6 december

Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand
NOUVEAU: Numéros 1 et records du Top Singles français (1955-2016) (en construction)

De nummer 1-hits van 6 december

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1924: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – Somebody Loves Me [Victor 19414] (5 weken 1)
Somebody Loves Me - Paul Whiteman

(vandaag 94 jaar geleden)
(Buddy G. DeSylva; George Gershwin)

(Het origineel komt uit de Broadway-musical-theaterproductie George White’s Scandals of 1924, ging op 30 juni 1924 in Apollo Theatre, NY in première. Na 196 keer is op 13 december 1924 de laatste voorstelling)

(#4 hit voor Ray Miller and his Orchestra in 1924 [78-Brunswick 2669]

(1924: Aileen Stanley (Comedienne with orchestra) [Victor 19454] (78 rpm)

(#7 hit voor Marion Harris (Comedienne With Orchestra) in 1925 [Brunswick 2735] (78 rpm)

(#11 hit voor Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike) (Ukelele and Voice) in 1925 [Pathé Actuelle 032073] (78 rpm)

(1925: Teddy Wilson)

(1930: Fletcher Henderson)

(1934: Benny Goodman)

(1940: Dinah Shore (Vocal with Orchestra); B-kant van My Man [Bluebird B-10978] (78 rpm)

(1942: Benny Carter International Orchestra With Coleman Hawkins (Instrumental) (LP: Gems of Jazz, Vol. 4) [Decca album No. A-249] (12 sides–11) [Decca 18256 A] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1944: Sung by Lena Horne (uncredited) in de film Broadway Rhythm)

(1944: Jack Teagarden with Eddie Condon op de Jack Teagarden (LP: The Golden Horn of Jack Teagarden) [MCA Records MCA-227] (Released in 1964)

(#4 album-hit voor Dinah Shore (Vocal with Orchestra) (℗ 1943) in 1945 (LP: Musical Orchids) [Victor ‎P139] (Side 2) [Victor 20-5141-B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#4 album-hit voor Eddy Duchin (Piano Solo with Rhythm Accomp.) (℗ 1944) in 1945 (LP: Eddy Duchin Plays the Music of George Gershwin) [Columbia ‎C 52-6] [Columbia 36078] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#4 album-hit voor Billy Butterfield And His Orchestra (Vocal by Tommy Taylor) in 1945 (Vocal by Tommy Taylor) (LP: Gershwin) [Capitol BD 10] [Capitol 20026] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1945: Performed by Tom Patricola and Joan Leslie (dubbed by Sally Sweetland) in de film Rhapsody in Blue)

(1948: Helen Humes (Vocal by Helen Humes) (With Orchestral Accompaniment) [Mercury 8092] (78 rpm)

(1949: Erroll Garner (10″ LP: Playing Piano Solos, Vol. 2) [Savoy Records MG 15001]

(#1 album-hit voor Doris Day (Orchestra under direction of Frank Comstock) in 1951 op de Doris Day With The Norman Luboff Choir, The Buddy Cole Quartet (LP: Lullaby of Broadway) [Columbia ‎B-235-1] [Columbia 5-1053] (45 rpm Box Set)

(#10 album-hit voor Nat ‘King’ Cole at the Piano in 1952 (LP: 10″ Penthouse Serenade) [Capitol H-332]

(#22 hit voor The Four Lads (Vocal by The Four Lads) (Orch. under the direction of Mitch Miller) in 1952 [Culumbia 4-39865] (45 rpm)

(1953: Georgia Gibbs (10″ LP: Georgia Sings the Oldies) [Mercury MG-25175]

(#1 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason (Orchestra Conducted by Jackie Gleason) (Trumpet Solos by Bobby Hackett) in 1954 (LP: Music, Martinis, and Memories) [Capitol W-509]

(#2 album-hit voor Pete Kelly and His Big Seven (With Narrative by Jack Webb) als Intro to Somebody / Somebody Loves Me in 1955 op de Jack Webb (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) [RCA Victor LPM 1126]

(#7 album-hit voor Peggy Lee (with Choir and Instrumental Accompaniment directed by Harold Mooney) in 1955 op de Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald (LP: Songs from Pete Kelly’s Blues) [Decca DL 8166]

(#8 album-hit voor Eddie Fisher (with Hugo Winterhalter’s Orchestra) in 1955 (LP: I Love You) [RCA Victor LPM 1097]

(#9 album-hit voor Ray Heindorf and The Warner Bros. Orchestra op de Ray Heindorf Directing The Warner Bros. Orchestra And Matty Matlock And His Jazz Band Music from Jack Webb’s Mark VII Ltd. Production (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) in 1955 (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) [Columbia CL 690]

(1955: Chet Atkins and his Other Guitar [RCA Victor 47-6199] (45 rpm)

(1955: Frances Faye als Somebody Loves Me (LP: I’m Wild Again) [Bethlehem BCP 23]

(#6 album-hit voor Four Freshmen (Orchestra Conducted by Pete Rugolo) in 1956 (LP: Four Freshmen and 5 Trombones) [Capitol T-683]

(#10 album hit voor Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music als Oh, Lady Be Good / Somebody Loves Me / ‘S Wonderful in 1956 (LP: Say It with Music) [Coral CRL 57041]

(1956: The Pat Moran Quartet (LP: The Pat Moran Quartet) [Bethlehem BCP-6007]

(1956: Charlie Shavers (Orchestra Conducted by Sy Oliver) (LP: Gershwin, Shavers and Strings) [Bethlehem BCP-27]

(#8 album-hit voor Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra in 1957 (LP: We Get Letters) [RCA Victor LPM 1463]

(1957: Performed by Ann Blyth (dubbed by Gogi Grant) at the London Palladium in de film The Helen Morgan Story)

(1957: Chris Connor (LP: Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Song) [Atlantic 2-601]

(#17 album-hit voor The Four Freshmen in 1958 (LP: The Four Freshmen in Person) [Capitol T-1008]

(1958: Johnny Hodges And His Strings (LP: Johnny Hodges and His Strings Play the Prettiest Gershwin) [Verve Records MG V-8314]

(#15 album-hit voor The Platters in 1959 (LP: Remember When?) [Mercury Records MG 20410]

(#2 album-hit voor The Command All-Stars ‎(Produced And Originated By Enoch Light) (Terry Snyder, Charles Magnante, Bob Haggart, Tony Mottola, Willie Rodriguez, Moe Wechsler, Urbie Green, Bobby Byrne, Pee Wee Erwin, Artie Marotti, Dominic Cortese, Ezelle Watson, Russ Banzer, Stanley Webb, Milt Yaner, Leonard Calderon, George Dessinger, Bernie Kaufman) (℗ 1959) in 1960 ‎(LP: Provocative Percussion) [Command ‎RS-806-S.D.]

(1960: Stuff Smith (LP: Cat on a Hot Fiddle) [Verve Records MG V-8339]

(#14 album-hit voor The Ray Conniff Singers in 1961 (LP: Somebody Loves Me) [Columbia CL 1642]

(#92 album-hit voor Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra in 1961 (LP: Dancing in Wonderland) [Decca DL74161]

(1964: Keely Smith (LP: The Intimate Keely Smith) [Reprise RS-6132]

(#192 album-hit voor Meat Loaf in 1994 (CD: Jonathan Shalit Presents the Glory of Gershwin featuring Larry Adler) [Mercury 314 526 091-2]

1952: Mills Brothers and Hal McIntyre And His Orchestra – The Glow-Worm [Decca 9-28384] (3 weken 1)
The Glow Worm - Mills Brothers

(vandaag 66 jaar geleden)
(Music by Paul Lincke / Modern Version by Johnny Mercer / Original Lyrics by Lilla Cayley Robinson)
(Vocal Quartet with Orchestra)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(B-kant van After All)

(Het origineel is van Caecilie Carola-Emma Malkowsky-Caecilie Carola-Emma Malkowsky-Kathi Herold als Glühwürmchen Idyll als Glühwürmchen Idyll uit 1902 in de Duitse operette Lysistrata)

(1907: May Naudain in de Broadway-musical theaterproductie The Girl Behind the Counter, ging op 1 oktober 1907 in Herald Square Theatre, NY in première. Na 282 keer is op 6 juni 1908 de laatste voorstelling)

(#1 hit voor Lucy Isabelle Marsh

(Paul Lincke Lilla Cayley )
op 27 juni 1908 [78-Columbia 3791]

(#1 hit voor Victor Orchestra

(Paul Lincke)
(with vocal chorus and bell solo)
(Walter B. Rogers, conductor) als Glow Worm–Intermezzo (“Glühwürmchen”) op 23 mei 1908 [Victor Record 5408] (78 rpm)

(1909: Prince’s Orchestra als The Glow Worm [Columbia Record A711] (78 rpm)

(1910: Vienna Quartet (Instrumental Quartet) als Glow-Worm; B-kant van My Heart Has Learned to Love You van Harry Macdonough and Haydn Quartet [Victor Record 16503] (78 rpm)

(1916: Anna Pavlova in Empire Gavotte)

(1917: Native Hawaiian Troupe (Hawaiian Guitar) als The Glow-worm; B-kant van Hawaii and You [Perfect 11013] (78 rpm)

(1925: Victor Salon Orchestra (Nathaniel Shilkret, Director) als The Glow-Worm-Idyl [Victor 19758] (78 rpm)

(1927: Woodland Trio [78-Silvertone 5118]

(1934: Jack Hylton And His Orchestra (Dance Orchestra) [His Master’s Voice ‎B 5525] (78 rpm)

(1934: Victor Young And His Orchestra (With Vocal Quartet); B-kant van On the Beautiful Blue Danube [Decca 134] (78 rpm)

(1938: Bert Block and his Bell Music als Glow-Worm [Vocalion 4166] (78 rpm)

(1939: Columbia Salon Orchestra (Mortimer Palitz-Conductor) [Columbia 35639] (78 rpm)

(1944: Bing Crosby)

(1946: Spike Jones and his City Slickers

(Original Lyrics by Lilla Cayley Robinson / Music by Paul Lincke)
(Arranged by Spike Jones)
(Red Ingle and Aileen Carlisle with Chorus) als The Glow-Worm [RCA Victor 20-1893] (78 rpm)

(1947: Frankie Carle and his Orchestra als The Glow-Worm; B-kant van Penguin at the Waldorf [Columbia 37567] (78 rpm)

(#6 album-hit voor The Three Suns als The Glow-Worm in 1950 (LP: Raggin’ the Scales with the Three Suns) [RCA Victor WP 278] [RCA Victor 47-3232-A] (45 rpm Box Set)

(#30 hit voor Johnny Mercer And The Blue Reys with Alvino Rey and His Orchestra

(Paul Lincke
Lilla Cayley Robinson)
(Vocal Group with Orchestra)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} als The Glow Worm in 1952 [Capitol F2248] (45 rpm)

(1952: The Kordites [78-His Master’s Voice B 10395]

(1953: Johnny Brandon (by permission of Emile Littler) with Geoff Love, His Chorus and Orchestra als The Glow – Worm [Philips P.B. 100] (78 rpm)

(1953: Max Geldray, Harmonica with Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra als Glow Worm [Columbia D.B. 3232] (EMI) (78 rpm)

(1953: Ken Mackintosh, His Saxophone And His Orchestra als The Glow Worm [His Master’s Voice B.D.6142] (78 rpm)

(1953: The Malcolm Mitchell Trio [78-Parlophone R. 3626]

(1953: Victor Silvester and His Ballroom Orchestra [78-Columbia F.B. 3667] (EMI)

(1953: Cyril Stapleton And His Orchestra [78-Decca F.10039]

(1953: The Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich als Glow Worm Idyll [78-Decca F7577]

(1953: Sydney Thompson’s Olde-Tyme Dance Orchestra [78-Parlophone R. 374]

(1956: Chet Atkins als Glow Worm (LP: Finger-Style Guitar) [RCA Victor LPM 1383]

(1958: David Carroll And His Orchestra als The Glow-Worm; B-kant van Let’s Dance [Mercury 71.335×45] (45 rpm)

(1958: Enoch Light And His Orch. (Vocal By The Brigadiers) als The Glow Worm [Prom 45-1027] (45 rpm)

(#21 album-hit voor David Carroll And His Orchestra (Featuring Elmo Tanner) in 1959 (LP: Let’s Dance) [Mercury SR-60001]

(1960: Charlie Drake (with Accompaniment directed by Ron Goodwin); B-kant van Mr. Custer [Parlophone 45-R 4701] (45 rpm)

(1961: Louis Prima with Sam Butera And The Witnesses als Glow Worm (LP: Doin’ the Twist) [Dot DLP 25410]

(#10 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra als Glow Worm March in 1962 (LP: A Swingin’ Safari) [Dot DLP 3458]

(1962: George Chisholm and his Jazz Gang als The Glow Worm; B-kant van In a Persian Market [Philips 326531 BF] (45 rpm)

(#29 album-hit voor Boston Pops Orchestra / Arthur Fiedler in 1963 (LP: Star Dust) [RCA Victor Red Seal ‎LSC 2670]

(1972: Hank Thompson (Produced by Joe Allison) (Arrangements by Harold Bradley, Joe Allison & Hank Tompson) [Dot Records DOA-17430] (45 rpm)

(Twee weken later op 19 december 1952 onthult koningin Juliana het monument De Dokwerker in Amsterdam. De Dokwerker is een beeld en tevens monument op het J.D. Meijerplein in Amsterdam ter nagedachtenis aan de Februaristaking van 1941. Het standbeeld is in opdracht van het Amsterdamse gemeentebestuur ontworpen en gemaakt door de beeldhouwer Mari Andriessen. Willem Termetz heeft in 1951 voor het beeld geposeerd. Termetz was een Haarlemse timmerman annex aannemer die Andriessen al voor de oorlog kende. Willem Termetz stond vanwege het karakter van het beeld niet te trappelen om als beeld te worden vereeuwigd. Uiteindelijk heeft Godfried Bomans hem overgehaald wel te poseren.)

1969: Steam Featuring Garrett Scott – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye [Fontana F-1667] (2 weken 1)
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam

(vandaag 49 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer and Paul Leka)
(Produced by Paul Leka)
(Arranged & Conducted by Paul Leka)

(#36 hit in Nederland voor Los Piratos

(Gary De Carlo – Dale Frashuer – Paul Leka / Adapt.: Stan Haag)
(Orkestleider / arrangeur: Tony Vos)
(Producer: Hans van Hemert) voor Los Piratos als Na-Na-Na-Hé-Hé (na na hey hey kiss him goodbye) in 1969 [Decca AT 10 142] (45 rpm)

(1970: Richard Anthony (Adapt.: Boris Bergman – Richard Anthony) (Orchestre, direction: Reg Guest) als Na na na hé hé espoir (Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye) [Tacoun 2C 006-10770 M] (45 rpm) (Franse versie)

(1970: Fausto Papetti (Sax) (LP: 11a Raccolta) [Durium ‎ms A 77261]

(1970: Franck Pourcel et son Grand Orchestre (Adapt.: Boris Bergman) als Na na he he espoir (Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye) (LP: “Amour, danse et violons” – N°35) [La voix de son maître 2C 062-15552 (Pathé Marconi EMI)

(#101 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Bananarama

(Words and Music by Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer and Paul Leka)
(Produced & arranged by Tony Swain / Steve Jolley) in 1983 [London 810 115-7] (45 rpm)

(#12 hit voor The Nylons

(Dale Frashuer Gary DeCarlo Paul Leka)
(Produced by Bill Henderson) als Kiss Him Goodbye in 1987 [Open Air Records OS-0022] (45 rpm)

(#49 album-hit voor Steam in 2000 op de various artists Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack (CD: Remember the Titans) [Walt Disney 60687-7]

1986: Peter Cetera with Amy Grant – The Next Time I Fall (Remix) [Full Moon/Warner Bros. Records 7-28597] (1 week 1)
The Next Time I Fall - Peter Cetera with Amy Grant

(vandaag 32 jaar geleden)
(Bobby Caldwell; Paul Gordon)
(Produced By Michael Omartian)

2003: Ludacris Feat. Shawnna – Stand Up (1 week 1)
Stand Up - Ludacris Featuring Shawnna

(vandaag 15 jaar geleden)
(Christopher Bridges; Kanye West)
(Produced By Kanye West)
(Co-Produced By Ludacris)
(Recorded At Doppler Studios, Atlanta, GA By Jason Rome; At Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA By Robert Hannon, And At Audio Vision Recording Studios, Miami, FL By Eddie Hernandez)
(Mixed At Manhattan Center Studios, NYC By Jimmy Douglass)

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1924: Eddie Cantor – Charley, My Boy [Columbia 182-D] (2 weken 3)
Charley My Boy - Eddie Cantor

(vandaag 94 jaar geleden)
(Gus Kahn Ted Fiorito)
(Comedian-Orch. Accomp.)

(#11 hit voor Billy Murray with International Novelty Orchestra (Comedian with orchestra) in 1924 [Victor 19411] (78 rpm)

(1949: Andrews Sisters – Russ Morgan And His Orchestra

(Gus KahnTed Fio Rito)
(Vocal With Orchestra) als Charley My Boy [Decca 24812] (78 rpm)

(1961: Leslie Uggams With Mitch Miller’s Sing Along Chorus (LP: Leslie Uggams on TV) [Columbia CS 8506]

1929: Loring “Red” Nichols and His Orchestra – Embraceable You [Brunswick 4957] (1 week 2)
Embraceable You - Loring Nichols

(vandaag 89 jaar geleden)
(Words by Ira Gershwin / Music by George Gershwin)
(With Vocal Chorus)

(1930: Fred Rich & His Orchestra

(Words by Ira Gershwin / Music by George Gershwin)
(Vocal Refrain) [Columbia 2328-D] (78 rpm)

(1930: Ginger Rogers & Allen Kearns in de Broadway-musical theaterproductie Girl Crazy, ging op 14 oktober 1930 in Alvin Theatre, NY in première. Na 272 keer is op 6 juni 1931 de laatste voorstelling)

(1939: Judy Garland With Victor Young and His Orchestra (Vocal with Orchestra) [Decca 2881] (78 rpm)

(1943: Played during the opening credits Performed by Judy Garland and chorus Danced by Judy Garland and Charles Walters Played as dance music at the rodeo dance, and as background music in de film Girl Crazy)

(1943: King Cole Trio)

(#18 hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

(George Gershwin Ira Gershwin)
(Vocal refrain by Jo Stafford and The Pied Pipers in 1944 [RCA Victor 27638] (78 rpm)

(1944: Capt Glenn Miller and the Army Air Forces Training Command Orchestra (String Ensemble with Sgt George Ockner) op de EP Embraceable You [V Disc 183] (78 rpm)

(1944: Billie Holiday)

(1946: Dinah Washington [78-Keynote Recordings K-656]

(#1 album-hit voor The King Cole Trio (Vocal by King Cole) ℗ 1944) in 1945 (LP: The King Cole Trio) [Capitol Album A-8] [Capitol 20009] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#4 album-hit voor Eddy Duchin (Piano Solo with Rhythm Accomp.) in 1945 (LP: Eddy Duchin Plays the Music of George Gershwin) [Columbia C 52-4] [Columbia 36077] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#5 album-hit voor André Kostelanetz and his Orchestra in 1945 (LP: Music of George Gershwin) [Columbia Masterworks MM 559] [Columbia 4310-M] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#2 album-hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Jo Stafford and The Pied Pipers) in 1947 (LP: Tommy Dorsey All Time Hits) [RCA Victor ‎P-163] [RCA Victor ‎20-2007] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#2 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra (Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl) in 1947 (LP: Songs by Sinatra – Volume 1) [Columbia ‎C 124-8] [Columbia ‎37259] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1947: Billie Holiday And Eddie Heywood And His Orchestra (Vocal with Orchestra) (Eddie Heywood, Piano; Doc Cheatham, Trumpet; Lem Davis, Alto Sax; Vic Dickenson, Trombone; John Simmons, Bass; Big Sid Catlett, Drums; B-kant van As Time Goes By [Commodore 7520] (78 rpm)

(1951: Danced by Leslie Caron in de film An American in Paris)

(#1 album-hit voor Jane Froman in 1952 (LP: With a Song in My Heart) [Capitol Album KDF-309] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1952: Performed by Susan Hayward (dubbed by Jane Froman) with Robert Wagner in de film With a Song in My Heart)

(1953: Paul Weston and his Orchestra (LP: Dream Time Music) [Columbia CL 528]

(#15 album-hit voor The Melachrino Orchestra in 1954 (LP: Music for Two People Alone) [RCA Victor ‎LPM 1027]

(1955: Frances Faye als Medley: Little Girl Blue / Where or When / Embraceable You / Exactly Like You / I Don’t Know Why / My Funny Valentine / Bewitched (LP: I’m Wild Again) [Bethlehem BCP 23]

(1955: Joni James (Orchestra conducted by David Terry) (LP: When I Fall in Love) [MGM E3240]

(1955: Charlie Parker ‎(LP: Bird at St. Nick’s) [Jazz Workshop ‎JWS 500]

(1955: Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His Orchestra (10″ LP: Jo Stafford Sings Broadway’s Best) [Columbia CL 6238]

(1955: Sarah Vaughan (Recording Recorded December 18, 1954) (Herbie Mann, flute) (Clifford Brown, trumpet) (Paul Quinichette, tenor sax) (Joe Benjamin, bass) (Jimmy Jones, piano) (Roy Haynes, drums) (LP: Sarah Vaughan) [EmArcy MG 36004]

(#2 album-hit voor Ray Anthony in 1956 (LP: Ray Anthony Plays for Dream Dancing) [Capitol T-723]

(#14 album-hit voor Joe Bushwick His Piano and Orchestra (Orchestations by Glenn Osser in 1956 (LP: Midnight Rhapsody) [Capitol T-711]

(#18 album-hit voor Norrie Paramor Norrie Paramor His Strings and Orchestra in 1956 (LP: In London, In Love) [Capitol T-10025]

(1956: Charlie Shavers (Orchestra Conducted by Sy Oliver) (LP: Gershwin, Shavers and Strings) [Bethlehem BCP-27]

(1957: Chris Connor (LP: Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Song) [Atlantic 2-601]

(1957: Helen O’Connell With Marion Evans And His Orchestra (Arranged and conducted by Marion Evans) (Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City, April 15, 17 and 18, 1957) (Produced and directed by Bob Rolontz) (LP: Green Eyes) [Vik LX 1093]

(1957: Jackie McLean (LP: A Long Drink of the Blues) [New Jazz NJLP 8253]

(#12 album-hit voor Louis Prima & Keely Smith als Medley: Embraceable You / I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good in 1958 (LP: Las Vegas Prima Style) [Capitol T-1010]

(1958: The Romancers (directed by Ken Jones) (EP: I’m in the Mood for Love) [Embassy WEP 1010] (45 rpm)

(1958: Bud Shank, Len Mercer Strings (LP: I’ll Take Romance) [World Pacific Records WP1251]

(#1 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra in 1959 (LP: Nice ‘n’ Easy) [Capitol Records ‎SW-1417]

(#4 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis (Al Caiola and Tony Mottola, Guitars) (Frank Carroll, Bass) (Milt Hinton, Bass) in 1959 (LP: Open Fire, Two Guitars) [Columbia ‎CS 8056]

(#4 album-hit in Engeland voor Cliff Richard and The Shadows and the Norrie Paramer Strings in 1959 (LP: Cliff Sings) [Columbia 33SX 1147] (EMI)

(1959: Ella Fitzgerald (Arrangements and Orchestra Conducted by Nelson Riddle) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} (LP: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 5) [Verve Records MG V-4028]

(1959: Lawrence Welk (Vocals by Maurice Pearson) (LP: The Voices and Strings of Lawrence Welk) [Dot DLP 25,200]

(1960: Della Reese (Arranged and conducted by Glenn Osser) (LP: Della by Starlight) [RCA Victor LSP 2204]

(1961: The Ray Charles Singers (Originated and Produced by Enoch Light) (LP: Something Wonderful) [Command Records RS 827-S.D.]

(#16 album-hit voor Andy Williams (Produced by Robert Mersey) (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) in 1962 (LP: Warm and Willing) [Columbia ‎CS 8679]

(#137 album-hit voor Paul Anka (Arr. & Cond. by Ray Ellis) in 1962 (LP: Let’s Sit This One Out) [RCA LPM 2575]

(#34 album-hit voor Sid Ramin and Orchestra in 1963 (LP: New Thresholds in Sound) [RCA LPM 2658]

(#111 album-hit voor Ella Fitzgerald (℗ 1958) in 1964 (Arranged and Conducted by Nelson Riddle) (LP: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Song Books) [Verve V-4019-5]

(#86 album-hit voor Jack Jones (Orchestra Arranged And Conducted By Nelson Riddle) (Produced By Michael Kapp) in 1965 (LP: There’s Love & There’s Love & There’s Love) [Kapp KS-3435]

(#86 album-hit voor Peter Nero/Boston Pops/Arthur Fiedler (Produced by Peter Delheim) (Recording Engineer: Bernard Keville) in 1965 (LP: Nero Goes “Pops”) [RCA Victor LCS 2821]

(1965: Pete Fountain And His Guest Stars (Recorded “Live” at Pete Fountain’s French Quarter Inn, New Orleans) (LP: Standing Room Only) [Coral CRL 757474]

(#108 album-hit voor Billie Holiday (Accompanied by Eddie Heywood and his Orchestra) (Produced By Milt Gabler) (Recorded at WOR Recording Studios, New York, N.Y. on April 1, 1944) in 1973 (LP: Strange Fruit) [Atlantic SD 1614]

(#94 album-hit voor New York Philharmonic als Sweet and Low Down / Blue Blue Blue / Embraceable You in 1979 op de Music from the Woody Allen film (LP: Manhattan) [Columbia Masterworks ‎JS 36020]

(1984: Billie Holiday {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} (LP: Embraceable You) [Verve Records 817 359-1]

(#113 album-hit voor Pia Zadora Singing with The London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1985 (Conducted by Robert Farnon) (LP: Pia & Phil (The London Philharmonic Orchestra, That Is) [Epic FZ 40259]

(1985: Johnny Desmond with the Glenn Miller Service Orchestra (Paris, 20th April 1945) (LP: A Soldier and a Song) [Magic AWE 16]

(1985: Engelbert Humperdinck (Produced by: James Fitzgerald) (Executive Producer: Charles McCutcheon) (Production Supervisor: Kate Alexander) (Arranged and Conducted by: Alan (Weaver) Copeland) (Orchestra Recorded at Angel Recording Studios, London (England) (Engineered by Tony Clark, Courtesy of Abbey Road Studios) (Vocals Recorded and Mixed at A & M Recording Studios, Hollywood, California) (Vocals Engineered by: Peter Grenet) Assistant Engineer: Robert DeLaGarza) (Vocals recorded and album remixed at Abbey Road Studios, London (England) (Engineer: Tony Clark) (Concert Master: Christopher Warren-Green) (Musical Contractor: UKM Music – Nigel Warren-Green) (Soloists: Violin: Christopher Warren-Green, Oboe: Richard Morgan, Tenor; Saxophone: Stan Sulzmann & Duncan Lamont, Piano: John Horter and Ronnie Price, Guitar: Mitch Dalton, Double Bass: Lenny Bush, Drums: Harold Fisher, Trombone: Don Lusher, Trumpet: John Huckridge) (Music Performed by: Members of the United Kingdom Symphony Orchestra) (LP: A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening) [Silver Eagle Records Inc. SE 1034]

(1992: Polly Baker & Bobby Child op de Original Broadway Cast Recording (CD: Crazy for You) [Angel CDC 7 54618 2]

(#9 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra duet with Lena Horne in 1994 op Frank Sinatra (CD: Duets II) [Capitol Records ‎CDP 7243 8 28103 2 2]

(#192 album-hit voor Oleta Adams in 1994 op de various artists (CD: Jonathan Shalit Presents the Glory of Gershwin featuring Larry Adler) [Mercury 314 526 091-2]

(#156 album-hit voor Liza Minnelli in 1996 (CD: Gently) [Angel 7243 8 35470 2 9]

(1996: Ann Hampton Callaway (Arranged by Mitch Farber) (Strings & Horns conducted by Jukka Linkola) (Produced by Warren Schatz) (Executive Producer: Lisa Schiff) (Recorded at National Edison Recording) (Engineer: Gary Chester, Jr.) (Assistant Engineer: Yvonne Yedibalian) (Set up: Takako Furuya, Jim Murry) (Orchestra recorded at Estonia Radio, Tallinn, Estonia) (Conductor: Jukka Linkola) (Engineer: Teet Kehlmann) (Estonia Radio Director: Ernst Tael) (European Production Coordinator: Tommi Liuhala) (Additional Recording & Mixes: Perfect Sound at Touchwood) (Engineer: Warren Schatz) (Mastered by: Joe Lopes Music Mastering) (Piano: Cyrus Chestnut) (Bass: Christian McBride) (Drums: Lewis Nash) (Guest Soloist: Guest Soloist) (Trumpets: Roger Ingram, Dan Miller, Kenny Rampton, James Rotondi, Dan Collette) (Trombones: Andrew Williams, Britt Woodman, Wayne Goodman, Dale Turk) (Saxophones (Clarinet): William Easley, Sherman Irby, Alex Stewart, Jerome Richardson, Joseph Temperly, Andy Farber) (CD: To Ella with Love) [After 9 TWCD-2006]

(1997: Robert Long als ’t Is jou schuld (CD: Uit liefde en respect voor Gershwin) (trompet-solo Nico Schepers) [EMI 7243 8 59199 2 3]

(2001: Dianne Reeves (Mulgrew Miller – piano) (Billy Childs – piano) (Reginald Veal – acoustic bass, electric bass) (Greg Hutchinson – drums) (Romero Lubambo – acoustic guitar) (Munyungo Jackson – percussion) (Steve Wilson – soprano, alto sax) (Russell Malone – acoustic guitar) (Clark Terry – trumpet) (Produced By George Duke) (Arranged and orchestrated by Billy Childs) (CD: The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan) [Blue Note 7243 5 27694 2 1]

(2003: Maria Augusta (CD: Grandes Canções: Clássicos Americanos) [Albatroz AZ 1044]

(#18 album-hit voor Chris Botti in 2005 (CD: To Love Again: The Duets) [Columbia CK 94823]

(2006: Daryl Sherman (Daryl Sherman: Piano, Vocals) (Jon Wheatley: Guitar) (Dave Green: Bass) (CD: Guess Who’s in Town!) [Arbors Records ARCD 19341]

1947: Jack Owens – How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) [Tower 1258] (1 week 2)
How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) - Jack Owens

(vandaag 71 jaar geleden)
(Words by Jack Owens / Music by Carroll Lucas)
(Eddie Ballantine And His Orchestra)

(#3 hit voor Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra

(Words by Jack Owens / Music by Carroll Lucas)
(Vocal refrain by Vaughn Monroe and The Moon Maids) als How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) op 24 januari 1948 [RCA Victor 2523] (78 rpm)

(#6 hit voor Bing Crosby and Carmen Cavallaro At The Piano (Vocal With Instrumental Accompaniment) als How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) in 1948; B-kant van You Do [Decca 24101] (78 rpm)

(#8 hit voor Dinah Shore (Orchestra under the direction of Sonny Burke) als How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) in 1948 [Columbia 37952] (78 rpm)

(#17 album-hit voor Pat Boone (Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Billy Vaughn) als How Soon in 1959 (LP: Tenderly) [Dot DLP 3180]

(#27 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra als How Soon in 1966 (LP: Mr. Music…Mantovani) [London PS.474]

1975: Jigsaw – Sky High [Chelsea Records CH 3022] (2 weken 3)
Sky High - Jigsaw

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Des Dyer; Clive Scott)
(Arranger: Richard Hewson)
(Producer: Chas Peate – A Belsize Production)

(Uit de film The Dragon Flies (alternatieve titel The Man from Hong Kong) met in de hoofdrollen Yu Wang & George Lazenby, draait vanaf 31 juli 1975 in Hong Kong en gaat in augustus 1975 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen in roulatie)

1980: Leo Sayer – More Than I Can Say [Warner Bros. Records WBS49565] (5 weken 2)
More Than I Can Say - Leo Sayer

(vandaag 38 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Sonny Curtis and Jerry Allison)
(Produced And Arranged By Alan Tarney)

(Het origineel is van The Crickets

(Words and Music by Jerry Allison and  Sonny Curtis)
(Vocal With Rhythm Accompaniment) uit 1960 [Coral 9-62198] (45 rpm)

(#61 hit voor Bobby Vee

(Words and Music by Sonny Curtis and Jerry Allison) in 1961; B-kant van Stayin’ In [Liberty F-55296] (45 rpm)

(1965: The Fireballs (Produced by Norman Petty) [Dot 45-16715] (45 rpm)

(1973: Timothy James (Release Date: 16–2–1973) (Produced by John Fiddy and Deke Arlon) [York SYK 549] (45 rpm)

1986: Huey Lewis and the News – Hip To Be Square [Chrysalis 43065] (2 weken 3)
Hip To Be Square - Huey Lewis and the News

(vandaag 32 jaar geleden)
(Bill Gibson; Sean Hopper; Huey Lewis)
(Produced by Huey Lewis and the News)

Billboard Easy Listening chart:

1975: Diana Ross – Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To) [Motown M 1377 F] (1 week 1)
Theme From Mahogany - Diana Ross

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Michael Masser; Gerry Goffin)
(Produced by Michael Masser)
{Classic Song op radiostation KAAM 770 AM Legends in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 24 januari 1976)

(Uit de film Mahogany met in de hoofdrollen Diana Ross & Billy Dee Williams, ging op 8 oktober 1975 in New York City in première)

1986: Bruce Hornsby And The Range – The Way It Is [RCA 5023-7-R] (2 weken 1)
The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby

(vandaag 32 jaar geleden)
(Bruce Randall Hornsby)
(Produced by Bruce Hornsby and Elliot Scheiner)
(Executive Producer: Paul Atkinson)

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 13 december 1986)

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1969: Engelbert Humperdinck – Winter World Of Love [Parrot 45 PAR-40044] (1 week 3)
Winter World Of Love - Engelbert Humperdinck

(vandaag 49 jaar geleden)
(Les Reed; Barry Mason)
(Music Director: Les Reed)
(Producer: Peter Sullivan)

(#16 hit in de Hot 100 op 31 januari 1970)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#5 album-hit voor Engelbert Humperdinck in 1970 (LP: Engelbert Humperdinck) [Parrot XPAS 71030]

(1970: Patti Page (Arranged and Produced by Don Costa) (Conducted by Rocky Cole) (LP: Honey Come Back) [Columbia CS 9999]

Billboard Country & Western chart:

1952: Webb Pierce – Back Street Affair [Decca 9-28369] (4 weken 1)
Back Street Affair - Webb Pierce

(vandaag 66 jaar geleden)
(Billy Wallace)
(Singing with Instrumental Accompaniment)

(National Best Seller)

(1965: Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell (LP: Love’s Eternal Triangle) [Mercury SR-61035]

(1965: Hank Locklin (Produced by Bob Ferguson) (LP: Once Over Lightly) [RCA Victor LSP 3465]

(#140 album-hit voor Conway Twitty in 1971 (LP: Fifteen Years Ago) [Decca DL 75248]

(#88 C&W-hit voor Joe Douglas (Produced by: A.V. Mittelstedt) in 1980 [Foxy Cajun Records F.C. 1001] (45 rpm)

(#26 album-hit voor Van Morrison in 2006 (CD: Pay the Devil) [Lost Highway ‎B0005968-02]

1952: Slim Willett With The Brush Cutters – Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes [4 Star 45-1614] (1 week 1)
Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Slim Willett

(vandaag 66 jaar geleden)
(Slim Willett)
(Vocal by Slim Willett)
(Most Played C&W by Jockeys)

(#1 C&W-hit voor Skeets McDonald

(Slim Willet)
(Vocal with Instrumental Accompaniment) op 27 december 1952 [Capitol F2216] (45 rpm)

(#4 C&W-hit voor Ray Price (Vocal with String Acc.) in 1952 [Columbia 4-21025] (45 rpm)

(#1 pop-hit voor Perry Como with The Ramblers

(Slim Willet)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Classic Song op radiostation KAAM 770 AM Legends in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas} in op 10 januari 1953 [RCA Victor 47-5064] (45 rpm)

(#8 C&W-hit voor Red Foley (Vocal With Orchestra) in 1953 [Decca 9-28460] (45 rpm)

(#8 C&W-hit voor Red Foley (Vocal With Orchestra) in 1953 [Decca 9-28460] (45 rpm)

(#11 pop-hit voor Gisele MacKenzie (with Orchestra Conducted by Buddy Cole) (Vocal with Orchestra) in 1953 [Capitol F2256] (45 rpm)

(#24 pop-hit voor Eileen Barton (Vocal With Orchestra) in 1953 [Coral 9-60882] (45 rpm)

(1959: Faron Young (Produced by Ken Nelson) (LP: Talk About Hits!) [Capitol Records T-1245]

(#40 album-hit voor Keely Smith (Music by Billy Vaughn) (℗ 1959) in 1960 ‎(LP: Be My Love) [Dot DLP 25,241]

(1961: Warner Mack (LP: Golden Country Hits) [Kapp KS 3255]

(1961: Werner Müller and his Orchestra (LP: Percussion in the Sky) [London Phase 4 SP.44008]

(1965: Pat Boone (LP: The Golden Era of Country Hits) [Dot DLP 25626]

(1967: Grady Martin (Instrumental); B-kant van Ribbon of Darkness [Decca 32173] (45 rpm)

(1976: Danny Davis And The Nashville Brass (LP: Supersongs) [RCA Victor APL1 1986]

(1987: André van Duin (Adapt.: André van Duin) (Produktie: Will Hoebee) (Arrangementen En Orkestbegeleiding: Harry van Hoof) (Opnamen: Wisseloord Studio’s Hilversum) (Technicus: Peter Boer) als Stapelgek op jou (Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes) (LP: Zing) [CNR ‎655.256]

1975: Freddy Fender – Secret Love [ABC Dot Records DOA-17585] (1 week 1)
Secret Love - Freddy Fender - foto

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Music by Sammy Fain / Lyric by  Paul Francis Webster)
(Produced By Huey P. Meaux)
(Recorded at: Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, Texas)
(A&R Director: Uncle Mickey Moody)

(#20 hit in de Hot 100 op 6 december 1975)

(#2 album-hit voor Doris Day 1953 op de Doris Day and Howard Keel (LP: Calamity Jane) [Columbia B-347] (45 rpm Box Set)

(#1 pop-hit voor Doris Day (Het origineel)

(Lyric by  Paul Francis Webster / Music by Sammy Fain)
(Orch. cond. by Ray Heindorf)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} op 27 februari 1954 [Columbia 4-40108] (45 rpm)

(Het origineel is van Doris Day

(Lyric by  Paul Francis Webster / Music by Sammy Fain)
in de film Calamity Jane met in de hoodrollen Doris Day & Howard Keel, draait vanaf 4 november 1953 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#28 hit voor Tommy Edwards in 1954 [MGM 11604]

(#29 hit voor Ray Anthony and His Orchestra in 1954 (Vocal by Tommy Mercer and The Anthony Choir) [Capitol F2678] (45 rpm)

(#2 C&W-hit voor Slim Whitman in 1954 [Imperial 8223]

(1954: Bing Crosby (Vocal with Orchestra Directed by John Scott Trotter) [Decca 9-29024] (45 rpm)

(1954: The Moonglows (Red Holloway’s Orch.) {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} [Chance Records, Inc. CH-1152] (45 rpm)

(1954: Spike Jones and His City Slickers [RCA Victor 47-5742] (45 rpm)

(#14 album-hit voor Don Shirley in 1955 (LP: Tonal Expressions) [Cadence CLP-1001]

(#19 album-hit voor Roger Williams At The Piano With String Orchestra in 1956 (LP: Daydreams) [Kapp KL-1031]]

(#6 album-hit voor Roger Williams (With Orchestra) in 1957 (LP: Songs of the Fabulous Fifties) [Kapp KXL 5000]

(#14 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason (Produced by Dick Jones and John Palladino) (Orchestra Conducted by Jackie Gleason with The Voices of Artie Malvin) in 1957 (LP: Jackie Gleason Presents “Oooo!”) [Capitol W-905]

(1957: Sonny James (The Southern Gentlemen) (LP: Sonny) [Capitol T-867]

(#11 album-hit voor Ahmad Jamal (Recording Engineer – Malcomn Chisholm) (Recorded On Location – Sept 6, 1958) (Spotlite Club, Washington, D.C.) (Producer – Dave Usher) in 1958 (LP: Ahmad Jamal, Volume IV) [Argo LP-636]

(#18 R&B-hit voor Ahmad Jamal Trio in 1958 [Argo 5317] (45 rpm)

(1958: The Jonah Jones Quartet (LP: Swingin’ at the Cinema) [Capitol Records ST-1083]

(#2 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis (Arranged and conducted by Glenn Osser) (℗ 1959) in 1960 (LP: Faithfully) [Columbia ‎CS 8219]

(#9 album-hit voor Frankie Avalon (Written by Harry Woods – James Campbell – Reginald Connelly) (Produced by Peter De Angelis) (Arranged by Bob Mercey) in 1959 (LP: Swingin’ on a Rainbow) [Chancellor ‎CHLX S-5004]

(#17 album-hit voor Pat Boone (Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Billy Vaughn) in 1959 (LP: Tenderly) [Dot DLP 3180]

(#14 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra in 1959 (LP: Film Encores, Vol. 2) [London PS 164]

(1960: Sam Cooke (Orchestra conducted by Glenn Osser) (LP: Hits of the 50’s) [RCA Victor LSP 2236]

(1960: The Ink Spots; B-kant van A Little Bird Told Me [Verve Records V-10198×45] (45 rpm)

(#20 album-hit voor Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos in 1961 (LP: Melody and Percussion for Two Pianos) [Phase 4 Stereo SP 44007]

(1961: Russ Conway (LP: Russ Conway at the Cinema) [Columbia SCX 3388]

(1961: Buddy Greco (Arranged and Conducted by Al Cohn) (Clark Terry, Trumpet) (Bob Brookmeyer, Trombone) (Urbie Green, Trombone) (Frank Rehak, Trombone) (Dick Hixson, Trombone) (Wayne Andre, Trombone) (Chauncey Welsch, Trombone) (Bill Elton, Trombone) (Zoot Sims, Sax) (Seldon Powell, Sax) (Romeo Penque, Sax) (Sam Scafidi, Bass) (Barry Galbraith, Guitar) (Eddie Costa, Percussion) (Sol Gubin, Percussion) (George Devens, Percussion) (Bobby Mariniello, Percussion) (Sanford Gold, Piano) (Buddy Greco, Piano) (Personnel varied from session to session) (Recorded April 19th, 20th and 21st, 1961 in New York City) (LP: I Like It Swinging) [Epic BN 602]

(#6 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra in 1962 (LP: Young World) [Dot DLP 3428]

(#19 album-hit voor Andy Williams (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) in 1962 (LP: “Danny Boy” and Other Songs I Love to Sing) [Columbia CS 8551]

(#22 album-hit voor Peter Nero (Orchestra Conducted By Marty Gold) (Produced by Marty Gold) (Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City) (Recording Engineer: Ernie Oelrich) in 1962 (LP: ‎Young and Warm and Wonderful) [RCA Victor ‎LSP 2484]

(#61 album-hit voor Ferrante & Teicher (Producer by Nick Perito) (Orchestral Arrangements by Ferrante & Teicher) ‎in 1962 (LP: Golden Themes from Motion Pictures) [United Artist UAS 6210]

(#72 album-hit voor Duane Eddy (Arranged and conducted by Bob Thompson) (Supervised by Lee Hazlewood) in 1962 (LP: Twangy Guitar–Silky Strings) [RCA Victor LSP 2576]

(1962: Eddie Harris (Eddie Harris With Strings Arranged by Dick Marx) (LP: Eddie Harris Goes to the Movies) [Vee-Jay LP 3031]

(1962: Keely Smith (Arranged and Conducted by Billy May) (LP: CheroKeely Swings) [Dot  DLP 25,460]

(#4 hit in Engeland voor Kathy Kirby (Music Director: Charles Blackwell) (Production: Peter Sullivan) in 1963 [Decca F.11759] (45 rpm)

(#36 album-hit voor Arthur Lyman (Production: Richard Vaughn) (Recording: Richard Vaughn) (Arthur Lyman – Virtuoso of the vibes and his group) (John Kramer – bass, flute and guitar) (Allan Soares – piano, celeste and clavinetta) (Harold Chang – percussionist, nonpareil) in 1963 (LP: ‎Love for Sale!) [HiFi Records SL-1009]

(#108 album-hit voor Connie Francis (Produced by Danny Davis) in 1963 (LP: Connie Francis Sings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits) [MGM SE4048]

(1963: Joan Baxter (Accompaniment directed by Bobby Cameron) [Embassy 45-WB 603] (45 rpm)

(1963: Cliff Richard with The Norrie Paramor Orchestra (EP: Love Songs) [Columbia SEG 8272] (EMI) (45 rpm)

(#10 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra in 1964 (LP: Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River, and Other Academy Award Winners) [Reprise FS-1011]

(#26 album-hit voor Jerry Vale (Arranged and Conducted by Glenn Osser) in 1964 (LP: Be My Love) [Columbia CS 8981]

(#94 album-hit voor The Lettermen (arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell) in 1964 (LP: The Lettermen Look at Love) [Capitol Records ST-2083]

(#115 album-hit voor Cliff Richard in 1964 (LP: It’s All in the Game) [Epic LN 26089]

(1964: Henry Mancini his Orchestra and Chorus  (LP: Mancini Plays the Great Academy Award Songs) [RCA Victor PRS 151]

(1965: P.J. Proby (LP: P.J. Proby) [Liberty LBY 1264]

(#29 hit voor Billy Stewart (Prod. by Davis & Caston) in 1966 [Chess 1978] (45 rpm)

(#27 Easy Listening-hit voor Richard “Grover” Holmes (Produced by Richard Bock) in 1966 [Pacific Jazz 88130] (45 rpm)

(#74 album-hit voor Henry Mancini in 1966 (LP: Henry Mancini Presents the Academy Award Songs – 31 “Oscar” Winners) [RCA Victor LSP 6013]

(1966: Sam Rivers (LP: A New Conception) [Blue Note BST 84249]

(#34 album-hit voor Frankie Valli in 1967 (LP: Frankie Valli – Solo) [Philips PHS-600-247]

(1967: Peggy March (Arr. and cond. by Marty Manning) (LP: No Foolin’) [RCA Victor LSP 3883]

(1968: James Last (LP: Trumpet à Gogo, Vol. 3) [Polydor 249 239]

(1968: The Righteous Brothers ‎(Produced By Mickey Stevenson) (Director of Engineering: Val Valentin) (LP: Standards) [Verve Records V6-5051]

(#47 C&W-hit voor Tony Booth (Produced at Buck Owens Studios in Bakersfield, California) in 1973 [Capitol 3723] (45 rpm)

(1975: Dave (Adapt.: Patrick Loiseau) als Amoureux (Secret Love) (LP: Dave) [CBS ‎- CBS 80996]

(#31 album-hit voor The Righteous Brothers in 1990 (CD: Greatest Hits) [Verve Records ‎823 119-2]

(#27 album-hit voor Sinéad O’Connor in 1992 (CD: Am I Not Your Girl?) [Ensign ‎F2 21952]

(1993: Anne Murray (Produced by Tommy West) (Co-produced by Anne Murray) (CD: Croonin’) [EMI Music Canada ‎7 243 8 27012 2 4]

(#28 hit in Engeland voor Daniel O’Donnell Duet with Mary Duff (Recorded At Beechpark Studios) (Strings Recorded At Park House Studios by Ciarán Byrne) (Recorded And Mixed By Daire Winston) (Arranged And Produced By John Ryan) in 1995 [Ritz RITZ CD 285] (CD-single) (4 tracks)

(#31 album-hit voor Neil Diamond (Conducted by Elmer Bernstein) (Produced by Bob Gaudio) in 1998 (CD: The Movie Album: As Time Goes By) [Columbia C2K 69540]

(2003: Claudette Stone With Dick Johnson’s Mardi Gras Band (CD: “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?”) [Showtime Records 0643157178828]

(2008: John Miller (CD: Stage Door Johnny: John Miller Takes on Broadway) [PS Classics 867]

1980: Ronnie Milsap – Smoky Mountain Rain [RCA PB-12084] (1 week 1)
Smoky Mountain Rain - Ronnie Milsap
(vandaag 38 jaar geleden)
(Kye Fleming; Dennis W. Morgan)
(Produced by Tom Collins and Ronnie Milsap)
(Strings arranged by D. Bergen White)
(Performed by Shelly Kurland Strings)

(#24 hit in de Hot 100 op 28 februari 1981)

1986: George Strait – It Ain’t Cool To Be Crazy About You [MCA Records MCA-52914] (1 week 1)
It Ain’t Cool To Be Crazy About You - George Strait
(vandaag 32 jaar geleden)
(Dean Dillon; Royce Porter)
(Produced By Jimmy Bowen And George Strait)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

Billboard Rhythm & Blues chart:

1975: The O’Jays – I Love Music (Part 1) [Columbia/Philadelphia International Records ZS8 3577] (1 week 1)
I Love Music - The O’Jays

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Kenneth Gamble; Leon Huff)
(Arranged by Norman Harris)
(Produced by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff)

(#6 hit in de Hot 100 op 24 januari 1976)

(1976: Kellee Patterson (LP: Kellee) [Shadybrook SB 33-003]

#76 pop-hit voor Rozalla (Produced by Jellybean) (Arranged by Jellybean and Ed Terry) als I Love Music (Single Edit) in 1994 [Epic Sountrax ESK 77286] (Cassette-single)

2003: R. Kelly – Step In The Name Of Love (2 weken 1)
Step In The Name Of Love - R. Kelly

(vandaag 15 jaar geleden)
(R. Kelly [ = Robert Sylvester Kelly]
(Produced and Arranged by R. Kelly)
(Guitars and Bass by Donnie Lyle)
(Strings and Horns, Orchestrated, Arranged and Conducted by Paul Riser)
(Orchestra Hart Hollman & The Motown Romance Orchestra)
(Recorded by Abel Garibaldi, Ian Mereness and Andy Gallas at Rock Land Studios (Chicago, IL)
(Strings & Horns Recorded by Carl Robinson at Soup Can Music (Harper Woods, MI)
(Programmed by Ian Mereness and Abel Garibaldi)
(Assisted by Jason Mlodzinski)
(Mixed by Ian Mereness)
(Co-Mixed by R. Kelly at Rock Land Studios (Chicago, IL)
(Assisted by Jason Mlodzinski)

(#9 hit in de Hot 100 op 20 december 2003)

2014: Big Sean Featuring E-40 I Don’t F**k With You (8 weken 1)
I Don't Fuck With You - Big Sean Featuring E-40

(vandaag 4 jaar geleden)
(Eamon Doyle; Kirk Robinson; Mark Passy)

(#11 hit in de Hot 100 op 6 december 2014)


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006”, “Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2018)


[République française]

2008: Patrick Sébastien – Ah… si tu pouvais fermer ta gueule… [albumtrack] (1 week 1)

(vandaag 10 jaar geleden)
(Patrick Boutot · Gilles Arcens · René Colombies · Philippe Marfisi · Pascal Miconnet)
(CD: Ah… si tu pouvais fermer ta gueule…) [Polydor ‎531 098-3]


1982: Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie [MCA Records YOU 1] (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 36 jaar geleden)
(Jackie Mittoo; Fitzroy Simpson; Lloyd Ferguson)
(Produced by Peter Collins)

(#10 hit in de US Hot 100 op 26 februari 1983)

(Gebaseerd op Full Up van Sound Dimension uit 1968)


1968: Leapy Lee – Little Arrows (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 50 jaar geleden)
(Albert Hammond; Mike Hazlewood)
(Produced by Gordon Mills)

(#16 hit in de US Hot 100 op 7 december 1968)

(1968: Richard Anthony (orchestre, direction: Reg Guest) als Les ballons (little arrows) op de EP Severine [Columbia ESRF 1927] (EMI) (45 rpm)

(#71 album-hit in Amerika voor Leapy Lee (Produced by Gordon Mills) (Recorded in England) (℗ 1968) in 1969 (LP: Little Arrows) [Decca DL 75076]

(1969: Tony Mottola (LP: Tony Mottola Joins the Guitar Underground) [Project 3 Records PR 5035 SD]

1981: Olivia Newton-John – Physical [Interfusion K 8480] (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Steve Kipner; Terry Shaddick)
(Produced By John Farrar)

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 21 november 1981)

(#89 hit in Amerika voor Glee Cast featuring Olivia Newton-John in 2010)

1987: George Michael – Faith (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(George Michael)
(Written, Arranged and Produced by George Michael)
(Engineered by Chris Porter)

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 12 december 1987)

1992: Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You? (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 26 jaar geleden)
(Mick Leeson; Peter Vale)
(Produced by Josh Deutsch)

(#13 hit in de US Hot 100 op 7 november 1992)

2010: The Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit) (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 8 jaar geleden)
(William Adams; Allan Pineda; Damien LeRoy; Franke Previte; John De Nicola; Donald Markowitz)
(Produced by will.i.am [ = William James Adams Jr.] and DJ Ammo [ = Damien LeRoy]
(Drum Programming and Synthesizers by DJ Ammo)
(Moog and Bass by will.i.am)
(Recorded and Engineered by will.i.am and Padraic “Padlock” Kerin at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank, CA)
(Executive Producers: will.i.am)
(Production Coordinator: Padraic “Padlock” Kerin)
(Mixed by Dylan “3-D” Dresdown at Paper V.U. Studios and The Record Plant in Hollywood, CA)
(Mix Assistants: Anthony Taglianetti and Jorge Velasco)
(Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA)
(Mastering Assistant: Andy Kalyvas)
(Bevat interpolaties uit (I’ve Had The) Time of My Life van Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (1987)

(#4 hit in de US Hot 100 op 18 december 2010)


France charts sourced from www.infodisc.fr and SNEP. Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


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