14 juli

Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand
NOUVEAU: Numéros 1 et records du Top Singles français (1955-2016) (en construction)

De nummer 1-hits van 14 juli

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1923: Bessie Smith – Down Hearted Blues [Columbia A3844] (4 weken 1)Down Hearted Blues - Bessie Smith
(vandaag 95 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Lovie Austin /Tekst: Alberta Hunter)
(Clarence Williams at the Piano)

(Het origineel is van Alberta Hunter (Comedy Solo) (Orch. Acc.) uit 1922 [Paramount 12005] (78 rpm)

(#13 hit voor Noble Sissle-Eubie Blake (Tenor with Piano) (Mr. Blake at the Piano) in 1923 [Victor 19086] (78 rpm)

(1923: Edna Hicks (Comedienne) (Piano by Clarence Johnson) [Brunswick 2463] (78 rpm)

(1923: Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra; B-kant van Louisville Lou [Grey Gull 1173] (78 rpm)

(1923: Monette Moore [78-Paramount 12030]

(1923: New Orleans Jazz Band [78-Banner 1224]

(1923: Oriole Do (Fletcher Henderson) [78-Oriole 206]

(1928: Boyd Senter And His Senterpedes [78-OKeh 41115]

(1931: Cab Calloway and his Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by Cab Calloway) [Perfect 15551] (78 rpm)

(1938: Teddy Grace (Vocal with Orchestra) (Billy Kyle, piano; Jackson Teagarden, trombone; Dave Barbour, guitar; Delmar Kaplan, bass; O’Neil Spencer, drums; B-kant van Monday Morning [Decca 2128] (78 rpm)

(1958: Juanita Hall with Claude Hopkins All-Stars (LP: Juanita Hall Sings the Blues) [Counterpoint Recordings CPT 564]

(De Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep, afgekort AVRO, is de oudste Nederlandse omroeporganisatie. Op 21 juli 1923 vindt de eerste radiouitzending plaats vanuit de Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek te Hilversum. Op 1 maart 1926 ziet de Stichting Hilversumsche Draadlooze Omroep het licht, die in maart 1927 wordt omgedoopt tot Stichting Algemeene Nederlandsche Radio Omroep. Deze ANRO fuseerde op 28 december 1927 met de Nederlandsche Omroep Vereeniging uit Den Haag tot de Algemeene Vereeniging ‘Radio Omroep’, de AVRO. De drijvende kracht en inspirator ervan is directeur Willem Vogt).

1934: Ray Noble and his Orchestra – The Very Thought Of You [Victor 24657] (5 weken 1)
The Very Thought Of You - Ray Noble
(vandaag 84 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Ray Noble)
(With vocal refrain)
(Recorded in Europe)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(Het origineel is van Al Bowlly – Vocalist (At the Piano: Monia Litter); B-kant van True [Decca F. 3963] (78 rpm)

(#11 hit voor Bing Crosby with George Stoll and his Orchestra (Vocal with Orchestra) in 1934; B-kant van The Moon Was Yellow [Decca 179] (78 rpm)

(1939: Billie Holiday and her Orchestra (Vocal by Billie Holiday) [Vocalion 4457] (78 rpm)

(1939: Carmen Cavallaro (Piano Solo with Guitar, String Bass and Drums); B-kant van Cocktails for Two [Decca 3110] (78 rpm)

(1941: Joe Reichman (Piano Solo) (with Guitar, Bass and Drums); B-kant van I’m in the Mood for Love [Victor 27659] (78 rpm)

(#14 hit voor Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Vaughn Monroe) in 1944 [Victor 20-1605] (78 rpm)

(1944: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians (Vocal Chorus by The Lombardo Quartet) [Decca 18626] (78 rpm)

(1944: Played during the opening credits. Vocal rendition played on the car radio in de film The Very Thought of You)

(#2 album-hit voor Morton Gould and his Orchestra (Instrumental) in 1945 (LP: After Dark) [Columbia C 107-3] [Columbia 55034] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#4 album-hit voor Mark Warnow and his Orchestra featuring Jerry Wayne in 1945 (LP: Hit Parade) [Sonora MS 470] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#1 album-hit voor Carmen Cavallaro (With Guitar, Bass and Drums) in 1946 (LP: Dancing in the Dark) [Decca A-441] (10 sides–2) [Decca 18819 B] (78 rpm Box Set) (Originally released in 1940 on Decca 122)

(#5 album-hit voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians (Vocal Chorus by Rose Marie Lombardo) in 1946 (LP: Lombardoland) [Decca ‎Album No. A-570] (8 sides–4) [Decca 23996 B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1946: Phil Baker (LP: Phil Baker Accordion Solos) (Accordion Solo With Rhythm Accompaniment) [Decca Album No. A-421] (8 sides–7) [Decca 23503 A] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1946: Luis Russell and his Orchestra; B-kant van Sad Lover Blues [Apollo 1012] (78 rpm)

(#1 album-hit voor Doris Day with Harry James and his Orchestra in 1950 (10″ LP: Young Man with a Horn) [Columbia ‎CL 6106]

(1951: Sung by a chorus during the opening and closing credits, Doris Day  Played at the surprise party in de film I’ll See You in My Dreams)

(#18 album-hit voor Norrie Paramor His Strings and Orchestra in 1956 (LP: In London, In London…) [Capitol T-10025]

(#18 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk And His Sparkling Strings (Hammond Chord Organ Played by Lawrence Welk) in 1956 (LP: …Moments to Remember) [Coral CRL 57068]

(1956: The Dardanelle Trio (LP: Gold Braid) [Audiophile AP 32]

(#16 album-hit voor Erroll Garner with Orchestra Under the Direction of Mitch Miller in 1957 (LP: Other Voices) [Columbia CL 1014]

(#16 album-hit voor The Three Suns (with Ray Bohr on the Pipe Organ) (Produced by Al Nevins) (Arranged by Sid Ramin) in 1957 (LP: Midnight for Two) [RCA Victor LPM 1333]

(#18 album-hit voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians als Medley 2: April in Paris / The Very Thought of You / September in the Rain / Night and Day / The Love Nest / Serenade / It Had to Be You / Just a Memory / Love Is the Sweetest Thing / Just a Cottage Small / The Blue Room / You Go to My Head / Dancing on the Ceiling / The Birth of the Blues / April Showers / What Is This Thing Called Love? / When Day Is Done / Body and Soul / It’s Only a Paper Moon / Auld Lang Syne in 1957 (LP: Your Guy Lombardo Medley) [Capitol T-739]

(#25 album-hit voor The Four Freshmen (With Orchestra Conducted By Pete Rugolo) (The 5 Saxes (Count ‘em – nine; but only five were used at the time) – Georgie Auld, Gus Bivona, Bob Cooper, Chuck Gentry, Skeets Herfurt, Ted Nash, Dave Pell, Willie Schwartz, Bud Shank) in 1957 (LP: Four Freshmen and Five Saxes) [Capitol T-844]

(1957: Eddy Arnold (With Orchestra Conducted by Charles Grean) op de EP A Little on the Lonely Side [RCA Victor EPA 973]

(1957: Eddy Arnold (With Orchestra Conducted by Charles Grean) (LP: A Little on the Lonely Side) [RCA Victor LPM 1377]

(1957: Al Hibbler (With Chorus and Orchestra Directed by Jack Pleis) (LP: Here’s Hibbler!) [Decca DL 8420]

(1957: Bill McGuffie (at the Piano) (LP: Goodnight) [Imperial LP-9047]

(#9 album-hit voor Ray Conniff and his Orchestra in 1958 (LP: ’S Awful Nice) [Columbia ‎CS 8001]

(#17 album-hit voor Nat “King” Cole (With Orchestra Conducted by Gordon Jenkins) (Producer: Lee Gillette) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} in 1958 (LP: The Very Thought of You) [Capitol Records SW-1084]

(1958: Sam (The Man) Taylor (With Instrumental Accompaniment) [MGM K12696] (45 rpm)

(1958: Jerry Vale (With Glenn Osser and His Orchestra) (LP: I Remember Buddy) [Columbia CL 1114]

(1959: Ralph Flanagan (LP: Ralph Flanagan Plays Your Request) [Imperial LP-12016]

(1959: Connie Francis (With musical direction of Geoff Love and Tony Osborne) (LP: My Thanks to You) [MGM SE 3776]

(1959: Mary Martin (Orch. Cond. by John Lesko) (LP: A Musical Love Story) [Disneyland STER-3031]

(#2 album-hit voor Los Admiradores in 1960 (LP: Bongos Bongos Bongos) [Command RS 33-809]

(#26 album-hit voor Pat Boone (Orchesta and chorus conducted by Mort Lindsey) in 1960 (LP: Moonglow) [Dot DLP 25,270]

(1960: Roelof Stalknecht (LP: Fabulous Fingers on 88 Keys) [CNR LPT 35003] {uit Nederland}

(#61 hit voor Little Willie John (Vocal by Little Willie John With Orchestra) in 1961 [King 45-5458] (45 rpm)

(1961: Los Admiradores (LP: The Fascinating Bongo-Drums) [Command SH 75]

(#8 album-hit voor Enoch Light in 1962 (LP: Stereo 35/MM, Volume Two) [Command RS 831 RD]

(#17 album-hit voor Earl Grant in 1962 (LP: Beyond the Reef) [Decca DL 74231]

(1962: Vic Damone (Orchestra Conducted by Johnny Williams) (LP: Young and Lively) [Columbia CS 8712]

(1962: Sarah Vaughan (Barney Kessel & Joe Comfort) (Produced by Teddy Reigh) (LP: Sarah + 2) [Roulette SR-52118]

(#4 album-hit voor Nancy Wilson in 1964 (LP: Yesterday’s Love Songs/Today’s Blues) [Capitol ST-2012]

(#26 hit voor Rick Nelson (Vocal With Orchestra Directed by Jimmie Haskell) in 1964 [Decca 31612] (45 rpm)

(#27 album-hit voor Roger Williams als Roger Williams’ Special Salute to the Pop Pianists and Composers of Our Time: The Very Thought of You/Chopin E Flat Nocturne/Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto/Chopin Polonaise/Misirlou in 1964 (LP: The Solid Gold Steinway) [Kapp KS-3354]

(1964: Al Hibbler with The Roland Hannah Trio (Recorded in Hollywood – August 10th, 1964) (A Product of Lee Magid, Ltd.) (LP: Early One Morning) [LMI Records LMI-10001]

(1964: Rick Nelson (LP: The Very Thought of You) [Decca ‎DL 74559]

(#71 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis (Arranged and Conducted by Alyn Ainsworth) in 1965 (LP: The Sweetheart Tree) [Mercury SR-61041]

(#33 album-hit voor Chris Montez in 1966 (LP: The More I See You / Call Me) [A&M Records SP-4115]

(#78 album-hit voor Tony Bennett (Produced by Ernie Altschuler) in 1966 (LP: A Time for Love) [Columbia CS 9360]

(1966: Tony Bennett {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} (LP: A Time for Love) [Columbia CS 9360]

(1966: Freddy Morgan (Arranged by Julian Lee) (LP: Bunch-A-Banjos) [Liberty LST-7482]

(1966: Johnny Hartman (Arranged & Conducted by Gerald Wilson) (Produced by Bob Thiele) (LP: Unforgettable Songs by Johnny Hartman) [ABC-Paramount ABCS-574]

(#21 album-hit voor Andy Williams (Arranged by Dick Hazard) (Produced by Robert Mersey) in 1967 (LP: In the Arms of Love) [Columbia CS 9333]

(1967: Albert King (Supervison: Jim Stewart) (LP: Born Under a Bad Sign) [Stax S-723]

(1967: George Van Eps (LP: Seven-String Guitar) [Capitol Records ST-2783]

(#163 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis in 1969 (LP: The Impossible Dream) [Columbia CS 9872]

(#193 album-hit voor Jerry Vale in 1969 (LP: With Love, Jerry Vale) [Columbia GP 16 CS 9916]

(1969: Ray Barrett (with accompaniment directed by Mike Vickers) (LP: No Trouble Now!) [Fontana STL 5487]

(1971: Los Indios Tabajaras (Accompanied by Orchestra and Chorus) (Produced by Herman Diaz, Jr.) (LP: The Very Thought of You) [RCA Victor LSP-4496]

(1971: The Moments with Sammy Lowe (LP: The Other Side of the Moments) [Stang ST 1009]

(1972: Ruby Braff & Ellis Larkins (LP: The Grand Reunion) [Chiaroscuro CR 117]

(1974: Ella Fitzgerald (LP: Ella in London) (Recorded at Ronnie Scott’s, London; April 11. 1974) [Pablo Records 2310-711]

(1981: Tal Farlow, Hank Jones, Red Norvo, Ray Brown, Jake Hanna (Tal Farlow, Guitar) (Hank Jones, Piano) (Red Norvo, Vibraphone) (Ray Brown, Bass) (Jake Hanna, Drums) (Produced by Carl E. Jefferson, President Concord Jazz, Inc.) (Recorded live at the Concord Pavilion, Concord, California August 1976) (Remote facilities: Factory Productions) (Recording engineer: Phil Edwards) (Assistant engineers: Jim Hilson, Dennis Staats) (Remixed at PER San Francisco, California) (Remix engineer: Phil Edwards) (Mastered by George Horn) (LP: On Stage) [Concord Jazz CJ-143]

(1985: Engelbert Humperdinck (Produced by: James Fitzgerald) (Executive Producer: Charles McCutcheon) (Production Supervisor: Kate Alexander) (Arranged and Conducted by: Alan (Weaver) Copeland) (Orchestra Recorded at Angel Recording Studios, London (England) (Engineered by Tony Clark, Courtesy of Abbey Road Studios) (Vocals Recorded and Mixed at A & M Recording Studios, Hollywood, California) (Vocals Engineered by: Peter Grenet) Assistant Engineer: Robert DeLaGarza) (Vocals recorded and album remixed at Abbey Road Studios, London (England) (Engineer: Tony Clark) (Concert Master: Christopher Warren-Green) (Musical Contractor: UKM Music – Nigel Warren-Green) (Soloists: Violin: Christopher Warren-Green, Oboe: Richard Morgan, Tenor; Saxophone: Stan Sulzmann & Duncan Lamont, Piano: John Horter and Ronnie Price, Guitar: Mitch Dalton, Double Bass: Lenny Bush, Drums: Harold Fisher, Trombone: Don Lusher, Trumpet: John Huckridge) (Music Performed by: Members of the United Kingdom Symphony Orchestra) (LP: A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening) [Silver Eagle Records Inc. SE 1034]

(1986: Al Bowlly with the Ray Noble Orchestra op de various artists Music from the BBC-TV Serial (LP: The Singing Detective) [BBC Records And Tapes REN 608]

(1988: Putte Wickman & Red Mitchell (CD: The Very Thought of You) [Dragon DRCD 161]

(#108 album-hit voor Kathie Lee Gifford in 1993 (CD: Sentimental) [Warner Bros. 9 45084-2]

(#1 album-hit voor Natalie Cole in 1991 (CD: Unforgettable: With Love) [Elektra 9 61049-2]

(1999: Steve Tyrell (with Vocal Performance by Robbyn Kirmssé) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} (CD: A New Standard) [Atlantic ‎83209-2]

(#4 album-hit voor Rod Stewart (Produced by Richard Perry) (Arranged by Bob Mann) (Recorded by Woody Woodruff) (Mixed by Carter Humphrey) in 2002 (CD: It Had to Be You… The Great American Songbook) [J Records ‎80813-20039-2]

(#5 album-hit voor Harry Connick, Jr. (Arranged, Orchestrated & Conducted by Harry Connick, Jr.) in 2004 (CD: Only You) [Columbia CK 90551]

(2008: Cassandra Wilson (Produced by Cassandra Wilson) (LP: Loverly) [Blue Note 50999 5 07699 1 9]

(#1 album-hit voor Michael Bublé (Produced by David Foster) in 2009 (CD: Crazy Love) [143 Records/Reprise 520733-2]

(2009: Ann Martindale, Richard Busch (CD: Somewhere Cool) [CD Baby 884502747997]

ex aequo:

1934: Jan Garber and His Orchestra – All I Do Is Dream Of You [Victor 24629] (2 weken 1)
All I Do Is Dream Of You - Jan Garber
(vandaag 84 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Arthur Freed /Muziek: Nacio Herb Brown)
(Vocal refrain by Fritz Heilbron)

(Het origineel is van Gene Raymond & Earl Oxford in de film Sadie McKee met in de hoofdrollen Joan Crawford & Gene Raymond, draait vanaf 9 mei 1934 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#9 hit voor Henry Busse And His Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Rex Griffith) in 1934 [Columbia 2932-D] (78 rpm)

(#11 hit voor Freddy Martin and his Orchestra in 1934 [78-Brunswick 6888]

(1934: Connie Boswell; B-kant van Little Man You’ve Had a Busy Day [45-Brunswick 6921]

(1934: Angelo Ferdinando and His Orch. (With Vocal Chorus) [Regal Zonophone MR 1356] (78 rpm)

(1935: Sung on a record in French by an unidentified singer in film Broadway Melody of 1936)

(1952: Sung by Debbie Reynolds (uncredited) and Chorus Debbie Reynolds in de film Singin’ in the Rain)

(#27 hit voor Johnnie Ray with The Buddy Cole Quartet in 1953 [Columbia 4-40046] (45 rpm)

(1955: The Jerry Fielding Orchestra (LP: Sweet with a Beat) [Decca DL 8100]

(#14 album-hit voor Pat Boone in 1956 (LP: Howdy!) [Dot DLP 3030]

(1956: Jerri Adams (LP: It’s Cool Inside) [Columbia CL 916]

(1956: The Hi-Lo’s (With Frank Comstock and his Orchestra) (LP: On Hand) [Starlite ST-7008]

(1957: Gene Austin (Recorded in Hollywood, June, 1934) (LP: Gene Austin Sings All-Time Favorites) [ViK LX 998]

(1957: Bill McGuffie (at the Piano) (LP: Goodnight) [Imperial LP-9047]

(1958: Scott Engel; B-kant van Charlie Bop [45-Orbit R511x45]

(1958: Patience & Prudence with The Mark McIntyre Orchestra he Murphy Orchestra [45-Liberty F-55154]

(#49 album-hit voor Louis Prima & Keely Smith in 1959 (LP: Louis and Keely!) [Dot DLP 3210]

(1959: Jay Gee & His Orchestra (Arr: Stan Applebaum); B-kant van The Slouch [Stacy 916X] (45 rpom)

(1959: Dean Martin (With Orchestra Conducted by Frank Sinatra) (LP: Sleep Warm) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} [Capitol Records ST-1150]

(1959: Jennie Smith with Ray Ellis and his Orchestra (LP: Love Among the Young) [Columbia CS 8028]

(1959: Swinging Earls; B-kant van Yum-Yum [Vega 1001] (45 rpm)

(#5 album-hit voor Mitch Miller And The Gang als Medley: Singin’ in the Rain/All I Do Is Dream of You/Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goodbye) in 1960 (LP: Sentimental Sing Along with Mitch) [Columbia ‎CS 8251]

(1960: Max Bygraves/Ted Heath (LP: The Hits of the Thirties) [Decca SKL 4106]

(#50 album-hit voor Perry Como als Medley: All I Do Is Dream of You/Gigi/The Way You Look Tonight/Theme: Sing to Me, Mr. C. in 1961 (LP: Sing to Me, Mr. C) [RCA Victor ‎LSP 2390]

(1961: Patricia Jerome (An Ambee Prod.); B-kant van Mojo [BigTop 45-3080] (45 rpm)

(1961: Mandrake (Orch. Under the Direction of Jack Pleis); B-kant van Lost Love [Columbia 4-41928] (45 rpm)

(1961: Ruth Price with Shelly Manne & His Men (Recorded “live” at the Manne Hole in Hollywood) (LP: Ruth Price with Shelly Manne & His Men at the Manne Hole) [Contemporary Records S7590]

(1961: Cliff Richard and The Shadows op de EP Dream [Columbia SEG 8119] (EMI) (45 rpm)

(1962: Richard Chamberlain (Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Jimmie Haskell) [MGM K 13097] (45 rpm)

(1962: Dick Lee; B-kant van How’s the World Treating You! [Roulette R-4447] (45 rpm)

(1962: Sarah Vaughan (Barney Kessel & Joe Comfort) (Produced by Teddy Reigh) (LP: Sarah + 2) [Roulette SR-52118]

(#5 album-hit voor Richard Chamberlain (Orchestra & Chorus Conducted by Jimmie Haskell) in 1963 (LP: Richard Chamberlain Sings) [MGM E4088]

(#11 album-hit voor Robert Goulet (Arranged and Conducted by Sid Ramin) in 1963 (LP: The Wonderful World of Love) [Columbia CS 8793]

(#78 album-hit voor Enoch Light and The Light Brigade in 1964 (LP: Dimension “3”) [Command RS 867SD]

(1964: The Chadons (Vocal Arr. Chad Allen) [Chattahoochee Records CH-643] (45 rpm)

(1964: Chris Crosby (Arr. & Cond. by Bill McElhiney) (Produced by Jim Vienneau) [MGM K 13234] (45 rpm)

(1985: Margo Smith (Producer George Motola) [Bermuda Dunes Records C 106] (45 rpm)

(2003: Stacey Kent (Produced by Jim Tomlinson) (Executive Producer: Alan Bates) (Recorded and mixed by Curtis Schwartz) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (CD: The Boy Next Door) [Candid ‎CCD 79797]

(#1 album-hit voor Michael Bublé in 2009 (CD: Crazy Love) [143 Records 520733-2]

1962: Bobby Vinton – Roses Are Red (My Love) [Epic 5-9509] (4 weken 1)Roses Are Red - Bobby Vinton
(vandaag 56 jaar geleden)
(Paul Evans; Al Byron)
(Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#3 hit in Engeland voor Ronnie Carroll with Wally Stott and his Orchestra and Chorus in 1962 [Philips 326532 BF] (45 rpm)

(#5 album-hit voor Bobby Vinton in 1962 (LP: Roses Are Red and Other Songs for the Young and Sentimental) [Epic BN 26020]

(#50 album-hit voor Dickey Lee in 1962 (LP: The Tale of Patches and Eleven Other Songs That Tell a Story) [Smash Records MGS 27020]

(#121 album-hit voor Shelley Fabares (Arranged and Produced by Stu Philips) in 1962 als Roses Are Red (LP: The Things We Did Last Summer) [Colpix SP 431]

(1962: Paul Rich; B-kant van Guitar Tango van Bud Ashton [45-Embassy 45-WB 518] {Engelse persing}

(1962: Eugen Tajmer og hans Eugenier (Adapt.: Åse Gjødsbøl Krogh) als Rosen er rosenrød (Roses are red) [RCA 45-1078] (45 rpm) (Deense versie)

(#17 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn and his orchestra (Arranged by Billy Vaughn & Milt Rogers) in 1963 (LP: 1962’s Greatest Hits) [Dot ‎DLP 25,497]

(1963: Ferlin Husky (LP: The Heart and Soul of Ferlin Husky) [Capitol Records ST-1885]

(1963: The Padre Twins (With Orchestra And Chorus Conducted By Pi Scheffer) [Artone DR 25139] (45 rpm) {uit Nederland}

(1963: Jim Reeves (Floyd Cramer, piano) (Willy Ackerman, drums) (Leo Jackson, lead guitar) (Velma Smith, guitar) (Marvin Hughes, vibes) (Produced by Chet Atkins and Anita Kerr) (Recorded in RCA Victor’s “Nashville Sound” Studio, Nashville, Tennessee) (Recording Engineer: Bill Porter) (LP: Gentleman Jim) [RCA Victor LSP 2605]

(1965: Pat Boone (LP: The Golden Era of Country Hits) [Dot DLP 25626]

(1965: Brian Poole And The Tremeloes (LP: Die Große Twist- und Teenager-Party) [Decca BLK 16 265-P]

(#20 album-hit voor Freddy Fender in 1975 (LP: Before the Next Teardrop Falls) [ABC/Dot DOSD 2020]

(1970: Bjørn Tidmand (Adapt.: Åse Gjødsbøl Krogh) (Kog or orkester under ledelse af Ole Høyer) als Rosen er rød min ven (Roses are red); B-kant van Sommer kom igen [Odeon DK 1703] (45 rpm) (Deense versie)

(1973: Albert West (Cor Cools – piano, organ and spinet) (Hans Hollestelle – guitar) (Louis de Lussanet – drums) (Harry Mooten, accordion) (Harry Verbeke – tenor sax) (Franz Doolard – steel guitar) (The vocal group of Wanda Stellaard) (The string section of Silvain van Amerongen) (Arranged and conducted by Job Maarse) (Produced by Visco Productions) (Recorded at the G.T.B. Studio) (Engineers – Eric Bakker and Henri Bentzon) als Roses Are Red (LP: Golden Best of Albert West) [CBS ‎S 65873]

(1975: Gustav Winckler (Adapt.: Thøger Olesen) als Rosen er rød (Roses Are Red) (LP: Gem et lille smil… Gustav Winckler i 25 år) [Metronome BP 7752] (Deense versie)

(1978: Leroy Van Dyke (LP: Rock Relics) [Plantation PLP 526]

(1998: Simons (Inspelad: KMH Studio, September – Oktober 1998) (Producent: Rutger Gunnarsson, Erik & Gustat Simons E.) (Gitarrer: Lasse Wellander, Flygel och Key-Board: Peter Ljung) (Trummor: Lasse Persson) (Kör: Lisa Öhman, Lotta Vig, Janne Landegren) (Bas: Rutger Gunnarsson) (Tekniker: Åke Grahn, Lennart Karlsmyr, Ossi Bashiri, Peo Strömberg) (Mix & Mastering: Ossi Bashiri) (Sax-Arrangemang: Erik & Gustaf Simons E.) als Roses Are Red My Love (CD: Love Songs) [Mariann MLPCD 3103]

(#3 album-hit in Engeland voor Daniel O’Donnell in 2003 (CD: Daniel in Blue Jeans: 20 Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Song) [DMG TV ‎DMGTV 001]

1979: Donna Summer – Bad Girls [Casablanca NB 988] (5 weken 1)Bad Girls - Donna Summer

(vandaag 39 jaar geleden)
(Donna Summer [ = LaDonna Adrian Gaines] – Bruce Sudano – Eddie Hokenson Joe Esposito)
(Produced By Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte)
(Arranged by Harold Faltermeyer)

(#48 album-hit voor Angelica & The Sumos in 2000 op de various artists Music from the Motion Picture (CD: RugRats in Paris: The Movie) [Maverick 9 47850 2]

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1906: Enrico Caruso and Antonio Scotti – Forza del destino–Solenne in quest’ora (Swear In This Hour) [Victor Record 89001] (1 week 2)
Forza del destino–Solenne in quest’ora Enrico Caruso and Antonio Scotti
(vandaag 112 jaar geleden)
(Giuseppe Verdi)
(Accompaniment by Victor Orchestra)

(Opera van Giuseppe Verdi op een Italiaanse libretto geschreven door Francesco Maria Piave, gebaseerd op een Spaans drama, Don Alvaro o La Fuerza de Sino (1835) van Ángel de Saavedra, hertog van Rivas en een scène uit Friedrich Schiller’s Wallensteins Lager. Voor het eerst uitgevoerd in het Bolsjojtheater in Sint-Petersburg, Rusland op 10 november 1862.}

(#9 hit voor Lambert Murphy–Reinald Werrenrath (Duet with orchestra) (In Italian) als Forza del Destino–Solenne in quest’ora (Swear in This Hour) in 1914 [Victor 70103] (78 rpm)

1956: Fats Domino – I’m In Love Again [Imperial X5386] (2 weken 3)

(vandaag 62 jaar geleden)
(Antoine Domino; Dave Bartholomew)

(B-kant van My Blue Heaven)

(#18 album-hit voor Fats Domino in 1956 (LP: Fats Domino – Rock and Rollin’) [Imperial LP 9009]

(#38 hit voor The Fontane Sisters (Orchestra Directed by Billy Vaughn) in 1956 [Dot 45-15462] (45 rpm)

(1956: Alma Cogan (with Orchestra Conducted by Frank Cordell) [His Master’s Voice POP. 239] (78 rpm)

(#19 album-hit voor Pat Boone in 1957 (LP: “Pat”) [Dot DLP 3050]

(#7 album-hit voor Ricky Nelson in 1958 (LP: Ricky Nelson) [Imperial LP-9050]

(1958: Frances Faye (LP: Frances Faye Swings Fats Domino) [Imperial LP 9059]

(1960: Bill Haley And His Comets (LP: Bill Haley and His Comets) [Warner Bros. WS 1378]

(1962: Sandy Nelson (LP: Drummin’ up a Storm) [Imperial LP 9189]

(#67 hit voor Rick Nelson in 1963 [Imperial X5910] (45 rpm)

(1963: Frank Alamo (accompagné Jacques Loussier et son orchestre) als Je suis encore amoureux op de EP Loop de loop [Barclay 70 538 M] {Franse versie}

(1963: Dee Dee Sharp (LP: Down Memory Lane with Dee Dee Sharp) [Cameo C 1074]

(#7 album-hit voor The Animals (A Mickie Most Production) in 1964 (LP: The Animals) [MGM SE4264]

(#42 album-hit voor Johnny Rivers in 1965 (LP: Johnny Rivers in Action!) [Imperial LP 12280]

(#6 album-hit voor The Animals (Produced by Mickie Most) in 1966 (LP: The Best of the Animals) [MGM SE4324]

(1972: Ronnie Hawkins (LP: Rock & Roll Resurrection) [Monument KZ 31330]

(1973: Billy Crash Craddock (LP: Mr. Country Rock) [ABC Records ABCX 788]

(1976: Mike Berry (LP: Rock’s in My Head) [Polydor 2383 392]

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1962: Claude King – Wolverton Mountain [Columbia 4-42352] (2 weken 3)
Wolverton Mountain - Claude King
(vandaag 56 jaar geleden)
(Merle Kilgore; Claude King)

(#6 hit in de Hot 100 op 21 juli 1962)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#3 album-hit voor Nat King Cole (With Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Belford Hendricks) in 1962 (LP: Ramblin’ Rose) [Capitol Records ST-1793]

(1962: Dickey Lee (LP: The Tale of Patches) [Smash Records SRS 67020]

(1962: Sandy Nelson (LP: Country Style) [Imperial LP-12203]

(#56 album-hit voor The Brothers Four (Arranged by Milt Okun) in 1963 (LP: The Big Folk Hits) [Columbia CS 8833]

(1963: The Brother Four (LP: The Big Folk Hits) [Columbia CS 8833]

(1964: Kai Winding (Arranged by Kai Winding & Bill McElhiney) (LP: Modern Country) [Verve Records V6-8602]

(1965: Pat Boone (LP: The Golden Era of Country Hits) [Dot DLP 25626]

(1965: Bing Crosby (Orchestra and chorus arranged and conducted by Bill Justis) (LP: Bing Crosby Sings the Great Country Hits) [Capitol Records ST-2346]

(1968: Wayne Newton (Arranged by Don Vincent) (LP: One More Time – The Songs from His First TV Spectacular) [MGM Records SE 4549]

1973: Three Dog Night – Shambala [Dunhill/ABC Records D-4352] (2 weken 3)Shambala - Three Dog Night
(vandaag 45 jaar geleden)
(Daniel Moore)
(Produced by Richard Podolor)

(#3 hit in de Hot 100 op 28 juli 1973)

(#31 Easy Listening-hit voor B.W. Stevenson (Arranged by Larry Carlton) (Produced by David M. Kershenbaum) {het origineel} in 1973 [RCA Victor 74-0952] (45 rpm)

(#97 R&B-hit voor Solomon Burke (Arr. by S. Burke-J. Styner-L. Danielle, (Prod. by MBM Staff) in 1973 [MGM Records K 14571] (45 rpm)

1984: Elton John – Sad Songs (Say So Much) [Geffen Records 7-29292] (6 weken 2)
Sad Songs - Elton John

(vandaag 34 jaar geleden)
(Elton John; Bernie Taupin)
(Produced By Chris Thomas)
(Recorded by Renate Blauel)

(#5 hit in de Hot 100 op 11 augustus 1984)

Billboard Country & Western chart:

1951: Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and his Guitar – I Wanna Play House With You [RCA Victor 21-0476] (11 weken 1)
I Wanna Play House With You - Eddy Arnold
(vandaag 67 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Cy Coben)

1956: Elvis Presley – I Want You, I Need You, I Love You [RCA Victor 47-6540] (2 weken 1)
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Elvis Presley
(vandaag 62 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Maurice Mysels /Muziek: Ira Kosloff)

(#1 hit in de Top 100 op 28 juli 1956)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#3 R&B-hit voor Evis Presley in 1956 [RCA Victor 47-6540] (45 rpm)

(1989: Robby Krieger (LP: No Habla) [I.R.S. IRSD 82004]

(1990: Link Wray (CD: Big City After Dark: Missing Links Vol. 2) [Norton ED 211]

(1998: Keith Sykes (CD: Advanced Medication for the Blues) [Syren Records 659021196423]

1973: Loretta Lynn – Love Is The Foundation [MCA Records MCA-40058] (2 weken 1)

(vandaag 45 jaar geleden)
(William C. Hall)

(#102 Bubbling Under-hit op 13 oktober 1973)

(#183 album-hit voor Loretta Lynn in 1973 (LP: Love Is the Foundation) [MCA Records MCA-355]

(1974: Cal Smith (LP: Country Bumpkin) [MCA Records MCA-424]

(1974: Conway Twitty (LP: Honky Tonk Angel) [MCA Records ‎MCA-406]

1984: Exile – I Don’t Want To Be A Memory [Epic 34-04421] (1 week 1)I Don’t Want To Be A Memory - Exile
(vandaag 34 jaar geleden)
(J.P. Pennington; Sonny LeMaire)
(Produced by Buddy Killen)
(Published ℗ 1983)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1990: Garth Brooks – The Dance [Capitol Nashville 44629] (3 weken 1)The Dance - Garth Brooks
(vandaag 28 jaar geleden)
(Tony Arata)
(Produced by Allen Reynolds)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

Billboard Rhythm & Blues chart:

1945: Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra – Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well [Decca 18674] (8 weken 1)
Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well - Lucky Millinder
(vandaag 73 jaar geleden)
(Eddie De Lange; Johnny Brooks)
(Vocal Chorus by Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris and Congregation)

(#7 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 1 september 1945)

(1945: The Four Bluejackets (Vocal Quartette) (With Instrumental Accompaiment) als I Know Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well; B-kant van Baby, Baby, Please Come Home [Mercury 8017] (78 rpm)

1990: Johnny Gill – My, My, My [Motown 2033] (2 weken 1)
My My My - Johnny Gill

(vandaag 28 jaar geleden)
(Babyface [ = Kenneth Brian Edmonds]; Daryl Simmons)
(Produced by L.A. [ = Antonio M. Reid] & Babyface)
(Co-produced by Kayo [ = Kevin Roberson] and Daryl Simmons)
(Executive Producers: Jheryl Busby and L.A. & Bayface)

(#10 hit in de Hot 100 op 29 september 1990)

(#54 R&B-hit voor Gerald Albright (Produced By: Gerald Albright) (Executive Producers: Sylvia Rhone and Merlin Bobb) als My, My, My (Edited Version) (℗ 1990) in 1991 [Atlantic 87792] (Cassette-single)


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006”, “Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2018)


[République française]

2001: Les Lofteurs – Up And Down (Version Radio) [M6 Interactions ‎8345100035] (7 weken 1)

(vandaag 17 jaar geleden)
(Auteurs: Maloï · RST Rami / Compositeurs: Abid Perreau · RST Rami)
(Interprété par David, Delphine, Fabrice, Julie, Kenza, Kimy, Philippe et Steevy)
(Mixé au studio Preview par Kovas)


1951: Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres and his Orchestra – If (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 67 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Tolchard Evans /Tekst: Robert Hargreaves; Stanley Damerell)

(#1 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 3 maart 1951)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(Het origineel is van Frederick Ferrari; B-kant van My Love Loves Me [78-Parlophone R. 3318]

(#8 hit in Amerika voor Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and his Orchestra in 1951 [Columbia 4-39082] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit in Amerika voor Billy Eckstine in 1951 [45-MGM K10716]

(#14 hit in Amerika voor Dean Martin in 1951 [45-Capitol F1342]

(#20 hit in Amerika voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians (Vocal Chorus By Bill Flanagan) in 1951 [Decca 9-27393] (45 rpm)

(#23 hit in Amerika voor Ink Spots (Vocal with Orchestra) in 1951 [Decca 9-27391] (45 rpm)

(#26 hit in Amerika voor Jan Garber and his Orchestra in 1951 [Capitol F1351] (45 rpm)

(#28 hit in Amerika voor Vic Damone (Vocal with Ken Lane Singers) (accompanied by George Siravo & His Orch.) in 1951 [Mercury 5565-X45] (45 rpm)

(#82 hit in Amerika voor The Paragons (Arr. Larrie Luicie) in 1961 [Tap T 500] (45 rpm)

(#120 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit in Amerika voor Timi Yuro (Vocal Produced by Quincy Jones) (Conducted And Arranged by Bobby Scott) in 1964 [Mercury Records 72316] (45 rpm)

(#116 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit in Amerika voor Al Hirt (Arranged and Conducted by Bill Walker) (Produced by Paul Robinson) in 1969 [RCA Victor 47-9717] (45 rpm)

ex aequo:

1951: Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and his Orchestra – If (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 67 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Robert Hargreaves; Stanley J. Damerell /Muziek: Tolchard Evans)

(#8 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 17 februari 1951)

(Het origineel is van Frederick Ferrari uit 1950; B-kant van My Love Loves Me [78-Parlophone R 3318]

1986: Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All [Arista K-9787] (1 week 1)
(vandaag 32 jaar geleden)
(Muziek: Michael Masser /Tekst: Linda Creed)
(Produced by Michael Masser)
(Executive Producer: Clive Davis)
(Published ℗ 1985)

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 17 mei 1986)

(#24 hit in Amerika voor George Benson (Arranged By Lee Holdridge and Michael Masser) (Produced By Michael Masser) als The Greatest Love of All in 1977 [Arista AS 0251] (45 rpm) in de film The Greatest met in de hoofdrol Muhammed Ali, draait vanaf 19 mei 1977 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#36 hit in Amerika voor Whitney Houston in 2012 (Heruitgave van de 1985 song)

1991: Melissa – Read My Lips [Mercury ‎868 424-7] (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 27 jaar geleden)
(Roy Nicholson; Tony King)
(Produced by Leon Berger/Doug Benderson/Alston Koch)
(Recorded at Powerhouse Studios & mixed at Studios 301, Sydney)
(Engineered by Mike Duffy, Martin White, Anthony Charlton)

2013: Avicii – Wake Me Up! (6 weken 1)
(vandaag 4 jaar geleden)
(Tim Bergling; Ash Pournouri; Aloe Blacc [ = Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III]; Mike Einziger)
(Produced by Avicii [ = Tim Bergling]
(Co-Produced by Ash Pournouri)
(Vocals: Aloe Blacc)

(#4 hit in de US Hot 100 op 5 oktober 2013)


1972: Neil Diamond – Song Sung Blue (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 45 jaar geleden)
(Neil Diamond)
(Arranged & Conducted By Lee Holdridge)
(A Tom Catalano/Neil Diamond Production)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 1 juli 1972)

1991: Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 26 jaar geleden)
(Dr. Freeze [ = Elliot Straite]
(Produced by Dr. Freeze)
(Co-Produced by Howie-T and Spyderman)
(Mixed by Dr. Freeze and Howie-T at Creative Source, Los Angeles, CA)
(Engineered by Angela Piva and Warren Woods)
(Mastered at Future Disc, Los Angeles by Eddy Schreyer)

(#2 hit in de US Hot 100 op 8 juni 1991)

(Uit de film New Jack City met in de hoofdrollen Wesley Snipes & Ice-T, ging op 17 januari 1991 in wereldpremière tijdens het Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah en gaat op 6 maart 1991 in Westwood, Californië in première en draait vanaf 8 maart 1991 in heel Amerika)

2014: Ed Sheeran – Sing (1 week 1)
(vandaag 3 jaar geleden)
(Ed Sheeran; Pharrell Williams)

(#13 hit in de US Hot 100 op 7 juni 2014)


France charts sourced from www.infodisc.fr and SNEP. Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


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