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Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand
NOUVEAU: Numéros 1 et records du Top Singles français (1955-2016) (en construction)

De nummer 1-hits van 27 maart

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1926: Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra – Sleepy Time Gal [Brunswick 2992] (4 weken 1)
Sleepy Time Gal - Ben Bernie

(vandaag 93 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Joseph Reed Alden; Raymond B. Egan /Muziek: Ange Lorenzo; Richard A. Whiting)
(For Dancing)
(With Vocal Chorus)

(1925: Norman Clark (Tenor with Guitar) (Guitar by Ed. Lange) [Vocalion 15142] (78 rpm)

(1925: The Jazz Pilots (Singing Chorus by Tom Stacks) (Harry Reser, Director); B-kant van Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech [OKeh 40502] (78 rpm)

(1925: The Manhattan Dance Makers [Harmony 63-H] (78 rpm)

(#3 hit voor Nick Lucas (Voice and Guitar, With Piano) op 20 maart 1926 [Brunswick 2990] (78 rpm)

(#3 hit voor Gene Austin (Tenor with piano and ukulele) (Piano by Dave Franklin) (Ukulele by May Singhi Breen) op 4 april 1926 [Victor 19899] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit voor Art Landry and His Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Henry Burr) in 1926 [Victor 19843] (78 rpm)

(#11 hit voor Ben Selvin and His Orchestra in 1926 [Vocalion 15154] (78 rpm)

(#12 hit voor Lewis James in 1926 [78-Columbia 499-D]

(1926: Jesse Crawford (Pipe Organ Solo) (Played on the Wurlitzer Organ) [Victor 19906] (78 rpm)

(1926: Ross Gorman And His Orchestra [Columbia 516-D] (78 rpm)

(1926: Irving Kaufman; B-kant van I Wish That I’d Been Satisfied with Mary [78-Banner 1669]

(1936: Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra; B-kant van Organ Grinder’s Swing [Decca 908] (78 rpm)

(1937: Glenn Miller And His Orchestra [Brunswick 7923] (78 rpm)

(1937: Sonora Swing Swingers [78-Sonora 3257]

(1938: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra (Instrumental) [Decca 15042] (78 rpm)

(1942: Will Bradley and his Orchestra featuring Ray MC Kinley (Vocal Chorus by Terry Allen) [Columbia 36470] (78 rpm)

(#21 hit voor Harry James (Solo) (With Rhythm Accompaniment) in 1944 [Columbia 36713] (78 rpm)

(1945: Edmond Hall and his Quartet with Teddy Wilson (Edmond Hall, Clarinet; Teddy Wilson, Piano; Billy Taylor, Bass; Arthur Trappier, Drums) (July 1944) [Commodore 581] (78 rpm)

(1945: Johnny Richards and his Orchestra Featuring Saxes, A. Caesario, Ed Aiello, Chet LeRoy, John Slauson, Johnny Richards; Trumpets, Jimmy Roma, Tony DiNardi, Chubby Kusten, Mel Arnett; Trombones, Frank Mann, Lionel Sesma, Bobby Pratt; Piano, R. Roffer; Bass, Sibby Brock; Drums, B. Stuart) (Instrumental) [Musicraft 15025] (78 rpm)

(1947: The Three Suns [RCA Victor 20-2513] (78 rpm)

(1949: The Oscar Peterson Trio [78-Victor 56-0033]

(#10 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason in 1956 (LP: Night Winds) [Capitol Records W-717]

(#10 album hit voor Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music als Sleepy Time Gal/My Blue Heaven/Doodle Doo Doo (Fox Trot Medley Featuring Lawrence Welk On Accordion) in 1956 (LP: Say It with Music) [Coral CRL 57041]

(#15 album-hit voor Don Cherry (with Ray Conniff and his Orch. & Chorus) in 1956 (LP: Swingin’ for Two) [Columbia CL 893]

(#8 album-hit voor Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 1957 (LP: We Get Letters) [RCA Victor LPM 1463]

(#17 album-hit voor The Charleston City All-Stars (The Charleston City All-Stars cond. by Enoch Light with Charlie Margulis, Bobby Byrne, Milt Yanier, Ezelle Watson, Paul Ricci, Nick Perito, George Barnes , Jack Lesberg, Terry Snyder) in 1957 (LP: The Roaring 20’s Volume 3) [Grand Award G.A. 33-353]

(#18 album-hit voor Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra in 1957 (LP: Casa Loma in Hi-Fi!) [Capitol Records W-747]

(#18 album-hit voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians in 1957 (LP: Your Guy Lomardo Medley) [Capitol T-739] {medley + I’m in the Mood for Love/I Don’t Know Why/Rain/I’ll See You in My Dreams/Deep Purple/Dinner at Eight/Josephine/Did I Remember/Ebb Tide/Coquette/You’re a Sweetheart/Paradise/Rose Room/Be My Love/Hold Me/If You Were Only Mine/Snuggled on Your Shoulder/Honey/Good Night Sweetheart}

(1957: Dean Martin (With Orchestra Conducted by Gus Levene) (LP: Pretty Baby) [Capitol T-849]

(#5 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra in 1958 (LP: Sail Along Silv’ry Moon) [Dot DLP 3100]

(1958: The Platters (LP: The Flying Platters Around the World) [Mercury MG 20366]

(1958: Jerry Vale (With Glenn Osser and His Orchestra) (LP: I Remember Buddy) [Columbia CL 1114]

(#5 album-hit voor Mitch Miller And The Gang in 1960 (LP: Memories Sing Along with Mitch) [Columbia CS 8342] {medley: Honey/Sleepy Time Gal}

(1960: Dinah Shore (With the Piano of Andre Previn) (Produced by Voyle Gilmore) (LP: Dinah Sings, Previn Plays: Songs in a Mid-Night Mood) [Capitol Records ST-1422]

(1962: Henry “Red” Allen (LP: Mr. Allen) [Swingville SV 2034]

(1963: The Jackie Davis Quartet (LP: Easy Does It) [Warner Bros. WS 1492]

(#78 album-hit voor Tony Bennett (Produced by Ernie Altschuler) in 1966 (LP: A Time for Love) [Columbia CS 9360]

(#193 album-hit voor Jerry Vale in 1969 (LP: With Love, Jerry Vale) [Columbia GP 16 CS 9916]

(1972: Earl Hines ▪ Jonah Jones (Produced By: Hank O’Neal) (Recording: Fred Miller, In association with Warp Studios) (LP: Back on the Street) [Chiaroscuro ‎CR 118]

1937: Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra – Marie [Victor 25523] (2 weken 1)
Marie - Tommy Dorsey

(vandaag 82 jaar geleden)
(Irving Berlin)
(Vocal refrain by Jack Leonard and male chorus)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(B-kant van Song of India)

(Thema van de film The Awakening met in de hoofdrol Vilma Bánky, draait vanaf 17 november 1928 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#9 hit voor The Troubadours (Het origineel)
(Irving Berlin) (Vocal refrain by Lewis James) in 1929 [Victor 21746] in de film The Awakening)

(#2 hit voor Rudy Vallée Accomp. by His Connecticut Yankees

(Irving Berlin) op 13 april in 1929 [Harmony 834-H] (78 rpm)

(#15 hit voor Franklyn Bauer (Tenor with Orchestra) in 1929; B-kant van Cross Roads [Victor 21787] (78 rpm)

(1929: Eddie Dunstedter (Organ Solo) [Brunswick ‎4292] (78 rpm)

(#16 hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Jack Leonard and male chorus); B-kant van Song of India in 1938 [Victor 25523] (78 rpm) {dezelfde versie}

(#4 album-hit voor Frankie Carle in 1945 (LP: Frankie Carle and His Girl Friends)

(#4 album-hit voor Tommy Dorsey in 1945 (LP: Getting Sentimental with Tommy Dorsey)

(#6 album-hit voor Frankie Carle in 1951 (LP: Cocktail Time with Frankie Carle) {medley + Cheek to Cheek}

(#13 hit voor

(Irving Berlin)
(Sid Bass Orch.)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 1953 [Jubilee 45-5128] (45 rpm)

(1954: Louis Armstrong And Mills Brothers (Vocal with Guitar) [Decca 9-28984] (45 rpm)

(#5 album hit voor Jackie Gleason in 1955 (LP: Jackie Gleason presents Music to Remember Her) [Capitol W-570]

(#12 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra in 1956 (LP: Mantovani Plays Waltzes of Irving Berlin) [London LL.1452]

(1956: Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music (LP: Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Introduces the Girl Friends) [Coral CRL 57023]

(#12 album-hit voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians als A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/All by Myself/How Deep Is the Ocean/Always/The Song Is Ended/Soft Lights and Sweet Music/Lazy/They Say It’s Wonderful/Lady of the Evening/Blue Skies/White Christmas/Say It Isn’t So/All Alone/Russian Lullaby/Say It with Music/Remember/Mandy/What’ll I Do/Crinoline Days/Marie in 1958 (LP: Berlin by Lombardo – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians in a Hi-Fi Medley of 40 Irving Berlin Hits!) [Capitol Records T-1019]

(1958: Jim Reeves (LP: Girls I Have Known) [RCA Victor LPM 1685]

(1959: Frankie Laine with Michel Legrand and his Orchestra (LP: Reunion in Rhythm) [Columbia CL 1277]

(1959: George Williams and His Orchestra (LP: Swing Classics in Stereo) [United Artists UAS 6027]

(#8 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra in 1960 (LP: All-American Showcase) [London LL.3122]

(1960: Esquivel and His Orchestra (LP: Infinity in Sound) [RCA Victor LSP 2225]

(#7 album-hit voor Chet Atkins (Recorded in Nashville) (Recording Engineer: Bill Porter) (Produced by Chet Atkins) in 1961 (LP: Chet Atkins’ Workshop) [RCA LSP 2232]

(#11 album-hit voor Ray Charles (Arranged & Conducted by Marty Paich) in 1961 (LP: Dedicated to You) [ABC-Paramount ABC-355]

(#11 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra in 1961 (LP: Orange Blossom Special and Wheels) [Dot DLP 3366]

(1961: Louis Prima with Sam Butera And The Witnesses (LP: Doin’ the Twist) [Dot DLP 25410]

(#57 album-hit voor Vic Damone (With Orchestra Conducted by Billy May) (Produced by Dave Cavanaugh) in 1962 (LP: The Lively Ones) [Capitol Records ST-1748]

(1963: Juarez (LP: Masterplay Goes to New York) [Masterplay MDL 13.023]

(#15 hit voor The Bachelors

(Irving Berlin)
(Mus. Dir. Ivor Raymonde)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 1965 [London 45 LON 9762] (45 rpm)

(1967: Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (Orchestra Arranged & Conducted by Sid Feller & Billy May) (LP: More & More) [Capitol SM-2802]

(1969: Frankie Laine (LP: I’m Gonna Live ‘Till I Die) [Harmony HS 11345]

(1970: Ray Anthony (Produced By Ray Anthony & Randy Wood) [Ranwood R-873] (45 rpm)

(1971: Steve Allen (LP: Soulful Brass #3 – Steve Allen Plays the Hits Made Famous by the Great Dance Bands) [Flying Dutchman FD 10133]

(1971: Enoch Light And The Eight Brigade [Project 3 Total Sound Stereo PR45-1396M] (45 rpm)

(1978: Bert Kaempfert (Trumpet, Flügelhorn – Ack Van Rooyen) (Flutes, A-Sax – Herb Geller) (Tenor Sax – Ferdinand Povel) (Baritone Sax – James Towsey) (Trombone – Jiggs Whigham) (Sound By Peter Klemt) (Produced By Bert Kaempfert) (LP: Swing) [Polydor 2310 592]

(De Kuip is een voetbalstadion, in Rotterdam Zuid (IJsselmonde). De officiële naam is Stadion Feijenoord. Het is een stadion waar de betaalde voetbalorganisatie Feyenoord haar thuiswedstrijden speelt. Het stadion werd ontworpen door de architect Leendert Cornelis van der Vlugt. Op 16 september 1935 sloeg Gerard van Heel de eerste paal van het nieuwe stadion De Kuip de grond in. Omdat aan het stadion hoge eisen werden gesteld, werd het stadion op 15 oktober 1936 door 1500 springende en dansende mariniers en werkelozen uitgetest. Voor de grasmat werd zand uit Wassenaar gehaald en speciaal gras geïmporteerd. Vandaag precies 73 jaar geleden op 27 maart 1937 wordt het stadion geopend en is twee keer verbouwd in 1972 en 1994.)

1965: The Supremes – Stop! In The Name Of Love [Motown MT-1074] (2 weken 1)
Stop! In The Name Of Love - The Supremes

(vandaag 54 jaar geleden)
(Brian Holland; Lamont Dozier; Eddie Holland)
(Produced by Holland & Dozier)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#11 album-hit voor The Supremes (Produced By Berry Gordy Jr. & Lawrence Horn) (Arranged And Conducted By Gil Askey) in 1965 (LP: The Supremes at the Copa) [Motown MS 636]

(#21 album-hit voor Johnny Rivers in 1965 (LP: Meanwhile Back at the Whiskey a Go Go)

(1965: Billy Preston (LP: Early Hits of 1965) [Vee-Jay Records VJS-1142]

(#1 album-hit voor Diana Ross and the Supremes in 1967 (LP: Diana Ross and the Supremes Greatest Hits) [Motown MS2-663-1]

(1967: Gene Pitney (Produced By: Gene Pitney & George Tobin) (Orchestra Arranged & Conducted By: Jimmy Wisner) (Album Coordinator: Bob Scerbo) (LP: Golden Greats) [Musicor Records MS-3134]

(#1 album-hit voor Diana Ross And The Supremes With The Temptations in 1968 op The Original Sound Track (LP: TCB) [Motown MS-682]

(#57 album-hit voor Diana Ross and the Supremes (with Orchestra Conducted by Jimmy Garrett) als (Medley) Stop! In The Name of Love/Come See About Me/My World Is Empty Without You/Baby Love in 1968 (LP: Diana Ross and the Supremes ‘Live’ at London’s Talk of the Town) [Motown MS 676]

(#38 R&B-hit voor Margie Joseph (Produced by Fred Briggs) in 1971 [Volt VOA-4056] (45 rpm)

(#64 album-hit voor Diana Ross (Arranged and Conducted by Gil Askey) in 1974 (LP: Diana Ross Live at Caesar’s Palace) [Motown M6-801S1] {The Supreme’s Medley: Stop! in the Name of Love/My World Is Empty Without You/Baby Love/I Hear a Symphony}

(#66 album-hit voor Diana Ross and the Supremes in 1974 (LP: Anthology) [Motown M9 794A3]

(#29 album-hit voor Diana Ross in 1977 (LP: An Evening with Diana Ross)

(#48 album-hit voor Shalamar in 1977 (LP: Uptown Festival) [Soul Train BVL1-2289] {Uptown Festival: Going to a Go Go/I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)/Uptight (Everything’s Alright)/Stop! In the Name of Love/It’s the Same Old Song/The Tears of a Clown/Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart/This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)/Baby Love/He Was Really Saying Somethin’}

(#84 album-hit voor The Supremes in 1979 op de various artists Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP: More American Graffiti) [MCA Records MCA2-11006]

(#29 hit voor The Hollies (Produced by The Hollies, Graham Nash, Stanley Johnston & Paul Bliss) in 1983 [Atlantic 7-89819] (45 rpm)

(#112 album-hit voor Diana Ross and the Supremes in 1986 (LP: 25th Anniversary) [Motown ML3 5381]

(1995: La Toya Jackson (CD: Stop in the Name of Love) [CMC/EMI 8231652]

(#4 album hit voor Jonell Mosser in 1998 op de various artists Music from the Motion Picture (CD: Hope Floats) [Capitol Records CDP 7243 4 93402 2 0]

(#38 hit voor Glee Cast als Stop! in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind in 2010)

2010: Rihanna – Rude Boy (5 weken 1)
Rude Boy - Rihanna

(vandaag 9 jaar geleden)
(Mikkel Storleer Eriksen; Tor Erik Hermansen; Ester Dean; Makeba Riddick; Rob Swire; Rihanna Fenty)
(Produced By StarGate [ = Tor Erik Hermansen & Mikkel Storleer Eriksen] And Rob Swire)
(Vocal Production By Makeba Riddick)
(Recorded By Marcos Tovar At Metropolis Studios, London)
(Assisted By Ross Parkin)
(Mixed By Kevin “KD” Davis At Chung King Studios, NYC)
(Mix Assisted by Anthony Palazzole)
(All Instruments By Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen & Rob Swire)

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1937: Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orchestra – Moonlight And Shadows [Bluebird B-6803] (2 weken 3)

(vandaag 82 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Leo Robin /Muziek: Frederick Hollander [ = Friedrich Hollaender]
(Vocal refrain by Bob Goday)

(Het origineel komt uit de film Jungle Princess met in de hoofdrollen Dorothy Lamour & Ray Milland, draait vanaf 24 december 1936 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#5 hit voor Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Lew Sherman) in 1937 [Victor 25514] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit voor Bing Crosby with Victor Young and his Orchestra (Vocal with Orchestral Accompaniment) in 1937 [Decca 1186] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit voor Dorothy Lamour (Orchestra Under Direction of Cy Feuer) (Vocal with Orchestra) in 1937 [Brunswick 7829] (78 rpm)

(#10 album-hit voor Bing Crosby in 1948 (LP: Stardust)

(#85 album-hit voor Los Indios Tabajaras in 1964 (LP: Always in My Heart) [RCA Victor LSP 2912]

(#18 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn (Arrangements by Billy Vaughn and Milt Rogers) in 1965 (LP: Pearly Shells) [Dot DLP 25,605]

1948: Gracie Fields–Soprano with Phil Green and his Orchestra – Now Is The Hour [London 110] (3 weken 2)
Now Is The Hour - Gracie Fields

(vandaag 71 jaar geleden)
(Clement ScottMaewa Kaihan)

(Het origineel is van Clement Scott (Instrumental) als Swiss Cradle Song uit 1913)

(1919: Dick Grace & Awatere Family als Po Atarau)

(1920: Maewa Kaihan als Haere Ra Waltz Song)

(1929: Ana Hato & Deane Waretini (With Piano Accompaniment) (Recorded in Australia) als Po Atarau (A Maori Farewell) [Parlophone A 2802] (78 rpm)

(#1 hit voor Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Choir

(Words and Music by Maewa Kaihan – Clement ScottDorothy Stewart)
(Vocal with Celeste, Piano, Guitar and Bass Accompaniment)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) op 24 april 1948 [Decca 24279] (78 rpm)

(#2 hit voor Margaret Whiting With Frank DeVol And His Orchestra

(Words and Music by Maewa Kaihan – Clement ScottDorothy Stewart)
(Vocal With Orchestra) als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) op 17 april 1948 [Capitol 15024] (78 rpm)

(#6 hit voor Buddy Clark and The Charioteers

(Words and Music by Maewa Kaihan – Clement ScottDorothy Stewart)
(with Vocal Acc.) als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) in 1948; B-kant van Peculiar [Columbia 38115] (78 rpm)

(#8 hit voor Eddy Howard and his Orchestra

(Words and Music by Maewa Kaihan – Clement ScottDorothy Stewart)
(Vocal by Eddy Howard and Trio) als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) in 1948 [Majestic 1191] (78 rpm)

(#12 hit voor Kate Smith (Orchestra and Vocal Quartet conducted by Jack Miller) als Now Is the Hour in 1948 [MGM 10125] (78 rpm)

(#14 hit voor Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra

(Words and Music by Maewa Kaihan – Clement ScottDorothy Stewart)
(Vocal refrain by Tommy Mercer) als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) in 1948 [RCA Victor 20-2704]

(1950: Deane Waretini and Pepo Heretaunga with the Arawa Concert Party als Po Atarau (Now Is The Hour) (A Song of Farewell) [Tanza Z11] (78 rpm)

(#9 album-hit voor Bing Crosby in 1954 (LP: Bing: A Musical Autobiography) [Decca DX-151]

(#59 hit voor Gale Storm (With Orchestra) als Now Is the Hour in 1956 [Dot 45-15492] (45 rpm)

(#19 album-hit voor Roger Williams (with Orchestras directed by Martin Gold and Hall Kanner) in 1957 (LP: Songs of the Fabulous Forties) [Kapp KXL 5003]

(1957: Del Vikings (Orchestra Conducted by Carl Stevens) (LP: They Sing… They Swing) [Mercury MG-20314]

(1957: Patti Page With Vic Schoen & His Orchestra als Now Is the Hour (LP: The Waltz Queen) [Mercury MG-20318]

(1959: Pat & Shirley Boone (Orchstra Conducted by Mort Lindsey) als Now Is the Hour (LP: Side by Side) [Dot DLP 25,199]

(1959: Connie Francis (With musical direction of Geoff Love and Tony Osborne) (LP: My Thanks to You) [MGM SE 3776]

(1959: Gene Vincent (LP: Sounds Like Gene Vincent) [Capitol T-1207]

(#8 album-hit voor Mitch Miller and the Gang in 1960 (LP: Saturday Night Sing Along with Mitch) [Columbia CL 1414]

(#38 album-hit voor Annette with the Afterbeats plus Four (Music Directed by Tutti Camarata) als Now Is the Hour in 1960 (LP: Hawaiiannette) [Buena Vista Records ‎BV-3303]

(1960: Chris Tyler (A Bobby Mizzell-Milan Reed Production) als Now Is the Hour; B-kant van As Long as I’m Moving [Kim 45-103] (45 rpm)

(1961: Los Admiradores (LP: The Fascinating Bongo-Drums) [Command SH 75]

(#15 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra in 1963 (LP: Sukiyaki and 11 Hawaiian Hits) [Dot DLP 25523]

(1963: Johnny Waleen; B-kant van Mystery Train [Coulee C45-102] (45 rpm)

(1964: Vera Lynn with Tony Osborne And His Orchestra

(Maewa Kaihan – Clement Scott)
(Recording Produced by Norman Newell) als Now Is the Hour (LP: Among My Souvenirs) [His Master’s Voice ‎CLP. 1791]

(1965: Sue Raney (Prod. by Wil-don Productions, Inc.) (Arranged by Ralph Carmichael) als Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) [Liberty 66151] (45 rpm)

(1966: Sue Raney (Arranger: Ralph Carmichael) (LP: Alive and in Love) [Imperial LP 12323]

(1967: The Rocking Ghosts [Metronome B 1664] (45 rpm)

(1970: The Exotic Guitars (Arr. & Cond. by Bill Justis) (Produced by Randy Wood) [Ranwood Records R-863] (45 rpm)

(#1 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Slim Whitman (℗ 1976) in 1977 (LP: Red River Valley) [United Artists UAS 29993]

1961: The Shirelles – Dedicated To The One I Love [Scepter 1203] (2 weken 3)
Dedicated To The One I Love - The Shirelles

(vandaag 58 jaar geleden)
(Lowman Pauling; Ralph Bass)
(Arr. & Directed by Stan Green)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(Het origineel is van The “5” Royales (Vocal by The “5” Royales) uit 1958 [King 5098] (45 rpm)

(#2 hit voor The Mamas & The Papas op 25 maart 1967 [Dunhill 45-D-4077] (45 rpm)

(#2 album-hit voor The Mamas & The Papas in 1967 (LP: The Mamas & the Papas Deliver) [Dunhill DS-50014]

(#3 hit voor The Shirelles (Arr. & Direction by Stan Green) in 1961 [Scepter 1203] (45 rpm)

(#81 hit voor The “5” Royales (Vocal by The “5” Royales And Orchestra) in 1961 [King 45-5453] (45 rpm)

(#31 album-hit voor The Lettermen in 1967 (LP: Spring!) [Capitol Records ST-2711]

(1967: Frank Alamo (Orchestre sous la direction de Jean-Claude Petit) als J’ai pleuré pour toi op de EP J’ai pleuré pour toi [45-Riviera 231 274]

(#11 R&B-hit voor The Temprees (Prod. by Jo Bridges & Tom Nixon) (Arr. by Lester Snell & Tom Nixon) in 1972 [We Produce XPA-1808] (45 rpm)

(1979: Stacy Lattisaw (Produced and Arranged by Van McCoy) (LP: Young and in Love) [Cotillion SD 5214]

(#65 hit voor Bernadette Peters (Produced by Brooks Arthur) (Arranged & Conducted by Artie Butler) in 1981 [MCA Records MCA-51152] (45 rpm)

1965: Hermans’s Hermits – Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat [MGM K13310] (2 weken 2)
Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat - Hermans’s Hermits

(vandaag 54 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek John Carter; Ken Lewis)
(A Mickie Most Production)

(#5 album-hit voor Herman’s Hermits in 1965 (LP: The Best of Herman’s Hermits) [MGM SE4315]

(#15 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Marianne Faithfull (Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London) (Engineer: Peter Hitchcock) (Recorded at Decca No. 2 Studio, London) (Engineer: Gus Dudgeon) (Arrangers: Mike Leander, Jon Mark, David Whittaker) (Directed by Mike Leander) (A Tony Calder Production) in 1965 (LP: Marianne Faithfull) [Decca LK.4689]

(#146 album-hit voor Billy Strange in 1965 (LP: English Hits of ‘65 – The Big Sound of Billy Strange) [GNP Crescendo GNP 2009]

(1965: Goldie and the Gingerbreads (Production: Alan Price) [Decca F.12070] (45 rpm)

(1965: Billy Preston (LP: Early Hits of 1965) [Vee-Jay Records VJS-1142]

1976: Gary Wright – Dream Weaver [Warner Bros. Records WBS 8167] (3 weken 2)
Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Gary Wright)
(Produced by Gary Wright)
(Published ℗ 1975)

(#1 soundtrack-hit voor Gary Wright in 1992 in de film Wayne’s World)

1976: Captain And Tennille – Lonely Night (Angel Face) [A&M Records 1782-S] (3 weken 3)
Lonely Night (Angel Face) - Captain And Tennille

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Neil Sedaka)
(Arranged by The Captian [ = Daryl Dragon]
(Produced by Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille)

(#16 album-hit voor Neil Sedaka (Produced By Neil Sedaka & Robert Appere) {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} {het origineel} in 1975 (LP: The Hungry Years) [The Rocket Record Company ‎PIG-2157]

Adult Standards/Timeless Classics

1965: Sammy Davis–Count Basie – April In Paris [Verve Records] [albumtrack]
April In Paris - Sammy Davis–Count Basie

(vandaag 54 jaar geleden)
(Vernon Duke; Edgar Yipsel Harburg)
(Arranged and Conducted by Quincy Jones)
(Produced by Jim Davis)

(#141 US album-hit {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (LP: Our Shining Hour) [Verve Records V6-8605]

(2002: Keely Smith (Executive Producer: Keely Smith) (Produced by Bobby Milano) (Engineered & Mixed by Charlie Paakkaari) {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (CD: Keely Swings Basie Style…With Strings) [Concord Records CCD-2138-2]

Billboard Easy Listening chart:

1976: Carole King – Only Love Is Real [Ode Records Inc. ODE-66119-S] (1 week 1)
Only Love Is Real - Carole King

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Carole King)
(Engineer: Hank Cicalo)
(Produced by: Lou Adler)
(Published ℗ 1975)

(#28 hit in de Hot 100 op 3 april 1976)

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1976: Tony Orlando & Dawn – Cupid [Elektra E-45302] (2 weken 2)
Cupid - Tony Orlando & Dawn

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Sam Cooke)
(Strings & Horns arranged by Dave Appell)
(Produced by Hank Medress & Dave Appell)
(Rhythm arr. by Hank Medress & Dave Appell)

(#22 hit in de Hot 100 op 20 maart 1976)

(#17 pop-hit voor Sam Cooke (Het origineel)

(Sam Cooke)
(Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore Producers)
(Orchestra Arranged by Rene Hall)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} {het origineel} in 1961 [RCA Victor 47-7883] (45 rpm)

(#11 album-hit voor The Supremes (Produced By Berry Gordy Jr. & Lawrence Horn) (Arranged And Conducted By Gil Askey) als Sam Cooke Medley: You Send Me/(I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons/Cupid/Chain Gang/Bring It on Home to Me/Shake in 1965 (LP: The Supremes at the Copa) [Motown MS 636]

(#42 album-hit voor Johnny Rivers in 1965 (LP: Johnny Rivers in Action!) [Imperial LP 12280]

(#75 album-hit voor The Supremes (Produced by Harvey Fuqua and Hal Davis & Marc Gordon) in 1965 (LP: We Remember Sam Cooke) [Motown MS-629]

(#76 pop-hit voor Johnny Rivers (Producer: Lou Adler) in 1965 [Imperial 66087] (45 rpm)

(#109 album-hit voor Johnny Nash (Arr., Prod. & Conducted by Johnny Nash and Arthur Jenkins) in 1968 (LP: Hold Me Tight) [JAD JS 1207]

(1968: Johnny Nash (Producer: Johnny Nash & Arthur Jenkins) (Engineer: Richard Alderson); B-kant van Hold Me Tight [JAD J-207] (45 rpm)

(#39 pop-hit voor Johnny Nash

(Sam Cooke)
(Arranged by Arthur Jenkins)
(Produced by Johnny Nash & Arthur Jenkins)
(Engineer: Richard Alderson) als Cupid in 1970 [JAD J-220] (45 rpm)

(#85 album-hit voor R.B. Greaves (℗ 1969) in 1970 (LP: R.B. Greaves) [Atco SD 33-311]

(#4 pop-hit voor Spinners

(Sam Cooke / Michael Zager)
(Produced Arranged and Conducted by Michael Zager)
(Executive Producer: Jerry Love) als Medley: Cupid / I’ve Loved You for a Long Time in 1980 [Atantic 3664] (45 rpm)

(#20 album-hit voor Amy Winehouse in 2010 op de various artists Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD: Valentine’s Day) [Big Machine 06025 2732734]

1982: Cliff Richard – Daddy’s Home [EMI America A-8103] (2 weken 3)
Daddy’s Home - Cliff Richard

(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by James Sheppard and William Miller)
(Produced by Cliff Richard)
(Recorded in England)
(Published ℗ 1981)

(#23 hit in de Hot 100 op 20 maart 1982)

(Het origineel is van The Heartbeats

(Words and Music by James Sheppard and William Miller) als A Thousand Miles Away uit 1956 [Rama RR-216] (45 rpm)

(#2 pop-hit voor Shep And The Limelites

(James Sheppard Clarence Bassett Charles Baskerville)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} op 29 mei 1961 [Hull Records 45-H-740] (45 rpm)

(1963: Dee Dee Sharp (LP: Down Memory Lane with Dee Dee Sharp) [Cameo C 1074]

(#46 R&B-hit voor Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown (Arranged by Stan Green) (Prod. by Stan Green & Neil Galligan) in 1967 [Wand WND 1155] (45 rpm)

(#9 pop-hit voor Jermaine Jackson

(Words and Music by James Sheppard and William Miller)
(Produced by The Corporation)
(Arranged by The Corporation & Gene Page) (℗ 1972) in 1973 [Motown M 1216F] (45 rpm)

(#105 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Spanish Fly

(Words and Music by James Sheppard and William Miller)
(Produced by John Pro/Octaviano Silva)
(Executive Producer: John Lopez)
(Mixed and Mastered by Jazzy Jim) als Daddy’s Home (English Version) in 1995 [Upstairs Records-Warner Bros. CD-7547] (CD maxi-single) (4 tracks)

Billboard Country & Western chart:

1965: Roger Miller – King Of The Road [Smash S-1965] (5 weken 1)
King Of The Road - Roger Miller

(vandaag 54 jaar geleden)
(Roger Miller)
(Produced by Jerry Kennedy)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(#4 hit in de Hot 100 op 20 maart 1965)

(#1 Easy Listening-hit voor Roger Miller (Produced by Jerry Kennedy) op 13 februari 1965 [Smash S-1965] (45 rpm)

(#6 album-hit voor Roger Miller in 1965 (LP: Golden Hits) [Smash Records SRS 67073]

(#11 album-hit voor The Supremes (Produced By Berry Gordy Jr. & Lawrence Horn) (Arranged And Conducted By Gil Askey) als Queen of the House in 1965 (LP: The Supremes at the Copa) [Motown MS 636]

(#12 album-hit voor Dean Martin (Arranged and Conducted by Ernie Freeman) (Produced by Jimmy Bowen) in 1965 (Remember Me) I’m the One Who Loves You) [Reprise RS 6170]

(#29 album-hit voor Jack Jones (Produced By Michael Kapp) (Arranged and Conducted by Marty Paich) in 1965 (LP: My Kind of Town) [Kapp KS-3433]

(#107 album-hit voor Floyd Cramer (Produced by Chet Atkins) (Arrangements by Bill McElhiney) (Recorded in RCA Victor’s “Nashville Sound” Studio, Nashville, Tennessee) (Recording Engineer: Jim Malloy) in 1965 ‎(LP: Class of ‘65) [RCA Victor ‎LSP 3405]

(#148 album-hit voor Eddie Rambeau (Arranged, Produced and Conducted by Charles Calello) in 1965 (LP: Eddie Rambeau Sings Concrete and Clay) [DVX LP DynoVoice 9001]

(1965: Alvin, Simon & Theodore with David Seville (LP: Chipmunks à Go-Go) [Liberty LRP 3424]

(1965: Hugues Aufray als On est les rois op de EP Dou Wakadou [45-Barclay 70 807]

(1965: Dick Contino (LP: Dick Contino Plays & Sings the Hits) [Dot DLP 3639]

(1965: Les & Larry Elgart (Arranged by Charlie Albertine) (Prod. Ernie Altschuler Producer) [Columbia 4-43370] (45 rpm)

(1965: Henry Jerome And His Orchestra (LP: That New Country Feeling) [Decca DL 74676]

(1965: Gerry Mulligan (LP: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em!) [Limelight LS-86021]

(1965: Rob de Nijs als King of the Road; B-kant van Het meisje dat niet kan vergeten [45-Decca AT 10 148] {Nederlandse versie}

(1965: Billy Preston (LP: Early Hits of 1965) [Vee-Jay Records VJS-1142]

(1965: Johnny Reimar & Jeg går hvorhen jeg vil; B-kant van I lyst og nød [45-Philips PF 355 303] {Deense versie}

(1965: Del Reeves (LP: Del Reeves Sings Girl on the Billboard) [United Artists UAS 6441]

(1965: Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra (LP: The Big Hits of 1965) [Kapp KS 3429]

(#3 album-hit voor Ray Conniff And The Singers (Recording Sessions Supervised and Produced by Ernie Altschuler) (Sound Supervised by Bob Ballard) (Jay Meyer, Assistant Vocal Conductor) (Ted Romersa, Assistant Orchestra Conductor) (Jack Lattig, Chief Sound Engineer) in 1966 (LP: Somewhere My Love) [Columbia ‎CS 9319]

(1966: Bobby Byrne (Starring Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, Doc Severinsen, Bob Haggart) and an All-Star Orchestra directed by Bobby Byrne) (LP: The Discotheque Dance Album) [Command RS 892 SD]

(1966: George Jones (LP: Love Bug) [Musicor Records MS 3088]

(1966: Billy Strange (LP: The Big Guitar of Billy Strange Plays Roger Miller Hits!) [G.N.P. Crescendo Records GNPS 2024]

(1968: Jim Ed Brown (LP: Country’s Best on Record) [RCA Victor LSP 4011]

(1969: Lenny Breau (LP: Guitar Sounds from Lenny Breau) [RCA Victor LSP 4076]

(1976: Danny Davis And The Nashville Brass (LP: Supersongs) [RCA Victor APL1 1986]

(#168 album-hit voor Roger Miller (℗ 1996) in 1997 op de various artists Music from the Miramax Motion Picture (CD: Swingers) [Hollywood Records ‎MH-62091-2]

(2005: Teddy Thompson & Rufus Wainwright (St. Brokeback Mountain)

(#39 album-hit voor Dean Martin with Kevin Spacey in 2007 op de Dean Martin (CD: Forever Cool) [Capitol Records ‎094763-97441-2-1]

1971: Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn – After The Fire Is Gone [Decca 32776] (2 weken 1)
After The Fire Is Gone - Conway Twitty-Loretta Lynn

(vandaag 48 jaar geleden)
(L.E. White)

(#56 hit in de Hot 100 op 3 april 1971)

(1973: George Jones and Tammy Wynette (Produced by Billy Sherrill) (LP: Let’s Build a World Together) [Epic KE 32113]

(#17 C&W-hit voor Willie Nelson & Tracy Nelson (Prod. by Bob Johnston) in 1974 [Atlantic CY-4028] (45 rpm)

(#20 album-hit voor Freddy Fender in 1975 (LP: Before the Next Teardrop Falls)

(#183 album-hit voor Tanya Tucker in 2009 (CD: My Turn) [Saguaro Road Records 24553-D]

1976: Don Williams – Till The Rivers All Run Dry [ABC/Dot Records DOA-17604] (1 week 1)
Til The Rivers All Run Dry - Don Williams

(vandaag 43 jaar geleden)
(Wayland Holyfield; Don Williams)
(Produced By Don Williams)
(String arrangment by Bill McElhiney)
(Published ℗ 1975)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1982: Razzy Bailey – She Left Love All Over Me [RCA PB-13007] (1 week 1)
She Left Love All Over Me - Razzy Bailey

(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Chester Lester)
(Produced by Bob Montgomery)
(Strings Arranged by Ron Oates)
(Performed by The Shelly Kurland Strings)
(Published ℗ 1981)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1993: Clint Black – When My Ship Comes In [RCA 07863 62429-7] (2 weken 1)
When My Ship Comes In - Clint Black

(vandaag 26 jaar geleden)
(Clint Black; Hayden Nicholas)
(Produced by James Stroud and Clint Black)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1999: Kenny Chesney – How Forever Feels (6 weken 1)
How Forever Feels - Kenny Chesney

(vandaag 20 jaar geleden)
(Wendell Mobley; Tony Mullins)

(#27 hit in de Hot 100 op 13 maart 1999)

2010: Blake Shelton Featuring Trace Adkins – Hillbilly Bone (1 week 1)
Hillbilly Bone - Blake Shelton Feat. Trace Adkins
(vandaag 9 jaar geleden)
(Luke Laird; Craig Wiseman)

(#40 hit in de Hot 100 op 27 maart 2010)

Billboard Rhythm & Blues chart:

1943: Ink Spots – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore [Decca 18503] (2 weken 1)
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Ink Spots

(vandaag 76 jaar geleden)
(Music by Duke Ellington / Lyric by Bob Russell)
(Vocal with Instrumental Accompaniment)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(B-kant van Street of Dreams)

(#2 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 29 mei 1943)

(Het origineel is van Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra – Duke Ellington, Piano–Otto Hardwick, Harry Carney, Johnny Hodges, Barney Bigard, Ben Webster, Saxes–Rex Stewart, Cootie Williams, Wallace Jones, Trumpets–Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol, Lawrence Brown, Trombones–Fred Guy, Guitar–Jimmy Blanton, Bass–Sonny Greer, Drums

(Duke Ellington) als Never No Lament uit 1940 [Victor 26610] (78 rpm)

(#7 pop-hit voor Glen Gray And The Casa Lama Orchestra; B-kant van Don’t Do It, Darling in 1943 [78-Decca 18479]

(#8 pop-hit voor Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra

Bob Russell Duke Ellington)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} als Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Never No Lament)  in 1943 [Victor 26610] (78 rpm)

(1953: The Four Tunes [RCA Victor 20-5532] (78 rpm)

(1953: Oscar Peterson (Oscar Peterson, Piano) (Barney Kessel, Guitar) (Ray Brown, Bass) (LP: Oscar Peterson Plays Duke Ellington) [Clef Records ‎MGC-606]

(1954: Billy Eckstine With The Pied Pipers (Orchestra conducted by Lou Bring) (10″ LP: I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart) [MGM E 257]

(1954: Ben Webster (Under the personal supervision of Norman Granz) op de EP The Consummate Artistry of Ben Webster) [Norgran Records EP N-16] (45 rpm)

(1954: Ben Webster (LP: The Consummate Artistry of Ben Webster) [Norgran Records MG N-1001]

(1956: Eddie Condon (LP: Eddie Condon’s Treasury of Jazz) [Columbia CL 881]

(1956: Douglas Duke (LP: Sounds Impossible) [Herald HLP 0102]

(1956: Al Hibbler (10″ LP: Al Hibbler Sings with the Duke) [Columbia CL 2593]

(1956: Patti Page (Orchestra Conducted by Jack Rael) (LP: Music for Two in Love) [Mercury MG-20099]

(#18 album-hit voor Nat “King” Cole (With Orchestra Conducted by Billy May) in 1957 (LP: Just One of Those Things) [Capitol Records W-903]

(#19 album-hit voor Eydie Gorme (Orchestra Conducted by Don Costa) in 1957 (LP: Eydie Swings the Blues) [ABC-Paramount ABC-192]

(#74 pop-hit voor Tab Hunter (Orchestra Conducted by Billy Vaughn) in 1957; B-kant van Ninety-Nine Ways [Dot 45-15548] (45 rpm)

(1957: Sammy Davis Jr. (With Orchestra Directed by Sy Oliver) (LP: Sammy Swings) [Decca DL 8486]

(1957: Lyle Ritz (LP: How About Uke?) [Verve Records MG VS-6007]

(1957: Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys ‎(LP: Hank!) [Capitol Records ‎T-826]

(1958: Nat Adderley, Johnny Griffin, The Three Sounds (LP: Branching Out) [Riverside RLP 12-285]

(1959: Cat Anderson And His Orchestra (LP: Cat on a Hot Tin Horn) [Mercury/Emarcy Jazz MG 36142]

(1959: Peter Appleyard (LP: The Vibe Sound of Peter Appleyard) [Fidelity AFLP-1901]

(1959: June Christy (Produced by Bill Miller) (Arranged And Conducted By Bob Cooper) (LP: Ballads for Night People) [Capitol Records ST-1308]

(1959: The Swingin’ Buddy Cole at the Hammond Organ (LP: Powerhouse!) [Warner Bros. WS 1310]

(1959: Al Hibbler (With Orchestra Directed by Neal Hefti) (LP: Al Hibbler Remembers… The Big Songs of the Big Bands) [Decca DL 78862]

(1959: Calvin Jackson at the Piano (LP: Cal-essence) [Ray Note SM 3001]

(1959: Michel Legrand and his Orchestra (LP: Legrand Jazz) [Columbia CS 8079]

(1959: Rita Reys and Bengt Hallberg (LP: Two “Jazzy” People) [Fontana 6428 109]

(1960: Louis Armstrong (Arranged and Conducted by Russell Garcia) (Recorded August 14, 1957, at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles) (LP: I’ve Got the World on a String) [Verve Records MG VS-6101]

(1960: Sil Austin And His Orchestra (LP: …Soft, Plaintive and Moody!) [Mercury SR-60236]

(1960: B. B. King (B. B. King Guest Vocalist) (Maxwell Davis, Conducting) (Recorded: Hollywood, California) (Guest Vocalist, B. B. King) (Jewel Grant, Alto Sax) (Jake Porter, Cornet) (Bill Hood, Baritone Sax) (LP: Compositions of Duke Ellington and Others) [Crown CLP 5153]

(1960: Little Anthony & The Imperials (LP: Shades of the 40’s) [End LP 311]

(1960: Cootie Williams (LP: Do Nothing Till You Hear from . . . Cootie) [Warwick W 2027]

(1960: George Williams’ Swinging Big Band (LP: Put on Your Dancing Shoes) [United Artists UAS 6076]

(#57 pop-hit The Belmonts (With The Hutch Davie Orch.) (A. Pete Bennett Production) in 1961 [Sabrina Records 501] (45 rpm)

(1961: The Buck Clarke Quintet (LP: Drum Sum) [Argo LPS 4007]

(1961: Arne Domnérus Orkester (LP: Come Listen with Me) [Telefunken BLE 14179-P]

(1961: Johnny Keating’s Kombo (LP: Percussive Moods) [London Phase 4 Stereo SP.44005]

(1961: Jane Morgan (LP: Jane Morgan Sings the Big Hits from Broadway) [Kapp KS-3247]

(#16 album-hit voor Peter Nero (Orchestra conducted by Marty Gold) in 1962 (LP: For the Nero-Minded) [RCA Victor LSP 2536]

(1962: Marv Jenkins (LP: A Tribute to My People) [Reprise R9-6013]

(1962: Carol Sloane (LP: Carol Sloane Live at 30th Street) [Columbia CS 8723]

(1964: William ‘Cat’ Anderson (LP: A ‘Chat’ with Cat) [Columbia FPX 259]

(1964: Robert Maxwell His Harp And Orchestra (LP: Peg o’ My Heart) [Decca DL 4563]

(1965: Flip Phillips (LP: Revisited Flip Phillips) [Sue Records Inc. STLP 1035]

(1972: Rahsaan Roland Kirk & Al Hibbler (LP: A Meeting of the Times) [Atlantic SD 1630]

(1974: Stephane Grappelli (Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 4th July 1973) (LP: Just One of Those Things!) [Black Lion BLP 30152]

(1974: Earl Hines (LP: West Side Story) [Black Lion BLP 30170]

(1974: The Anita Kerr Singers (Produced by Anita Kerr and Alex Grob) (Conducted and arranged by Anita Kerr) (Recording engineer: John L. Timperley) (Recording studio: Chappell’s, London) (LP: ‎Round Midnight) [Philips 6303 123]

(1974: Sonny Stitt (Produced by Creed Taylor) (LP: Previously Unreleased Recordings) [Verve Records V6 8837]

(1975: Joe Pass (Joe Pass, guitar) (Ray Brown, bass) (Bobby Durham, drums) (Produced by Norman Granz) (LP: Portraits of Duke Ellington) [Pablo 2310-716]

(#209 Bubbling Under album-hit voor The Stylistics (Arranged and Conducted by Horace Ott) in 1976 (LP: Once Upon a Juke Box) [H&L Records HL-69015-698]

(#30 album-hit voor Willie Nelson (Produced and Arranged by Booker T. Jones) in 1978 (LP: Stardust) [Columbia JC 35305]

(1978: Shirley Bassey (Arranged and Conducted by Arthur Greenslade) (LP: Yesterdays) [United Artists Records UAS 30141]

(1982: John Eaton (Recorded by Remy David at Jordan-Kitts Recital Hall, Washington, D.C. August, 1982) (LP: What’s New) [Horchow 1983]

(1988: Putte Wickman & Red Mitchell (CD: The Very Thought of You) [Dragon DRCD 161]

(#42 album-hit voor Harry Connick, Jr. in 1989 op de Music from the Motion Picture (CD: When Harry Met Sally…) [Columbia CK 45319]

(#1 album-hit voor Natalie Cole in 1991 (CD: Unforgettable with Love) [Elektra ‎61049-1]

(#59 album-hit voor Barry Manilow Featuring The Duke Ellington Orchestra (Produced by Phil Ramone and Barry Manilow) (Mixed by Don Murray) als Don’t Get Around Much Anymore in 1994 op de Barry Manilow (CD: Singin’ with the Big Bands) [Arista ‎07822-18771-2]

(#2 album-hit voor Rod Stewart in 2004 (CD: As Time Goes By… The Great American Songbook Volume II) [J Records 82876-55710-2]

(2004: Carolyn Sykes (CD: Autumn: Jazz Harp) [CD Baby 634479213274]

(2005: John Stevens

(Duke Ellington Bob Russell)
(Produced By Steve Tyrell)
(Arranged and Co-produced by Bob Mann)
(Executive Producers: David Foster and Guy Oseary)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington (CD: Red) [Maverick 48937-2]

(#1 album-hit voor Tony Bennett duet with Michael Bublé

(Duke EllingtonBob RussellRob MathesRob MounseyPhilippe Saisse)
(Produced by Phil Ramone)
(Executive Producer: Danny Bennett)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 2011 (LP: Duets II) [RPM Records 88697662532]

1954: Roy Hamilton – You’ll Never Walk Alone [Epic 5-9015] (8 weken 1)
You’ll Never Walk Alone - Roy Hamilton

(vandaag 65 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Oscar Hammerstein II /Muziek: Richard Rodgers)

(#21 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts in 1954)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

(Een vrije bewerking van Ferenc Molnár’s Hongaarse musical Liliom uit 1909)

(Het origineel is van Christine Johnson

(Words by Oscar Hammerstein II / Music by Richard Rodgers) in de Broadway-musical theaterproductie Carousel, ging op 19 april 1945 in Majestic Theatre, NY in première. Na 890 keer was op 24 mei 1947 de laatste voorstelling)

(#9 pop-hit voor Frank Sinatra with the Ken Lane Sisters

(Words by Oscar Hammerstein II / Music by Richard Rodgers)
(Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl) in 1945 [Columbia 36825] (78 rpm)

(#21 pop-hit voor Judy Garland (Vocal With Chorus And Orchestra Directed By Lyn Murray); B-kant van Smilin’ Through in 1946 [Decca 23539] (78 rpm)

(1951: Cy Walter (10” LP: Piano Moods) [Columbia CL 6161]

(1952: Perry Como (LP: TV Favorites) [RCA Victor LPM 3013]

(1954: Imperials (Lead, Milton Harris; Tenor, Lee Goodwin; Baritone,  Robert Adams; Bass, Ben Knight) [ Great Lakes 1212] (78 rpm)

(1956: Shirley Jones en Claramae Turner in de film Carousel)

(#25 album-hit voor Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians in 1957 (LP: Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians in Hi-Fi)

(#12 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra in 1958 (LP: The Frank Sinatra Story in Music) [Columbia C2L-6]

(1958: Nina Simone (LP: ‎Little Girl Blue) [Bethlehem BCP-6028]

(1958: Gene Vincent  (LP: Gene Vincent Rocks! And the Blue Caps Roll) [Capitol Records T-970]

(1960: Johnny Preston (LP: Running Bear) [Mercury MG-20592]

(1960: Andy Williams (Orchestra Conducted by Archie Bleyer) (LP: The Village of St. Bernadette) [Cadence CLP 3038]

(#4 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk And His Orchestra (Arrangements by Bob Ballard, Larry Gordon, Frank Scott and George Wyle) (Produced by George Cates Lawrence Welk and Randy Wood) (℗ 1961) in 1962 (LP: Moon River) [Dot DLP 25,412]

(#33 album-hit voor Judy Garland in 1962 (LP: The Garland Touch)

(#2 album-hit voor Ray Charles in 1963 (LP: Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul)

(#6 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra in 1963 (LP: The Concert Sinatra)

(#30 album-hit voor Jimmy Durante in 1963 (LP: September Song)

(1963: Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles (Arranger: Richard Rome) (H.B. Robinson Productions); B-kant van Where Are You [Nicetown Records NT-5020] (45 rpm)

(1963: Ray Pilgrim (Accompaniment directed by Bobby Cameron) [Embassy 45-WB 597] (45 rpm)

(1963: Lettermen (LP: The Lettermen in Concert)

(#2 album-hit in Engeland voor The Bachelors (Dick Rowe Executive Producer) in 1964 (LP: The Bachelors and 16 Great Songs) [Decca LK.4614]

(#34 pop-hit voor Patti LaBelle And Her Blue Belles in 1964 [Parkway P-896]

(#50 album-hit voor The Ray Conniff Singers in 1964 (LP: Speak to Me of Love) [Columbia CS 8950]

(#70 album-hit voor The Bachelors in 1964 ‎(LP: Presenting: The Bachelors) [London PS.353]

(1964: Richard Anthony als Rien que toi op de EP À présent tu peux t’en aller [45-Columbia ESRF 1498] (EMI)

(1964: Eddy Mitchell (accompagné par le London All Stars + 10) als Je defendrai mon amour op de EP Je defendrai mon amour [Barclay 70687] (45 rpm)

(1964: Dick Rivers als Rien que toi op de EP: Rien que toi [45-Pathé EG 757]

(1964: Dick Rivers (Orchestre dir.: Paul Riot) als Rien que toi [Pathé 77.509] (45 rpm)

(#9 album-hit voor The Righteous Brothers in 1965 (LP: Just Once in My Life…) [Philles Records LP-4008]

(#21 album-hit voor John Gary (Arranged and Conducted by Dick Reynolds (Produced by Joe Reisman) (Recorded in RCA Victor’s Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California) (Recording Engineer: John Norman) in 1965 (LP: John Gary Sings Your All-Time Favorite Songs) [RCA Victor ‎LSP 3411]

(#48 pop-hit voor Gerry And The Pacemakers

(Music by Richard Rodgers / Words by Oscar Hammerstein II)
(Recorded in England)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 1965 [Laurie LR-3302] (45 rpm)

(#17 album-hit voor Lettermen in 1966 (LP: The Best of the Lettermen)

(1966: The Blue Boys (LP: Live in Person) [RCA Victor LSP 3696]

(#21 album-hit voor The Righteous Brothers in 1967 (LP: Greatest Hits) [Verve Records V6 5020]

(1967: Anita Bryant (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaum) (LP: I Believe) [Columbia CS 9506]

(1967: The Uniques (Recording Director: Robin Hood Brians) (Arrangements: Robin Hood Brians, Joe Stampley and The Uniques) (LP: Happening Now!!) [Paula Records LPS 2194]

(#73 C&W-hit voor Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires in 1968; B-kant van We Call on Him [RCA Victor 47-9600] (45 rpm)

(1968: Corry Brokken als Niet alleen (LP: Met de complimenten van Corry) [Polydor 656 006]

(1968: Lawrence Welk (LP: You’ll Never Walk Alone) [Pickwick SPC 3116]

(#51 pop-hit voor The Brooklyn Bridge (Produced by Wes Farrell) (Arr. By The Brooklyn Bridge) in 1969 [Buddah Records BDA 139] (45 rpm)

(1969: Mal dei Primitives (LP: Mal dei Primitives) [RCA Italiana PSL 10442]

(#34 album-hit voor Jim Nabors in 1970 (LP: The Jim Nabors Hour) [Columbia CS 1020]

(#38 album-hit in Amerika voor Glen Campbell (Arranged by Al de Lory) in 1970 (LP: Oh Happy Day) [Capitol SW-443]

(#7 album-hit voor Aretha Franklin (With James Cleveland & The Southern California Community Choir) in 1972 (LP: Amazing Grace) [Atlantic SD 2-906]

(#45 album-hit voor Engelbert Humperdinck in 1972 (LP: Live and S.R.O.: At the Riviera Hotel Las Vegas) [Parrott XPAS 71051] {Hit Medley: Am I That Easy to Forget/There Goes My Everything/ The Last Waltz/When There’s No You/Les Bicyclettes De Belsize}

(#169 album-hit voor Dionne Warwicke in 1972 (LP: From Within) [Scepter Records SPS 2-598]

(#5 hit in Nederland voor Lee Towers

(Music by Richard Rodgers / Words by Oscar Hammerstein II)
(Produced by Will Luikinga)
(Arranged & Conducted by Gerard Stellaard) in 1976 [Ariola 17 033 AT] (45 rpm)

(#1 hit in Groot-Brittannië voor The Crowd (A Graham Gouldman Production) (Executive Producer: Ray Levy) in 1985 [Spartan Records BRAD 1] (45 rpm)

(#5 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor The Shadows in 1990 (CD: Reflections) [Polydor ‎847 120-2]

(#21 album-hit voor The Righteous Brothers in 1990 (CD: Greatest Hits)

(#1 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Robson & Jerome in 1996 (CD: Take Two) [RCA 74321426252]

(1996: Bryn Terfel (CD: Something Wonderful: Bryn Terfel Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein) [Deutsche Grammophon DG 449 163-2]

(#1 album-hit voor Barbra Streisand in 1997 (CD: Higher Ground)

(#35 hit in Engeland voor José Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti in 1998)

(#9 album-hit Nederland voor Jan Keizer (Arrangements: Paul Natte) (Choir Arrangements: Hans Hostelle) in 2001 (CD: Going Back in Time) [Mercury 586 594-2]

(Op 1 april 1954 neemt Nederland de eerste autosnelweg in gebruik. Het is Rijksweg 2 tussen Amsterdam en Utrecht. Hij heeft gescheiden rijbanen over een lengte van 32 kilometer van elk 7,25 meter breed en er zijn nergens gelijkvloerse kruisingen. De aanleg van de weg heeft 50 miljoen gulden gekost. Voor de bouw van de brug in de snelweg over de Amstel bij Amsterdam – de Utrechtse brug – was een bedrag van 4 miljoen gulden nodig. Het verkeer tussen Amsterdam en Utrecht hoeft zich nu niet meer over de beruchte ‘weg der duizend bochten’ langs de Vecht te wringen, die door 9 dorpen voert.)

1961: Bobby Bland – I Pity The Fool [Duke 332] (1 week 1)
I Pity The Fool - Bobby Bland

(vandaag 58 jaar geleden)
(Deadric Malone)

(#46 hit in de Hot 100 op 13 maart 1961)

(#45 album-hit voor Stevie Wonder in 1967 (LP: I Was Made to Love Her) [Tamla TS 279]

(#18 R&B-hit voor Ann Peebles (Producer: Willie Mitchell) in 1971 [Hi – Hi 2186] (45 rpm)

1971: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On [Tamla T 54201] (5 weken 1)
What’s Going On - Marvin Gaye - foto

(vandaag 49 jaar geleden)
(Al Cleveland; Marvin Gaye; Renaldo Benson)
(Produced by Marvin Gaye)
(Arranged by David Van De Pitte)

(#2 hit in de Hot 100 op 10 april 1971)

(#92 album-hit voor Tom Clay (Produced by Tom Clay) (Arranged by Gene Page) in 1971 (LP: What the World Needs Now Is Love) [MoWest MW 103L]

(#18 album-hit voor Donny Hathaway in 1972 (LP: Donny Hathaway Live) [Atco SD 33-386]

(#198 album-hit voor The Nite-Liters (Produced by Fuqua III Productions) (Arranged and Conducted by Harvey Fuqua) als Medley: MacArthur Park/What’s Going On/Fuqua’s Theme in 1972 (LP: Instrumental Directions) [RCA Victor LSP-4580]

(#34 album-hit voor Jesse Colin Young (Produced by Jesse Colin Young) (Recorded Live At: Paramount Northwest, Seattle/Paramount Theatre, Portland/Marin Veterann’s Memorial Auditorium, San Rafael/Pioneer Theatre, Reno) als a. What’s Going On / b. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) in 1976 (LP: On the Road) [Warner Bros. BS 2913]

(#3 album-hit voor Marvin Gaye in 1977 als Medley II: Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)/God Is Love/What’s Going On/Save the Children (LP: Marvin Gaye Live at the London Palladium) [Tamla T7-352R2]

(1984: Marvin Gaye (St: The Big Chill (More Songs from the Original Soundtrack)

(#12 pop-hit voor Cyndi Lauper (Executive Producer: David Wolff) (Produced by Cyndi Lauper and Lennie Petze) (Mixed by: ALex Sadkin and Phillip Thornalley) (Additional Production: Shep Pettibone) in 1987 [Portrait 37-06970] (45 rpm)

(#27 pop-hit voor Artists Against AIDS in 2001)

(#9 album-hit voor Michael McDonald in 2004 (CD: Motown Two) [Motown B0003472-02]

(#107 Bubbling Under-hit voor Kris Allen in 2009)

(#8 album-hit voor Seal (℗ 2011) in 2012 (CD: Soul 2) [Reprise 528694-2]

2010: Timbaland Feat. Drake – Say Something (1 week 1)
Say Something - Timbaland Feat. Drake

(vandaag 9 jaar geleden)
(Tim Mosley; Jerome Harmon; Aubrey Graham; Timothy Clayton; John Maultsby)
(Producer: Timbaland [ = Timothy Zachery Mosley]
(Co-Producer: Jerome “Jroc” Harmon)
(Recorded, Mixed: Chris Godbey)
(Assisted Engineer: Matt Bang)
(Executive Producers: Timbaland, Barry Hankerson)

(#23 hit in de Hot 100 op 27 maart 2010)


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006”, “Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2019)


[République française]

1965: Guy Mardel – N’avoue jamais [Disc’AZ EP 969] (Totaal: 2 weken 1)

(vandaag 54 jaar geleden)
(Paroles de Françoise Dorin / Musique de Guy Mardel)
(Accompagné par Bernard Kesslair)
(Chanson Laureate de l’ORTF au Grand Prix de l’Eurovision)
(Ingénieur du son: Jean-Michel Pou-Dubois)
(Cet enregistrement a été realisé au studio Europa Sonor)
(A-kant 1: N’avoue jamais (Françoise Dorin – Guy Mardel)
(A-kant 2: Songe songe (Ralph Bernet – Guy Mardel)
(B-kant 1: S’il pleut aujourd’hui (Ralph Bernet – Bernard Kesslair)
(B-kant 2: Sans rien me dire (Eddy Marnay – Guy Mardel)
(terug op #1: 10-04-1965 (1 week 1)

(Eindigde als derde op het Eurovisiesongfestival namens Frankrijk, Verenigd Koninkrijk werd tweede met I Belong vertolkt door Kathy Kirby en de winnaar was Luxemburg met het nummer Poupée de cire, poupée de son, uitgevoerd door France Gall)

(1965: Conchita Bautista

(Guy MardelFrançoise Dorin / Adapt.: Manuel Salina)
(Orquesta dirigida por Adolfo Ventas) als Jamás, jamás (N’avoue jamais) (EP: Muñeca de cera) [Belter 51.524] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Spaanse versie)

(1965: Corry Brokken met orkest o.l.v. Bert Paige

(Guy MardelFrançoise Dorin / Adapt.: Pieter Goemans) als Als je maar nooit bekent (N’avoue jamais); B-kant van Tommy-Tom (Laura Lee) [Philips 327 868 JF] (45 rpm)

(1965: Corry Brokken

(Françoise DorinGuy Mardel / Adapt.: Carl-Ulrich Blecher)
(Orchester Bert Paige) als So ist die Liebe, mon ami (N’avoue jamais) [Philips 318 955 PF] (Duitse versie)

(1965: Corry Brokken (Adapt.: Carl-Ulrich Blecher) (Chor und Orchester, Leitung, Bert Paige) als So ist die Liebe, mon ami (N’avoue jamais) (LP: Corry Brokken) [Philips 840 379 PY]

(1965: Michael Danzinger (Julius Scheybal, guitar) (Robert Gutmaier, guitar) (Leo Eggenberger, guitar) (Erich Lederer, bass) (Teddy Palatzky, drums) (LP: Piano Cocktail – Long Drink 6) [Amadeo AVRS 9179]

(1965: Dominique (EP: Chante… Poupée de cire, poupée de son) [45-Trianon 4.531] (4-track EP)

(1965: Suzanne Gabriello

(Guy MardelFrançoise Dorin / Adapt.: Suzanne Gabriello) (accompagnée par Jean Claudric et son orchestre) als N’avoue jamais ce que tu gagnes (EP: N’avoue jamais ce que tu gagnes) [Barclay 70.849] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

(1965: Georges Jouvin et sa trompette d’or (EP: Zorba le grec) [45-Pathé EGF 809] (Pathé Marconi EMI) (4-track EP)

(1965: Orquesta Marfer als Jamás, jamás « N’avoue jamais » (LP: Marfer parade Nº 2) [Marfer M. 30.009]

(1965: Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat (Ingénieur du son: Roger Roche) (Assistant: Jacques-Yves Barral) (Réalisation: Gérard Côte) (LP: Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat Volume. 1) [Philips ‎842.120]

(1965: Franck Pourcel et son grand orchestre (LP: “Amour, danse et violons” Nº 24) [La voix de son maître GSDF 290] (Pathé Marconi EMI)

(1966: Ariane Caufel ‎[Succès Match Hits ‎6003] (45 rpm)

(1996: Jean-Jacques Debout op de various artists (CD: Les plus belles chansons françaises – 1965) [Éditions Atlas FRA CD 004]

1981: Jona Lewie – Stop The Cavalry [Stiff 101421] (Totaal: 6 weken 1)

(vandaag 36 jaar geleden)
(Jona Lewie)
(Produced by Bob Andrews & Jona Lewie)
(Published ℗ 1980)
(terug op #1: 24-04-1981, 01-05-1981, 08-05-1981 (3 weken)

(1981: Caravelli (Réalisation artistique: Philippe Boutet) (Ingénieur du son: Jean-Claude Egreteau) (Enregistrement: Studio CBS France Paris) (LP: Woman in Love) [CBS – CBS 85139]

(1981: The Cory Band With The Gwalia Singers

(Jona Lewie)
(Produced by Bob Andrews in conjunction with Dewi T. Smith)
{Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} [Sound Of The Valley BUY 133] (45 rpm)

(1981: Hübi

(Jona Lewie
Jona Lewie / Adapt.: Deutscher Text: Hans Ulrich Weigel)
(Eine Sinus-Musikproduktion von Ulli Weigel) als Das Lied von der Bundeswehr – Schwarz, Rot, Blond und schnuckelig (Stop The Cavalry) [Hansa 102 983] (45 rpm) (Duitse versie)

(1981: International Discoband & Singers (LP: 16 Disco Hits Non Stop) [Musicdisc Europe ‎SF 018]

(1981: Mini★Pops (Thanks to all the ‘Mini Pops’: Joanna, Abby, Andrew, Jonas, Catty, Nicky, Stephen, Jason, Robert, Masha, Nathan, Rebecca, Anne-Marie, Arron, Joanna, Fleur, Lucy, Dorenti, Angus, Anna, Carlton, Andrea, Adamo and Elizabeth) (Produced by The Daddy Pops) als Novelty Medley: Green Door / Turning Japanese / Baggy Trousers / Stop the Cavalry / You Drive Me Crazy / There’s a Guy Works down the Chip Shop (LP: MiniPops) [K-Tel ‎ONE 1102]

(1981: Orchester Udo Reichel (Adapt.: Hans Ulrich Weigel) (Gesungene Aufname) als Das Lied von der Bundeswehr (LP: Europa-Hitparade 43) [Europa 111 902.8]

(1981: De Strangers (Adapt.: Frank Rover) (Producer: Al van Dam) (Arr.: Benny Couroyer, Luk Smets) (Opname Studio’s: DES (Francis Dewell) (REWARD) als De zusterkes van liefde (Stop The Cavalry) (LP: 30 jaar (G)oud) [Dureco Benelux ‎99.502]

(1991: Hana Hegerová (Adapt.: Zdeněk Borovec) (Studiový orchestr, řídí Petr Malásek) als Co je toho příčinou (Stop The Cavalry) [Supraphon 11 1390-2 311] (Tsjechische versie)

(1996: Rolf Zuckowski & seine großen Freunde (Adapt.: Deutscher Text: Rolf Zuckowski) (Arrangement: Frank Oberpichler) als Der kleine Zinnsoldat (Stop The Cavalry) (CD: Stille Nächte – helles Licht) [Musik für Dich 533 489-2] (Duitse versie)

(2006: Rob de Nijs (Adapt.: Belinda Meuldijk) als Stop de cavalerie (CD: Thuis voor Kerstmis) [Capitol Records ‎0946 3832332 7]

(2012: Sam Gooris (Adapt.: Sabien Tiels) als Ik wou dat ik terug een kind was op de various artists (CD: Winter Wonderland) [CNR 22 24024-2]

(2012: Martin Stenmarck & London Philharmonic Orchestra (Producent och dirigent: Peter Nordahl) (CD: Decembersånger) [X5 Music Group X5CD117]

(2013: Erasure ‎(Bonus Disc with Exclusive Audio Content) als Stop the Cavalry (Acoustic) (CD: Snow Globe) [Mute ‎BXSTUMM365] (Box Set, Limited Edition)

(2013: The Miserable Rich (Arranged and performed by The Miserable Rich) (Thanks to Jack Kendon (trumpet) and Vern Asbury (beatbox) (Mixed and mastered by Wolfgang Gottlieb) op Everything You Wanted [Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club SNOWFLAKE 3] (45 rpm)

(2013: Vladimir op de Vladimir (CD: Vladimir’s Classical) [Rubyworks RWXCD108

1993: Jordy – Alison [Versailles ‎658938 7] (5 weken 1)

(vandaag 26 jaar geleden)
(Patricia Clerget · Alain Maratrat · Claude Lemoine)


1978: The Babys – Isn’t It Time [Chrysalis K-6949] (1 week 1)
(vandaag 41 jaar geleden)
(Jack Conrad; Ray Kennedy)
(Produced by Ron Nevison)
(Published ℗ 1977)

(#13 hit in de US Hot 100 op 24 december 1977)

 2005: Anthony Callea – Rain / Bridge Over Troubled Water [Sony/BMG 82876685552] (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 14 jaar geleden)
(Andreas Romdhane; Josef Larossi; Savan / Paul Simon)
(Mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301, Sydney)
(A&R: Ross Fraser)

(B-kant: #1 hit in Amerika voor Simon & Garfunkel {het origineel} in 1970)

2011: Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull – On The Floor (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 8 jaar geleden)
(RedOne [ = Nadir Khayat]; Kinda “Kee” Hamid; AJ Junior; Teddy Sky; Bilal “The Chef”; Armando Perez; Gonzalo Hermosa; Ulises Hermosa)
(Produced by RedOne)
(Vocal Produced by Kuk Harrell and RedOne)
(Vocal Recorded by Kuk Harrell and Josh Gudwin)
(Vocal Editing by Kuk Harrell, RedOne and Chris “Tek” O’Ryan)
(Vocal Arrangement by RedOne and Kuk Harrell)
(Recorded and Engineered by RedOne and Chris “Tek” O’Ryan and Trevor Muzzy at Cove Studio, NY and Henson Recording, Los Angeles, CA)
(Pitbull’s Vocals Recorded by Al Burna for Al Burna Studios, Davie, FL and El Studio Indamix, Dominican Republic)
(Mixed by Trevor Muzzy)
(Accordion: Alessandro Giulini)
(All other instruments played and programmed by RedOne)
(Background Vocals by Kuk Harrell)
(Executive Producer: Antonio “LA” Reid)
(Executive producers: Jennifer lopez and RedOne)
(Co-Executive producer: Benny Medina)
(Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering, Burbank, CA)
(Bevat interpolations uit Llorando Se Fue van Los kjarkas (1982)

(#3 hit in de US Hot 100 op 21 mei 2011))


1988: U2 – One Tree Hill [Island K-338] (6 weken 1)
(vandaag 31 jaar geleden)
(U2: Bono [ = Paul Hewson], The Edge [ = Dave Evans], Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen, Jr.]
(Produced by Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno)
(Recorded by Flood [ = Mark Ellis]
(Assisted by Pat McCarthy)
(Mix Engineered by Dave Meegan)

1994: DRS  – Gangsta Lean (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 25 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Chris Jackson; E. Jay Turner /Muziek: Tracy Carter; Chris Jackson)
(Produced by Chris Jackson)
(Co-Produced By Delaney “Boogie” McGill)
(Additional Production By The “Whole Nine”)
(Vocal Arrangements by Chris Jackson)
(Drum Programming by Steve Young)
(Recorded by “Nite” Mike Hersh)
(Mixed by Steve Young)
(Edited by Larry Walsh and Joy Bailey)
(Mastered by Tom Baker)
(Executive Producer: The Bank Boys)
(Published ℗ 1993)

(#4 hit in de US Hot 100 op 20 november 1993)

2006: The Pussycat Dolls featuring will.i.am – Beep (7 weken 1)
(vandaag 13 jaar geleden)
(William Adams; Kara DioGuardi; Jeff Lynne; Thomas Callaway; Anthony Ray)
(Produced by will.i.am [ = William James Adams Jr.]
(Additional production & arrangement by Ron Fair)
(Vocals produced by Ron Fair)
(Engineered by Ethan Mates)
(Mixed by Steve Baughman)
(Bevat een sample uit Evil Woman van Electric Light Orchestra (1975)

(#13 hit in de US Hot 100 op 8 april 2006)


France charts sourced from www.infodisc.fr and SNEP. Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


Hans van Erp heeft ernaar gestreefd de fotorechten te regelen volgens de wettige bepalingen. Degenen die desondanks menen rechten te kunnen doen gelden, kunnen zich alsnog tot de uitgever wenden.