gardner with Peter Yorke And His Concert Orchestra (Saxophone Solo) [Columbia D.B. 2411] (EMI) (78 rpm) {Engelse persing}

(#2 album-hit voor Al Jolson in 1949 (LP: Jolson Sings Again)

(#2 soundtrack-hit album-hit voor Al Jolson in 1949 in de film Jolson Sings Again)

(1949: Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra op de various artists (LP: Presenting Hits from “Jolson Sings Again”) [RCA Victor WP-254] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1949: Larry Parks (gebubbed door Al Jolson) in de film Jolson Sings Again)

(1949: Frank Sinatra with The Ken Lane Singers (Orchestra Under the direction of Axel Stordahl) [Columbia 38550] (78 rpm)

(#3 soundtrack-hit voor Doris Day (With Choir and Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl) in 1950 (10” LP: Tea for Two) [Columbia CL 6149]

(1950: Gordon MacRae in de film Tea for Two)

(1952: Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra (Filip Phillips, tenor sax; Charlie Shavers, trumpet; Oscar Peterson, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Barney Kessel, guitar; Alvin Stoller, drums) (Supervised by Norman Granz) [Mercury 89002] (78 rpm)

(1952: Andre Previn (LP: Andre Previn Plays Harry Warren) [45-RCA Victor WP-338] [RCA Victor 47-4351] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1952: The Swallows (Vocal by The Swallows With Instrumental) [King 4533] (78 rpm)

(#1 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason in 1953 (LP: Music for Lovers Only)

(1953: Patti Page (10” LP: Patti Page Sings for Romance) [Mercury MG-25185]

(1953: Lionel Hampton (LP: He Swings the Most!) [Contemporary C3502]

(1954: Billy Daniels (With Orchestra Conducted by Jimmy Mundy) (LP: Love Me or Leave Me) [Mercury MG-20047]

(1954: The Voices of Walter Schumann (Vocal Solo by Marie Vernon) (Trumpet Solo by Charlie Teagarden) [RCA Victor 20-5654] (78 rpm)

(#7 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason in 1956 (LP: Music for Lovers Only/Music to Make You Misty)

(#15 album-hit voor Ray Anthony in 1956 (LP: Dream Dancing)

(1957: Eddy Arnold (With Orchestra Conducted by Charles Grean) (LP: A Little on the Lonely Side) [RCA Victor LPM 1377]

(1958: The Romancers (directed by Ken Jones) op de EP I’m in the Mood for Love [Embassy WEP 1010] (45 rpm)

(#11 pop-hit voor The Flamingos {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 1959 [End E-1046] (45 rpm)

(1959: The Flamingos (LP: Flamingo Serenade) [End LP 304]

(1959: Mitzi Gaynor (Arrangements and Orchestra Conducted by Pete King) (LP: Mitzi) [Verve Records MG V-2110]

(1959: Carmen McRae (with Orchestra Directed by Luther Henderson, Jr.) (LP: When You’re Away) [Kapp KS-3018]

(1959: Maureen O’Hara (with Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Rob Thompson) (LP: Love Letters from Maureen O’Hara) [RCA Victor LSP 1953]

(#14 album-hit voor The Ray Conniff Singers in 1961 (LP: Somebody Loves Me) [Columbia CL 1642]

(#36 album-hit voor Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra (℗ 1960) in 1961 (LP: Ebb Tide) [Richmond Stereo/London Records S 30078]

(#26 album-hit voor The Percy Faith Strings in 1962 (LP: Bouquet of Love) [Columbia CS 8481]

(#137 album-hit voor Paul Anka in 1962 (Arr. & Cond. by Ray Ellis) (LP: Let’s Sit This One Out) [RCA LPM 2575]

(#5 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra/Count Basie in 1963 (LP: Sinatra-Basie: An Historic Musical First) [Reprise R 1008]

(1963: Lena Horne (Arranged and Conducted by Marty Paich) (LP: Lena…Love and Alive) [RCA Victor LSP 2587]

(1963: Paul Petersen (of the Donna Reed Show) (Arr. by Stu Phillips & Jimmy Haskell) (LP: My Dad) [Colpix Records SCP 442]

(1963: Cliff Richard with The Norrie Paramor Orchestra op de EP Love Songs [Columbia SEG 8272] (EMI) (45 rpm)

(#109 Bubbling Under-hit voor Cliff Richard in 1964 [Epic 5-9670] (45 rpm)

(#111 album-hit voor Mary Wells in 1964 (LP: Mary Wells Sings My Guy) [Motown M 617]

(#115 album-hit voor Cliff Richard in 1964 (LP: It’s All in the Game) [Epic LN 26089]

(#4 Easy-Listening-hit voor The Lettermen (Produced by Steve Douglas) (Arranged and Conducted by Jimmie Haskell) in 1966 [Capitol Records 5649] (45 rpm)

(#20 R&B-hit voor Jerry Butler (Produced by Samuel F. Brown III) (Executive Producer: Jerry Butler) (Orchestrated, Arranged & Conducted by Robert Bowles) in 1972 [Mercury 73290] (45 rpm)

(#27 album-hit voor Jermaine Jackson in 1972 (LP: Jermaine)

(#92 album-hit voor Jerry Butler in 1972 (LP: The Spice of Life) [Mercury SRM-2-7502]

(1972: Carmen McRae (Recorded live at Donte’s, Los Angeles, California) (LP: The Great American Songbook) [Atlantic SD 2-904]

(#10 album-hit voor The Flamingos in 1973 op de various artists 41 Original Hits from the Sound Track of (LP: American Graffiti) [MCA Records ‎MCA2-8001]

(1973: Johnny Guarnieri (LP: Johnny Guarnieri Plays Harry Warren) [Jim Taylor Presents JTP 102]

(#39 Easy Listening-hit voor Mel Carter (Prod. by Tony Scotti & John D’Andrea) (Arr. by John D’Andrea) (Exec. Prod. Bob Marcucci) in 1974 [Romar R 716] (45 rpm)

(1974: Mina (LP: Baby Gate) [PDU Pld. 6006]

(1975: Brook Benton (LP: Sings a Love Story) [RCA Victor APL1-1044]

(1976: Dick Haymes (LP: For Me, for You, for Evermore) [Audiophile AP-130]

(1977: Bamse als Jeg lever jo kun for dig (LP: Din Sang) [KMF ROLP 6564] {Deense versie}

(1978: Shirley Bassey (Arranged and Conducted by Arthur Greenslade) (LP: Yesterdays) [United Artists Records UAS 30141]

(#63 R&B-hit voor Heaven & Earth (Produced by Clarence Johnson & Riccardo Williams) (Arranged by Floyd Morris) (Engineer: Larry Huerta) in 1979 [Mercury 76012] (45 rpm)

(1988: Marilyn Scott (St: Twins)

(1990: Fausto Papetti (LP: 48a Raccolta) [Fonit Cetra ‎LPX 262]

(#104 album-hit voor The Flamingos (℗ 1991) in 1992 op de various artists Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD: My Girl) [Epic EK 48732]

(#81 R&B-hit voor Funky Poets (Produced by Dave Darlington and Funky Poets) (Executive Producers: Bob Gordon, David Massey, Steve Rosey) (Programming and Engineering by Andy Zula) als I Only Have Eyes for You (The Old School Version) (℗ 1993) in 1994 [Epic ‎36-77517] (45 rpm)

(#2 album-hit voor Rod Stewart in 2004 (CD: As Time Goes By… The Great American Songbook Volume II) [J Records 82876-55710-2]

(#5 album-hit voor Harry Connick, Jr. (Arranged, Orchestrated & Conducted by Harry Connick, Jr.) in 2004 (CD: Only You) [Columbia CK 90551]

(#7 album-hit voor Carly Simon in 2005 (CD: Moonlight Serenade)

(2005: Michael Feinstein & George Shearing (Produced by Michael Feinstein) (CD: Hopeless Romantics) [Concord Records CCD 2152-2]

(2013: Herb Alpert featuring Lani Hall (CD: Steppin’ Out) [Shout! Factory ‎826663-14605]

(2014: Jumaane Smith (featuring Naturally 7) {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (CD: I Only Have Eyes for You) [Jsmusic/CD Baby 888295034999]

1980: Barbra Streisand – Woman In Love [Columbia 1-11364] (5 weken 1)
Woman In Love - Barbra Streisand
(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Barry Gibb; Robin Gibb)
(Produced by Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson)

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 25 oktober 1980)

{Classic Song op radiostation KAAM 770 AM Legends in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas}

(1980: Gitte (Adapt.: Michael Kunze – Arr. Michael Thatcher) (Produziert von Peter Kirsten Mal Luker und Michael Thatcher) als Die Frau, die dich liebt [Global Records and Tapes 0033.243] (45 rpm) (Duitse versie)

(1980: Mireille Mathieu (Adapt.: Eddy Marnay) (Accompagnée par le Grand Orchestre de Jean Claudric) als Une femme amoureuse [Philips 6010 273] (45 rpm) (Franse versie)

(1980: Renato e Seus Blue Caps (Adapt.: Sanry) als Sou apenas alguém (Woman In Love) [CBS 43.037] (33 ⅓ rpm) (Portugese versie)

(1980: Seija Simola (Adapt.: Sov. Markku Johansson – Suom.san. Chrisse Johansson) als Jos katsot silmiini (Woman In Love) [RCA Victor PB 9580] (45 rpm) (Finse versie)

(1980: Άννα Βίσση (Anna Vissi) (Adapt.: Γιώργος Κανελλόπουλος (I. Kavelopulos) als Το Ξέρω Θα’ρθεις Ξανά (LP: Ναι) [Columbia ‎14C 064-71158] (Griekse versie)

(1981: Ronnie Aldrich (Conducted and arranged by Ronnie Aldrich) (Recorded in collaboration with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) (Engineered at 21 Century Studios, Winnipeg) (Head Engineer: Harry Taylor) (LP: One Fine Day) [Amberjack AJK-902]

(1981: Caravelli (Réalisation artistique: Philippe Boutet) (Ingénieur du son: Jean-Claude Egreteau) (Enregistrement: Studio CBS France Paris) (LP: Woman in Love) [CBS – CBS 85139]

(1981: Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra (Arrangements by Nick Ingman/Frank Chacksfield) (Engineer: Dave Hunt) (Recorded at The Music Centre Wembley) (Produced by Tommy Sanderson) (LP: Could I Have This Dance) [Dansan Records DS 042]

(1981: Jairo (Adapt.: Franco Migliacci) (Prod. Garrima Rinaldo Cerri) (Trasferimento su disco Piero Mannucci) als Più forte di me (Woman In Love) [RCA Victor PB 6495] (45 rpm) (Italiaanse versie)

(1981: Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat (Arrangements: Paul Mauriat & Gérard Gambus) (Enregistré au studio Météora – Paris) (Prise de son Jean-Louis Labro, assisté de Hervé Hochet) (LP: Reality) [Philips 6313 159]

(1981: Fausto Papetti (LP: 32ª Raccolta) [Durium ms AI 77420]

(1981: Marianne Rosenberg (Adapt.: Bernd Meinunger) (Deutsche Original – Aufnahme) (Prod. und Arr. Peter Schirmann/Peter Wagner) als Ich hab’ auf Liebe gesetzt (Woman In Love) [Philips 6005 092] (45 rpm) (Duitse versie)

(1981: Marianne Rosenberg (Adapt.: Bernd Meinunger) (Prod. Peter Schirmann & Peter Wagner) (Arr. Peter Schirmann & Peter Glass) als Ich hab’ auf Liebe gesetzt (Woman In Love) (LP: Ich brauche dich…) [Philips 6435 102] (Duitse versie)

(1981: Sini & Timo (Adapt.: Chrisse Johansson) als Jos katsot silmiini mun (Woman In Love) (LP: Sini & Timo) [Fifty-Fifty FFLP 61] (Finse versie)

(1981: Helena Vondráčková (Adapt.: Pavel Žák) als To je štěstí (Woman In Love) (LP: Sblížení) [Supraphon 1113 2955 ZA] (Tsjechische versie)

(1991: Iva Zanicchi (Adapt.: Franco Migliacci) als Forte più forte (CD: Come ti vorrei) [Five Record FM 18004] (Italiaanse versie)

(2001: Dana Winner (Produced by Wilfried Van Baelen & Tom Salisbury) (Arranged and conducted by Tom Salisbury) (Engineered and mixed by Wilfried Van Baelen) (High resolution (24-bit) digitally recorded and mixed in Galaxy Studios / Mol, Belgium) (Drums: Simon Phillips) (Bass: Evert Verhees, Marcel Schimscheimer) (Guitars: Bert Meulendijk) (Keyboards & Programming: Tom Salisbury) (Percussion: Jeroen de Rijk) (Flute: Lindy Vanden Berk) (Oboe: Joris Vanden Hauwe) (Clarinet: Geert Baeckelandt) (French Horns: Rik Vercruysse, Alex Van Aeken, Johan Van Neste) (Trumpet: Jef Coolen, Nico Schepers, Johan Coen) (Trombone: Carlo Mertens, Marc Godfroid) (Brass section: Stylus Horns) (Pipe Organ: Wilfried Van Baelen) (Backing Vocals: Jody Pijper, Dian Senders, Ingrid Simons, Pim Roos, Ruurd Boes, Mieke Aerts) (Galaxy Symphonic Orchestra – concertmaster: Marc Steylaerts) (Drum recording engineered by Chris Pfannschmidt and Uli Baronowsky) (Assisted by Bram Poelmans) (Mastering by René Schardt at Galaxy Reference Mastering Studio) (CD: Unforgettable) [EMI Belgium ‎7243 536195 2 7]

(2003: Dana Winner (CD: Märchenland der Gefühle) [Capitol 5952452]

(2011: Loes Luca (Adapt.: Frank Houtappels) als Vrouw en verliefd op de various artists De originele soundtrack (CD: ‘t Spaanse Schaep) [EMI 50999 0959702 0]

1986: Genesis – Throwing It All Away [Atlantic 7-89372] (2 weken 1)
Throwing It All Away - Genesis

(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Tony Banks; Phil Collins; Mike Rutherford)
(Produced by Genesis and Hugh Padgham)
(Arranged by Genesis)
(Engineered by Hugh Padgham)

(#4 hit in de Hot 100 op 11 oktober 1986)

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1980: Olivia Newton-John/ Electric Light Orchestra – Xanadu [MCA Records MCA-41285] (2 weken 2)
Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John
(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Jeff Lynne)
(Produced By Jeff Lynne)
(Recorded In Europe)

(#8 hit in de Hot 100 op 11 oktober 1980)

(Titelsong van de film Xanadu met Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly & Michael Beck, draait vanaf 8 augustus 1980 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(1980: Caravelli (Réalisation artistique: Philippe Boutet) (LP: Il jouait du piano debout) [CBS – CBS 84755]

(1980: Fausto Papetti (LP: 31ª Raccolta) [Durium ms AI 77418]

(1995: Fausto Papetti (CD: Hollywood) [Durium ‎CDOR 9042]

1986: Anita Baker – Sweet Love [Elektra 7-69557] (2 weken 3)
Sweet Love - Anita Baker
(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Anita Baker; Louis A. Johnson; Gary Bias)
(Produced by Michael J. Powell)

(#8 hit in de Hot 100 op 1 november 1986)

(#55 R&B-hit voor Najee (Executive Producer Beau Huggins) (Produced by Rahni Song) in 1987 [EMI America B-8362] (45 rpm)

Billboard Country & Western chart:

1980: Razzy Bailey – Loving Up A Storm [RCA PB-12062] (1 week 1)
Loving Up A Storm - Razzy Bailey
(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Danny Morrison; Johnny Slate)
(Produced by Bob Montgomery)
(Strings arranged by Ron Oates)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1986: Eddie Rabbitt And Juice Newton – Both To Each Other (Friends & Lovers) [RCA PB-14377] (1 week 1)
Both To Each Other - Eddie Rabbitt And Juice Newton
(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(Jay Gruska; Paul Gordon)
(Produced by Richard Landis)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

(#2 pop-hit voor Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson (Produced and Mixed by Yves Dessca) als Friends And Lovers op 27 september 1986 [USA Carrere ZS4 06122] (45 rpm)

(1986: Juice Newton and Eddie Rabbitt als Born to Each Other (Friends and Lovers) op de CD Rabbitt Trax van Eddie Rabbitt [RCA AHL1-7041]


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006”, “Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2017)



1969: Russell Morris – Part Three Into Paper Walls / The Girl That I Love [Columbia DO-8828] (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 8 jaar geleden)
(Johnny Young; Russell Morris / Johnny Young)
(Produced by Ian Meldrum)

2015: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz – Downtown (4 weken 1)
(vandaag 2 jaar geleden)
(Ben Haggerty; Ryan Lewis)

(#12 hit in de US Hot 100 op 31 oktober 2015)


1968: The Beatles – Hey Jude (5 weken 1)
(vandaag 49 jaar geleden)
(John Lennon; Paul McCartney)
(Produced by: George Martin)
(Recorded in England)

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 28 september 1968)

(#23 hit in Amerika voor Wilson Pickett (Produced by Rick Hall) in 1969 [Atlantic 45-2648] (45 rpm)

(#24 Easy Listening-hit in Amerika voor Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra in 1969 [Philips 40594] (45 rpm)

1981: Joey Scarbury – Theme From “Greatest American Hero” (Believe It Or Not) [Elektra E 47147] (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 36 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Mike Post /Tekst: Stephen Geyer)
(Arranged by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer)
(Produced by Mike Post)
(Executive Producer: Stephen J. Cannell)

(#2 hit in de US Hot 100 op 15 augustus 1981)

(Titelsong van de gelijknamige televisieserie Greatest American Hero met in de hoofdrollen William Katt & Robert Culp, ging op 18 maart 1981 bij de Amerikaanse omroep NBC in première en draait tot 3 februari 1983)

1998: Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody? (1 week 1)
(vandaag 19 jaar geleden)
(Tim Mosley; Stephen Garrett)
(Produced by Timbaland [ = Timothy Zachery Mosley]
(Vocal Arrangements: Static [ = Stephen Garrett]
(Lead Vocals: Aaliyah [ = Aaliyah Dana Haughton]
(Background Vocals: Aaliyah and Static)
(Recorded by Jimmy Douglas at The Village Recorder, West LA, CA)
(Mixed by Timbaland and Jimmy Douglas at The Village Recorder, West LA, CA)

(#4 hit in de US Hot 100 op 10 oktober 1998)

(Uit de film Dr. Dolittle met in de hoofdrol Eddie Murphy, ging op 13 juni 1998 in wereldpremière tijdens het Festróia filmfestival in Portugal en gaat op 23 juni 1998 in Amerika in première en op 24 september 1998 in de Nieuw-Zeelandse bioscopen in roulatie)


Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


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