2 augustus

Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand
NOUVEAU: Numéros 1 et records du Top Singles français (1955-2016) (en construction)

De nummer 1-hits van 2 augustus

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1890: U.S. Marine Band – Semper Fidelis [Columbia Phonograph Company 1] (6 weken 1)
Semper Fidelis 2

(vandaag 129 jaar geleden)
(John Philip Sousa)
(wax cylinder)
(De allereerste nummer 1-hit van de Verenigde Staten)

(Geschreven op verzoek van president Chester A. Arthur (1829-1886), de 21ste president van de Verenigde Staten)

(#3 hit voor Sousa’s Band op 19 april 1902 [Victor Record 1175] (78 rpm)

(1937: Played when the marines parade, and Bob arrives, in San Francisco in de film The Singing Marine)

(1962: Boston Pops Orchestra / Arthur Fiedler, Conductor (LP: Marches in Hi-Fi) [RCA Victor Red Seal ‎LSC 2229]

(1962: Henry Mancini (Conducting The Warner Bros. Military Band) (LP: Sousa’s Greatest Marches) [Warner Bros. WS 1465]

(#22 album-hit voor The United States Marine Band in 1963 (LP: The National Cultural Center Presents the United States Marine Band) [RCA Victor ‎LSP 2687]

1924: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – What’ll I Do [Victor 19299] (5 weken 1)
What’ll I Do - Paul Whiteman

(vandaag 95 jaar geleden)
(Irving Berlin)

(Het origineel is van Grace Moore & John Steel in de Music Box Revue of 1923, ging op 22 september 1923 in Music Box Theatre, NY in première. Na 273 keer was in mei 1924 de laatste voorstelling)

(#4 hit voor Marcia Freer–Henry Burr (Duet with Orchestra) in 1924 [Victor 19301] (78 rpm)

(#6 hit voor Lewis James in 1924 [78-Columbia 115-D]

(#8 hit voor Vincent Lopez And His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra in 1924 [OKeh 40097] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit voor Carl Fenton’s Orchestra (For Dancing) (Orchestral Arrangement by Walter Haenschen) in 1924 [Brunswick 2604] (78 rpm)

(#11 hit voor Irving Kaufman (Piano Accompaniment by Frank Banta) (Saxophone by Rudy Wiedoeft) in 1924 [Vocalion 14797] (78 rpm)

(#2 album-hit voor Wayne King and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Nancy Evans in 1946 (LP: Irving Berlin Melodies) [RCA Victor ‎P 159] [RCA Victor 20-1899-A] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#1 album-hit voor Perry Como

(Words and Music by
Irving Berlin) in 1948 (LP: A Sentimental Date with Perry Como) [RCA Victor P 187] RCA 20-2662 A] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#22 hit voor The King Cole Trio

(Words and Music by Irving Berlin)
(Vocal By King Cole) in 1948 [Capitol 15019] (78 rpm)

(#23 hit voor Frank Sinatra

(Words and Music by Irving Berlin)
(Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl) in 1948 [Columbia 38045] (78 rpm)

(#6 album-hit voor Frankie Carle at the Piano with Rhythm als All Alone / What’ll I Do / Always in 1951 (LP: Cocktail Time with Frankie Carle) [RCA Victor ‎EPA 305] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1955: Monica Lewis with Jack Kelly and his ensemble (10″ LP: Fools Rush In) [Jubilee LP-20]

(#12 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra in 1956 (LP: Mantovani Plays Waltzes of Irving Berlin) [London LL.1452]

(#16 album-hit voor Julie London (with Al Viola, Guitar) in 1956 (LP: Lonely Girl) [Liberty LRP-3012]

(#2 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis with Percy Faith and his Orchestra in 1957 (LP: Warm) [Columbia ‎CS 8039]

(1957: Pat Boone (LP: Pat Boone Sings Irving Berlin) [Dot DLP 3077]

(1957: Patti Page With Vic Schoen & His Orchestra (LP: The Waltz Queen) [Mercury MG-20318]

(#12 album-hit voor Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians als A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/All by Myself/How Deep Is the Ocean/Always/The Song Is Ended/Soft Lights and Sweet Music/Lazy/They Say It’s Wonderful/Lady of the Evening/Blue Skies/White Christmas/Say It Isn’t So/All Alone/Russian Lullaby/Say It with Music/Remember/Mandy/What’ll I Do/Crinoline Days/Marie in 1958 (LP: Berlin by Lombardo – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians in a Hi-Fi Medley of 40 Irving Berlin Hits!) [Capitol Records T-1019]

(1958: Judy Holliday (Musical Direction by Buster Davis) (Arrangements by Glenn Osser) (LP: Trouble Is a Man) [Columbia CL 1153]

(#8 album-hit voor Mantovani And His Orchestra in 1960 (LP: All-American Showcase) [London LL.3122]

(#51 album-hit voor Gloria Lynne With The Earl May Trio in 1961 (LP: ‎I’m Glad There Is You) [Everest ‎SPBR 5126]

(#8 album-hit voor Johnny Tillotson (Recording date: May 27, 1962) (Arrangements: Archie Bleyer) in 1962 (LP: It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin’) [Cadence CLP 25058]

(#106 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Johnny Tillotson in 1962 [Cadence 1424] (45 rpm)

(#25 album hit voor Frank Sinatra (Arranged and Conducted by Gordon Jenkins) (℗ 1961) in 1962 (LP: All Alone) [Reprise R-1007]

(#102 album-hit voor Lena Horne (Orchestra Conducted by Marty Gold) (Produced by Dick Peirce) (Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City) (Recording Engineers: Ernie Oelrich and Bob Simpson) in 1962 (LP: Lena on the Blue Side) [RCA Victor ‎LPS 2465]

(1962: Maynard Ferguson And His Orch. (LP: Si! Si! – M.F.) [Roulette ‎SR-52084]

(1966: Shirley Scott ‎(LP: On a Clear Day) [Impulse! ‎AS-9109]

(#18 album-hit voor Nancy Sinatra (Arranged and Conducted by Billy Strange) in 1967 (LP: Sugar) [Reprise RS 6239]

(1967: Ken Dodd (LP: I Wish You Love) [Columbia ‎SCX 6166] (EMI)

(#46 album-hit voor Nilsson (Arranged and Conducted by Gordon Jenkins) in 1973 (LP: A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night) [RCA Victor APL1-0097]

(#69 album-hit voor Cher in 1974 (LP: Dark Lady) [MCA Records MCA 2113]

(#85 album-hit voor Bill Atherton (Music Supervised & Conducted by Nelson Riddle) (Produced by Tom Mack) (Original Scoring Mixer: John Norman) (Re-recording Mixer: Thorne Nogar) in 1974 op de Original Soundtrack Recording from the Paramount Picture (LP: The Great Gatsby) [Paramount PAS-2-3001]

(#85 album-hit voor Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra (Music Supervised & Conducted by Nelson Riddle) (Produced by Tom Mack) (Original Scoring Mixer: John Norman) (Re-recording Mixer: Thorne Nogar) in 1974 op de Original Soundtrack Recording from the Paramount Picture (LP: The Great Gatsby) [Paramount PAS-2-3001]

(#85 album-hit voor Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra (Music Supervised & Conducted by Nelson Riddle) (Produced by Tom Mack) (Original Scoring Mixer: John Norman) (Re-recording Mixer: Thorne Nogar) als Medley: What ‘ll I Do/Ain’t We Got Fun in 1974 op de Original Soundtrack Recording from the Paramount Picture (LP: The Great Gatsby) [Paramount PAS-2-3001]

(#3 album-hit voor Linda Ronstadt

(Words and Music by Irving Berlin)
(Produced by Peter Asher)
(Arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle)
(Recorded and mixed by George Massenburg)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 1983 (LP: What’s New) [Asylum 60260]

(#35 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Elkie Brooks in 1984 (LP: Screen Gems) [EMI EJ 2402361]

(#192 album-hit voor Michael Crawford with the London Symphony Orchestra ( ℗ 1987) in 1988 ‎(LP: Songs from the Stage and Screen) [Columbia ‎OC 44321]

(#134 album-hit voor Alison Krauss {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} in 2003 op de various artists Music from the Motion Picture (CD: Mona Lisa Smile) [Epic ‎EK 90737]

(2007: Art Garfunkel (Produced by Richard Perry) (CD: Some Enchanted Evening) [Rhino 74851]

(2013: Herb Alpert featuring Lani Hall (CD: Steppin’ Out) [Shout! Factory ‎826663-14605]

1941: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians – Intermezzo (Souvenir de Vienne) [Decca 3674] (1 week 1)
Intermezzo - Guy Lombardo

(vandaag 78 jaar geleden)
(Heinz Provost)
(Published ℗ 1936)

(Het origineel komt uit de film Intermezzo met in de hoofdrollen Gösta Ekman & Inga Tidblad, ging op 16 november 1936 in de Zweedse bioscopen draaien en gaat op 24 december 1937 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen in roulatie)

(1936: Played during the opening credits. Played on a record. Played on violin by Gösta Ekman (dubbed by Charles Barkel). Reprised by Gösta Ekman with Britt Hagman on piano. Reprised again by Gösta Ekman with Ingrid Bergman on piano. Played also on radio and on a zither and as background music in de film Intermezzo)

(1939: Played at the concert by Leslie Howard on violin and John Halliday on piano. Played by Howard and Ann E. Todd on piano at their home. Played by Howard and Ingrid Bergman on piano at a concert. Played on a zither by Howard. Used as background music often in de film Intermezzo)

(#5 hit voor Wayne King & his Orchestra als Intermezzo in 1941 [Victor 26659] (78 rpm)

(#7 hit voor Freddy Martin and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Clyde Rogers) als Intermezzo in 1941 [Bluebird B-11123] (78 rpm)

(#10 hit voor Charlie Spivak and his Orch. als Intermezzo (A Love Story) in 1941 [OKeh 6120] (78 rpm)

(#12 hit voor Toscha Seidel, Violinist (Piano accompaniment by Eugene Kusmiak) als Intermezzo in 1941 [Victor 4458] (78 rpm)

(#17 hit voor Benny Goodman and his Orchestra als Intermezzo (A Love Story) in 1941 [Columbia 36050] (78 rpm)

(#19 hit voor Clyde Lucas and his Orchestra als Intermezzo (A Love Story) in 1941 [78-Columbia 36017]

(#19 hit voor Enric Madriguera and his Orchestra als Intermezzo in 1941 [78-Victor 27355]

(#20 hit voor Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra and Chorus als Intermezzo (A Love Story) in 1941 [Columbia 36041] (78 rpm)

(1941: Allan Jones, Tenor with Victor Concert Orchestra conducted by Lou Bring als Intermezzo [Victor 4552] (78 rpm)

(1941: Joan Merrill (Vocal with Orchestra) [Bluebird 11171] (78 rpm)

(1956: Chet Atkins and his Guitar als Intermezzo (LP: Chet Atkins in Three Dimensions) [RCA Victor ‎LPM 1197]

(#1 album-hit voor Mantovani and his Orchestra

(Heinz Provost)
in 1957 (LP: Film Encores) [London LL.1700]

(#13 album-hit voor Jane Morgan and The Troubadors als Intermezzo in 1957 (LP: Fascination) [Kapp KL-1066]

(1958: Marco Rizo als Intermezzo (LP: The Latin Touch) [Tico LP 1046]

(#7 album-hit voor Percy Faith in 1960 (LP: Bouquet The Percy Faith Strings) [Columbia CS 8124]

(#119 album-hit voor Chet Atkins in 1961 (LP: The Most Popular Guitar) [RCA Victor LSP 2346]

(#27 album-hit voor Roger Williams als Theme from Intermezzo in 1962 (LP: Mr. Piano) [Kapp KS-3290]

(1965: Liberace ‎(Piano Solo With Orchestra Directed By Gordon Robinson) als Intermezzo (LP: The Best of Liberace) [Coral ‎7CXSB 9]

(1966: Sarah Vaughan (Produced by Henry Glover) (Arranged & Conducted by Marty Manning) (LP: Sarah Slightly Classical) [Roulette SR-52123]

(1993: Earl Hines als Intermezzo (CD: Hines Shines) [Laserlight 17030]

1975: Eagles – One Of These Nights [Asylum Records E-45257] (1 week 1)
One Of These Nights - Eagles

(vandaag 44 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Don Henley and Glenn Frey)
(Produced by Bill Szymczyk)

1980: Olivia Newton-John – Magic [MCA Records MCA-41247] (1 week 1)
Magic - Olivia Newton-John

(vandaag 39 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by John Farrar)
(Produced by John Farrar)

(#121 album-hit voor Olivia Newton-John (Produced by John Farrar) in 1992 (CD: Back to Basics – The Essential Collection 1971-1992) [Geffen GEFD 24470]

1986: Peter Cetera – Glory Of Love [Full Moon/Warner Bros. Records 7-28662] (2 weken 1)
Glory Of Love - Peter Cetera

(vandaag 33 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Peter Cetera, David Foster and Diane Nini)
(Produced By Michael Omartian)

(Thema van de film The Karate Kid Part II met in de hoofdrollen Ralph Macchio & Pat Morita, ging op 19 juni 1986 in New York City in première en draait vanaf 20 juni 1986 in heel Amerika) (1995:

(#145 album-hit voor The Countdown Singers in 1995 (CD: A Time for Romance: Unchained Melodies) [Madacy 40338]

(2000: A New Found Glory (CD: From the Screen to Your Stereo) [Drive-Thru Records DTR 19]

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1902: J.W. Myers – Nancy Brown (2 weken 3)
Nancy Brown
(vandaag 117 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Clifton Crawford)

(Het origineel is van Rose Beaumont in de Broadway-musical theaterproductie The Wild Rose, ging op 5 mei 1902 in Knickerbocker Theatre, NY in première. Na 136 keer is op 30 augustus 1902 de laatste voorstelling)

1919: Marion Harris – Jazz Baby [Victor 18555] (2 weken 3)
Jazz Baby - Marion Harris

(vandaag 100 jaar geleden)
(Words by Blanche Merrill / Music by M.K. Jerome)
(Comedienne with orchestra)

(B-kant van Bring Back Those Wonderful Days)

(#16 album-hit voor Carol Channing  in 1967 op de various artists The Original Sound Track Album (LP: Thoroughly Modern Millie) [Decca ‎DL 71500]

(#16 album-hit voor Exit Music: Orchestra in 1967 op de various artists The Original Sound Track Album (LP: Thoroughly Modern Millie) [Decca ‎DL 71500]

1947: Sam Donahue And His Orchestra – I Never Knew [Capitol 405] (1 week 2)
I Never Knew - Sam Donahue

(vandaag 72 jaar geleden)
(Words by Gus Kahn / Music by Ted Fiorito)
(Vocal By Bill Lockwood And The Blue Hues)

(#8 hit voor Gene Austin (Tenor with violin, saxophone and piano) in 1926; B-kant van I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-Night? van Henry Burr–Billy Murray [Victor 19864] (78 rpm)

(1926: Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra; B-kant van I’m Sitting on Top of the World in 1926 [Victor 19845] (78 rpm)

(1940: Count Basie and his Orchestra [78-Columbia ‎35521]

(1951: Played during the sheet music montage in de film I’ll See You in My Dreams)

(#2 album-hit voor Jackie Gleason

(Ted Fiorito Gus Kahn)
(Orchestra Conducted by Jackie Gleason) in 1955 (LP: Jackie Gleason Plays Romantic Jazz) [Capitol W-568]

(#2 album-hit voor Pete Kelly and His Big Seven (With Narrative by Jack Webb) als Intro to I Never Knew / I Never Knew in 1955 op de Jack Webb (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) [RCA Victor LPM 1126]

(#7 album-hit voor Peggy Lee (with Orchestra directed by Harold Mooney) in 1955 op de Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald (LP: Songs from Pete Kelly’s Blues) [Decca DL 8166]

(#9 album-hit voor Ray Heindorf and The Warner Bros. Orchestra op de Ray Heindorf Directing The Warner Bros. Orchestra And Matty Matlock And His Jazz Band Music from Jack Webb’s Mark VII Ltd. Production (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) in 1955 (LP: Pete Kelly’s Blues) [Columbia CL 690]

(1956: Nat ‘King’ Cole (with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle) (LP: The Piano Style of Nat ‘King’ Cole) [Capitol W-689]

(1956: Coleman Hawkins (LP: The Hawk in Hi-Fi) [RCA Victor LPM 1281]

(1956: George Van Eps (LP: Mellow Guitar) [Columbia CL 929]

(1957: Maynard Ferguson (LP: Boy with Lots of… Brass) [EmArcy MG-36114]

(1959: Kenny Burrell (Kenny Burrell, guitar) (Tina Brooks, tenor sax) (Junior Cook, tenor sax) (Louis Smith, trumpet) (Duke Jordan, piano) (Sam Jones, bass) (Art Blakey, drums) (recorded at Manhattan Towers on May 14, 1958) (LP: Swingin’) [Blue Note GXK 8155] {Released in 1980}

(#40 album-hit voor The Four Freshmen in 1960 (LP: The Four Freshmen and Five Guitars) [Capitol Records ‎ST-1255]

(1960: Jackie McLean (LP: Makin’ the Changes) [New Jazz NJLP 8231]

(1960: Kay Starr (LP: Kay Starr: Jazz Singer) [Capitol Records ST-1438]

(#6 album-hit voor Frank Sinatra (Orchestra Conducted by Billy May) in 1961 (LP: Sinatra Swings) [Reprise R-1002]

(1973: Sonny Stitt ‎(LP: 12!) [Muse Records ‎MR 5006]

(1975: Buddy Tate, Doc Cheatham, Vic Dickenson, Johnny Guarnieri, George Duvivier, Oliver Jackson (LP: Jive at Five) [Mahogany 558103]

(1987: Wild Bill Davison ‎(CD: After Hours with Wild Bill Davison) [Jazzology ‎J-22]

1952: Rosemary Clooney (Stan Freeman, Harpsichord; Frank Carroll, Bass; Terry Snyder, Drums; Mundell Lowe, Sal Salvadir, Guitars) – Botch-A-Me (Ba-ba-baciami piccina) [Columbia 4-39767] (3 weken 3)

(vandaag 67 jaar geleden)
(English Words and Music Adadaption by Eddie Stanley / Italian Words and Music by Riccardo Morbelli Luigi Astore)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(1940: Alberto Rabagliati (Het origineel)

(Riccardo Morbelli Luigi Astore) als Ba-ba-baciami piccina in de film Una famiglia impossible met in de hoofdrollen Amando Falconi, Pina Renzi & María Mercader, draait vanaf december 1940 in de Italiaanse bioscopen draaien)

(#7 album-hit voor Frankie Carle, Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment in 1952 (LP: Top Pops, Volume 2) [RCA Victor LPM 3098] [RCA Victor 547-0170] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1952: Bobbejaan Schoepen met Lou Logist en zijn orkest

(Luigi Astore / Adapt.: Van AldenaErik Franssen) als Hupla met de beentjes (Botch-a-me) [Decca 21.872] (78 rpm)

(#19 hit in Nederland voor Daisy Dynamite

(Riccardo Morbelli
Luigi Astore Eddie Y. Stanley)
(Produced by Richard de Bois and arranged by Frans Mijts) als Botch-a-Me (Ba ba baciami piccina) in 1973 [Polydor 2050 38] (45 rpm)

2003: Ashanti – Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (1 week 2)

(vandaag 16 jaar geleden)
(Ashanti Douglas Andre Parker Irving Lorenzo)
(Executive Producer: Irv Gotti)
(Produced by Chink Santana & Irv Gotti)
(Recorded at Crackhouse Studios, NYC by Milwaukee Buck)
(Assisted by Terri “Murda Mac” Herbert)
(Mixed at Right Track Studios, NYC by Chairman of the Board DURO [ = Ken Ifill] and Irv Gotti)
(Guitar by Rob Bacon)
(Additional Keybords by Demetrius “Demi-Dot” McGhee)
(Gebaseerd op Rock with You van Michael Jackson (1979)

Billboard Easy Listening chart:

1969: Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel [Columbia 4-44871] (2 weken 1)Spinning Wheel - Blood, Sweat & Tears

(vandaag 50 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by David Clayton-Thomas)
(Arr. by Blood, Sweat & Tears)
(Prod. by James William Guercio)

(#2 hit in de Hot 100 op 5 juli 1969)

(#24 Easy Listening-hit voor Peggy Lee

(Words and Music by David Clayton-Thomas)
(Produced by: Phil Wright)
(Arranged by Mike Melvoin) in 1969 [Capitol Records 2477] (45 rpm)

(#96 album-hit voor Nancy Wilson in 1969 (LP: Hurt So Bad) [Capitol ST-353]

(#103 album-hit voor Ray Conniff And The Singers in 1969 (LP: Jean) [Columbia CS 9920]

(#145 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk (Arranged by Frank Scott & Jack Pleis) in 1969 (LP: Jean) [Ranwood R 8060]

(#189 album-hit voor Lenny Dee in 1969 (Arranged by Bill McElhiney) (LP: Spinning Wheel) [Decca ‎DL 75152]

(1969: The Roundtable (LP: Spinning Wheel) [Jay Boy JSL 2]

(#5 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Shirley Bassey (Arranged and Conducted by Johnny Harris) (Produced by Johnny Harris & Tony Colton) in 1970 (LP: “Something”) [United Artists UAS 29100]

(#91 album-hit voor The Ventures (Produced By Lanky Linstrot And The Ventures) (Arranged by The Ventures) (Strings & Horns Arranged by George Tipton & Al Capps) (Engineer: Lanky Linstrot) in 1970 (LP: The Ventures 10th Anniversary Album) [Liberty LST-35000]

(#189 album-hit voor Tony Mottola ‎(Producer: Enoch Light) (Associate Producer: Jeff Hest) (Recording Chief: Phil Ramone) (Mixing: Steve Friedman) (Mastering: Dave Crawford) (Arrangements: Tony Mottola/Dick Hyman) in 1970 (LP: Tony Mottola’s Guitar Factory) [Project 3 Total Sound Stereo ‎PR 5044 SD]

(1970: Sammy Davis Jr. (Arranged by Billy Strange and George Rhodes) (LP: Something for Everyone) [Motown MS-710]

(1970: The Templeton Twins (LP: Trill It Like It Was) [Vault SLP-134]

(1970: Mel Tormé (Arranged and Conducted by Jimmy Jones) (LP: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head) [Capitol ST-430]

(#90 pop-hit voor James Brown (A James Brown Production) als Spinning Wheel Pt. 1 in 1971 [King 45-6366] (45 rpm)

(#168 album-hit voor Boots Randolph in 1971 (LP: Boots with Brass) [Monument SLP-18147]

(1971: George Barnes & Bucky Pizzarelli (LP: Guitars – Pure and Honest) [A&R ARL/7100/007]

(1971: Wade Marcus (LP: A New Era) [Cotillion SD 9043]

(1971: Ginette Reno (LP: Beautiful Second Hand Man) [Parrot PAS. 71045]

(1982: Oscar Peterson (Ed Bickert: Guitar) (Producer: Norman Granz) (Musical Arrangements: Rick Wilkins) (Rhythm and Vocals Recorded: McClear Place Studios, Toronto, Canada January 28, 29, 1980) (Orchestra Tracks Recorded: Manta Sound Studios Toronto, Canada February 19, 1980) (℗ 1982) (LP: The Personal Touch) [Pablo Today ‎2312-113]

(2011: Tom Wopat

(Words and Music by David Clayton-Thomas)
(Arr. Bob Mounsey)
(Produced by David Finck)
(Executive Producer for LML Music: Lee Lessack)
{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (CD: Consider It Swung) [LML Music LMLCD 259]

1975: Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy [Capitol 4095] (1 week 1)
Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell

(vandaag 44 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Larry Weiss)
(Arranged by Tom Sellers)
(Produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 6 september 1975)

(1974: Larry Weiss (Het origineel)

(Words and Music by Larry Weiss)
(Produced by Larry Weiss)
(Co-produced by Ray Wetzler) uit 1974 [20th Century Records ‎TC-2084] (45 rpm)

(1974: Larry Weiss (LP: Black & Blue Suite) [20th Century Records T-428]

(#17 album-hit voor Glen Campbell (Arranged and Conducted by Tom Sellers) in 1975 (LP: Rhinestone Cowboy) Capitol SW-11430]

(1975: Chris LeDoux (LP: Life as a Rodeo Man) [Lucky Man Music NR 6520]

(1975: Claire

(Larry Weiss / Adapt.: Walter Ertvelt) als Vreemde vogels [Monopole S.429] (45 rpm)

(1976: Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra (LP: Kaempfert ’76) [Polydor 2310 456]

(1976: Loretta Lynn (LP: When the Tingle Becomes a Chill) [MCA Records MCA-2179]

(1977: Charley Pride (LP: She’s Just an Old Love Turned Memory) [RCA Victor APL1 2261]

(#1 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Slim Whitman (℗ 1976) in 1977 (LP: Red River Valley) [United Artists UAS 29993]

(#171 album-hit voor Glen Campbell With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Arranger: John Tartaglia-Dennis McCarthy) (Produced by Glen Campbell) ‎(Engineer Armin Steiner) (Jimmy Webb and Alan Ainsworth Conducted) (Piano – T.J. Kuenster) (Drums – George Green) (Bass – Bill McCubbin) (Banjo, Guitar – Carl Jackson) (Acoustic Guitar – Fred Tackett) (Glen Campbell was presented at the Royal Festival Hall, London by the Ember Concert Division) (Background Vocals: Billie Barnum, Ann With, Stephanie Spruill) (Recorded in England) als Medley: Stars/Rhinestone Cowboy (℗ 1977) in 1978 (LP: Glen Campbell Live at the Royal Festival Hall) [Capitol Records ‎SWBC-11707]

(2007: Ivan Cevic (Adapt.: Vincent Handrey) als Un homme heureux (CD: …et je pense à toi…) [AMC 50187] (Franse versie)

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1969: The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde – Quentin’s Theme [Ranwood R-840] (2 weken 3)
Quentin’s Theme - The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde

(vandaag 50 jaar geleden)
(Robert Cobert)
(Produced by Charles Randolph Grean)

(#13 hit in de Hot 100 op 2 augustus 1969)

(Uit de Amerikaanse gotic soapserie Dark Shadows, ging op 27 juni 1966 bij de Amerikaanse omroep ABC in première en draait tot 2 april 1967)

(#27 album-hit voor Andy Williams (Produced by Jerry Fuller) (Arranged and Conducted by Al Capps) in 1969 (LP: Get Together with Andy Williams) [Columbia CS 9922]

(#125 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor The Robert Cobert Orchestra Featuring Jonathan Frid (Barnabas) and David Selby (Quentin) (Produced for Curtis Records, Inc. by Charles R. Grean) [Philips 40633] (45 rpm)

(#145 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk (Arranged by Frank Scott & Jack Pleis) in 1969 (LP: Jean) [Ranwood R 8060]

(#189 album-hit voor Lenny Dee in 1969 (Arranged by Jim Hall) (LP: Spinning Wheel) [Decca ‎DL 75152]

(1969: Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos with London Festival Orchestra (LP: Destination Love) [London Phase 4 Stereo SP 44135]

(1969: Hugo Winterhalter (Produced by Hugo Winterhalter and Richard Hayman) als Shadows of the Night (Quentin’s Theme) (LP: My Favorite Broadway & Hollywood Music) [Musicor Records MS-3184]

(1970: Alan Blackie Schackner with the New Group (Arranged and Conducted by Alan Blackie Schackner) (LP: The Electronic Harmonica) [RCA Camden CAS 2378]

1975: Morris Albert – Feelings [RCA Victor PB-10279] (1 week 2)
Feelings - Morris Albert

(vandaag 44 jaar geleden)
(English Words and Music by Morris Albert)
(Produced by Morris Albert)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Classic Song op radiostation KAAM 770 AM Legends in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas} {Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} {Classic Song op internetstation Radio Mi Amigo 192 (Live vanaf de Spaanse Costa), Alfaz del Pi, Costa Blanca, España}

(#6 hit in de Hot 100 op 25 oktober 1975)

(Het origineel is van Line Renaud

(Albert SimoninMarie-Hélène BourquinLouis Gasté)
(Orchestre et « Les Angels »)
(Direction Christian Chevallier) (du film “Le feu aux poudres”) als Pour toi uit 1956 (EP: Pour toi) [Pathé 45 EG 232] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

(1957: Dario Moreno avec Claude Bolling et son orchestre

(Louis Gasté
Albert SimoninMarie-Hélène Bourquin)
(du film “Le feu aux poudres”) als Pour toi  (EP: Imploration) [Philips 432.182 NE] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

(1957: Dario Moreno

(Musique de Louis Gasté / Paroles de Albert Simonin et Marie-Hélène Bourquin) als Pour toi in de film Le feu aux poudres met in de hoofdrollen Raymond Pellegrin, Charles Vanel, Peter Van Eyck & Françoise Fabian, draait vanaf 27 februari 1957 in de Franse bioscopen)

(#1 hit in Frankrijk voor Mike Brant

(Michel Jourdan · Morris Albert · Louis Gasté)
(Arrangement: Roger Loubet)
(Réalisation: Alain Krief) als Dis-lui op 24 mei 1975 [Polydor 2056 435] (45 rpm) (Franse versie)

(#97 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis

(Morris Albert)
(Produced By Jack Gold)
(Arranged And Conducted By Gene Page) in 1975 (LP: Feelings) [Columbia ‎PC 33887]

(#108 album-hit voor Bobby Vinton (Produced By Bob Morgan) (Arrangers: Joe Reisman, Al Capps, Mike Melvoin, Burt Bacharach) (Engineers: Tommy Vicari, Armin Steiner, Ray Gerhart) (Studios: Sound Lab, A & M) in 1975 (LP: Heart of Hearts) [ABC Records ‎ABCD-891]

(1975: Morris Albert (Adapt.: Tomás Fundora) als Dime (Feelings) (LP: After We’ve Left Each Other (En Castellano) [Audio Latino ALS-4085] (Spaanse versie)

(1975: Paloma San Basilio

(Morris Albert / Adapt.: Carlos Céspedes)
(Arreglos y dirección de Orquesta Juanito Márquez)
(Une producción Hispavox dirigida por: Rafael Trabucchelli) als Sombras «Feelings» (LP: Sombras «Feelings») [Hispavox ‎HHS 11-293] (Spaanse versie)

(1975: Caravelli

(Morris Albert)
(Réalisation artistique: Philippe Boutet) als Dis-lui (Feelings) (LP: Dolannes melodie) [CBS – CBS 81111]

(1975: Percy Faith

(Morris Albert)
(Arranged and Conducted by Percy Faith)
(Produced by Ted Glasser)
(Engineer: Ray Gerhardt)
(Recorded at A&M Studios, Los Angles) als Feelings (LP: Summer Place ’76) [Columbia KC 33915]

(1975: Lettermen (Arranged and Conducted by Vince Morton) (Produced by David D. Cavanaugh and Lettermen) (Executive Producer: David D. Cavanaugh) (Produced and Mastered at Capitol Recording Studios) (Recording Engineer: Hugh Davies) (Mastering: Jay Maynard) (LP: Make a Time for Lovin’) Capitol Records SW-11424]

(1975: Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat

(Morris AlbertMichel Jourdan)
(Enrégistré au Studios des Dames – Paris)
(Ingénieur du son: Dominique Poncet)
(Assisté de Assistants: Jean-Michel Bourgignon)
(Collaboration artistique: Gérard Gambus)
(Une Production Philips réalisé par Philippe Lerichomme) als Dis-lui Feelings Feelings (LP: L’ete indien) [Philips 9101 017]

(1975: Fausto Papetti

(Morris Albert)
(Arrangiamenti e direzione: Giancarlo Sorio)
(Tecnici del suono: Ugo Scerbo e Pierluigi Bisleri)
(Registrato a Milano presso gli Studi della Durium, Studios Ottobre 1975) (LP: 21ª Raccolta) [Durium ms AI 77371]

(1975: Franck Pourcel grand orchestre

(Morris Albert – ad. Michel Jourdan)
(Studios Pathé Marconi-EMI)
(Prise de son: Alain Butet et Richard Lewzey)
(Technique: Alain Vignaud)
(Mixage: Bernard Estardy)
(Direction Artistique: Claude-Michel Schonberg) (LP: Concorde « Amour, danse et violons » nº 46) [Pathé 2C 066-15.564] (Pathé Marconi EMI)

(1975: Andy Williams

(Morris Albert)
(Produced By Jack Gold)
(Arrangements By Nick DeCaro)
(Engineer: Armin Steiner)
(Mastered By Michael Reese) (LP: The Other Side of Me) [Columbia PC 33563]

(#9 R&B-hit voor Walter Jackson

(Morris Albert)
(Produced by Carl Davis)
(Arr. by Riley Hampton)
(Engineer: Bob Kachur) in 1976 [Chi-Sound CH-XW908-Y] (45 rpm)

(#42 album-hit voor Herb Ohta (Producer by Masakatsu Suzuki & Don McDiarmid, Jr.) in 1976 op de various artists (LP: Nadia’s Theme (The Young and the Restless) [A&M Records ‎SP-3412

(#85 album-hit voor Freddie Hubbard in 1976 (LP: Windjammer) [Columbia ‎PC 34166]

(#97 C&W-hit voor Sarah Johns (Arranged by D. Bergen White) (Produced by Jack D. Johnson) (℗ 1975) in 1976 [RCA PB-10465] (45 rpm)

(#113 album-hit voor Walter Jackson ‎in 1976 (LP: Feeling Good) [Chi Sound Records ‎CH-LA656-G]

(#149 album-hit voor Shirley Bassey

(Morris Albert)
(Produced by Martin Davis)
(Arranged and Conducted by Arthur Greenslade)
(Engineer: Martin Rushent) in 1976 (LP: Love, Life and Feelings) [United Artists Records UA-LA605-G]

(1976: Acker Bilk His Clarinet & Strings

(Morris Albert)
(Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Alan Tew)
(Produced by Terry Brown)
(Engineer: Larry Bartlett) (LP: The One for Me) [Pye Records NSPLX 41052]

(1976: Sacha Distel (Produced by Tony Hatch) (Arranged by Pete Smith) (LP: Love Is All) [Pye Records NSPL 18504]

(1976: André van Duin

(Morris Albert / Adapt.: André van Duin)
(Arrangement: Job Maarse)
(Producer: Job Maarse) als File (Feelings) [CNR 141.335] (45 rpm)

(1976: Ferrante & Teicher

(Morris Albert)
(Produced by George Butler)
(Arranged by Ferrante & Teicher)
(Conducted by Frank Hunter)
(Music Coordinator: Henry Ferrante)
(Recorded: May 12, 13 & 14, 1976)
(Recorded at National Recording Studios, New York, New York)
(Recording and Remix Engineer: Frank Kulaga)
(Mastering Engineer: Ralph Eck, United Artists Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California)
(Ferrante & Teicher Play Balwin Pianos) (LP: Feelings) [United Artists Records UA-LA662-G]

(1976: The 50 Guitars (Producer: Stanley Greenberg) (Musical Consultant And Solo Guitar: Thomas Tedesco) (Arranger: Bob Bain) (Recorded At Independent Recorders Studio City, California) (Audio Engineer: Tony D’Amico, Shannon O’Neill) (Frank Capp: Drums) (Buddy Clark: Guitar) (Victor S. Feldman: Keyboards & Percussion) (Thom Rotella: Bass) (Rolinda Wolk: Vocalist) (And The 50 Guitars Orchestra) (LP: The Return of The 50 Guitars) [Musicor Records MUS 2500]

(1976: Karel Gott

(Morris Albert / Adapt.: Zdeněk Borovec) als Cítím (Feelings) (LP: Karel Gott ’77) [Supraphon 1 13 1908] (Tsjechische versie)

(1976: Harmony Four (Adapt.: Chrisse Johansson) als Tunteet (LP: Harmony Four) [Manhattan MAN 3030] (Finse versie)

(1976: Milt Jackson and Strings (LP: Feelings) [Pablo 2310 774]

(1976: Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra

(Morris Albert)
(Produced by Bert Kaempfert)
(Trumpet and Flugelhorn Solos by Ack Van Rooyen)
(Sound: Peter Klemt) (LP: Kaempfert ’76) [Polydor 2310 456]

(1976: Kings Road (LP: Million or More in ’76) [Pickwick SPC 3550]

(1976: Kisu

(Säv. Morris Albert / Adapt.: san. Chrisse Johansson / sov. Nacke Johansson) als Tunteet (Feelings) [EMI 5E 006-36014] (45 rpm) (Finse versie)

(1976: Jukka Kuoppamäki (Adapt.: Chrisse Johansson) als Tunteet op de various artists (LP: Mitä Suomi soittaa 5) [Satsanga Records KOTLP 15] (Finse versie)

(1976: Tarja Jykylä (Adapt.: Chrisse Johansson) als Tunteet op de various artists (LP: Listoilla 6) [Manhattan MAN 3031] (Finse versie)

(1976: Lena Martell (Produced by George Elrick) (Orchestrated and Conducted by Nicky Welsh) (Engineered by Terry Evennett) (LP: Country Style) [Pye Records NSPH 18]

(1976: Eleonore Öst (Adapt.: Patrice Hellberg) als Känslor (Feelings) (LP: Internationella hits på Svenska) [Hendrix Music Production NSLP 61] (Zweedse versie)

(1976: Wolfgang Petry (Adapt.: Michael Kunze) als Frühling (Feelings) (LP: Ein Freund – Ein Mann) [Hansa 28 490 OT] (Duitse versie)

(1976: Santo & Johnny (Arrangiamento e diretta orchestra di Nello Ciangherotti) (Prodotto da C. A. Piccarreta) (LP: Santo & Johnny) [Produttori Associati PACAN-LP 714]

(1976: Arto Sotavalta (Adapt.: Chrisse Johansson) als Tunteet (Feelings) op de various artists (LP: Maailmalla soi 3) [Sonet TLP 2003] (Finse versie)

(1976: Frankie Vaughan (Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Alan Tew) (Produced by Terry Brown) (Engineer: Larry Bartlett) (Choir Directed by Maggie Stredder) (LP: Someone Who Cares) [Pye Records NSPL 18497]

(#27 album-hit voor The O’Jays in 1977 (LP: Travelin’ at the Speed of Thought) [Philadelphia International Records ‎PZ 34684]

(#49 album-hit voor Isaac Hayes & Dionne Warwick in 1977 (LP: A Man and a Woman) [ABC Records ‎AB-996]

(#192 album-hit voor Letta Mbulu ‎(℗ 1976) in 1977 (LP: There’s Music in the Air) [A&M Records ‎SP-4609]

(1977: Vic Damone

(Morris Albert)
(Produced By Vic Damone)
(Arranged And Conducted By Norman Geller)
(Orchestrated by Joe Parnello, Dick Burlant, Gene Hull & Phil Orr)
(Remixed at Paragon Studios, Inc., Chicago, Illinois by Bill Bradley) (LP: Vic Damone’s Feelings) [Rebecca Records REBECCA 1212]

(1977: Flamingokvintetten (LP: Singel LP) [Flam FLAM 3190]

(1977: Polarna med Jörgen Edman (LP: Polarnas pärlor 2) [Frituna FRLP 120]

(1978: Karol Duchoň (Adapt.: Albín Škoviera) als Cítim [Opus 91 43 0456] (Slowaakse versie)

(1978: Gary and Jacque (Produced By Rick Johnson And Rick McDonald) (Gary Johnson, Guitars) (Jacque Montpetit, Keyboards) (John “Music” Garden, Bass Guitar) (Monte Edwards, Drums) (Recorded at Creation Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota) (LP: A Beginning) [GJM Records ST 31748]

(1978: Samba Soul (Adapt.: Tomás Fundora) (Arranged and Conducted by Jose P. Soares) (Vocal Overdub & Mix Supervisor: Misha Segal) (Creative Director: Osmar Zan) (Mix Engineer: Joaquin J. Lopes) (Producer: Jorge Pino) als Feelings/Dime; B-kant van Kriola [RCA PB 11255] (Spaanse versie)

(1978: Roger Whittaker (Produced by Eric Robertson and John Mackswith) (Music director and arrangements: Eric Robertson) (Recorded at Utopia Studios) (Engineer: John Mackswith) (Assisted by Hayward Parrott) (LP: Roger Whittaker Sings the Hits) [Columbia SCX 6601] (EMI)

(1979: Peter Schreier (Adapt.: Deutscher Text: Michael Kunze) als Frühling (Feelings) (LP: O sole mio) [Amiga 8 45 166] (Duitse versie)

(1980: Orchester Bruno Bertone als Feelings (LP: Melodien zum träumen) [Delta DA 2026]

(1980: Richard Clayderman (Written by Michel Jourdan – Morris Albert) (Enregistré: Studio Delphine) (Ingénieur du son: Eric Caussarieu) (Assisté de Gilbert Caruso) (LP: Les musiques de l’amour) [Delphine DEL 2 700045]

(1981: Mona Carita (Adapt.: suom.san. Chrisse Johansson – sov. Veikko Samuli) als Tunteet (Feelings) (LP: Nykyaikainen) [Finnlevy FL 5097] (Finse versie)

(1983: Love Orchestra (Arrangiamento e direzione di d’orchestra di Michele Francesio) (Prodizione: Pippo Abbà) als Soleado / Feelings / Romance (LP: I Festivalbar) [CBS – CBS 25586]

(#159 album-hit voor Julio Iglesias Duet with Pam Bunning ‎(℗ 1983) in 1984 op de Julio Iglesias (LP: In Concert) [Columbia ‎KC2 39570]

(1985: Roland Kaiser (Eine Thomas Meisel/Peter Wagner Produktion, aufgenommen im Hansa Tonstudio 1) (Toningenieur: Peter Wagner ℗ 1/1985) (Drums + Percussion: Chris Evans) (Keyboards und Piano: Franz Bartzsch) (Bass: Thomas Schiedel) (Saxophon: Frank Lüdeke) (Gitarren: Ingo Cramer/Elvis Grünberg) (Streicher: Deutsche Oper Berlin) (Chor: Claudia Gordon-Nowy/Agnes Skulud-Hoffmann/Draga Balenovic-Hoffmann/Norman Ascot/Frank Turba/Achim Goetz) (Arrangements: Franz Bartzsch/Peter Wagner/Peter Schirmann) (CD:‎ Die schönsten Liebeslieder der Welt) [Hansa ‎206 750]

(1990: Peter Breiner, Piano and his Symphonic Pop Orchestra (CD: Feelings) [Naxos International ‎8.990025]

(1994: Jacques Vermeire (Adapt.: Fermata – Mark Uytterhoeven) als Nilis (Feelings) [Paradiso ‎PA 641-2] (EMI) (Nederlandse versie)

(#2 album-hit voor The Offspring in 1998 (CD: Americana) [Columbia ‎CK 69661]

(1999: The BB Band (Bob Brecker – guitar, vocals) (Dennis White – guitar, vocals) (Randy Frey – bass) (Len McFee – drums, percussion) (Ken Hartman – keyboards, vocals) (Wanda Morrison – vocals) (Sheila Curtis – vocals) (Brenda Clarke – vocals) (CD: Those Pop Ballads) [Beautiful Music Collection BMC 87179]

(2001: Per Nielsen (CD: My Way) [Philips 013 113 2]

(2001: Julie Zenatti & Patrick Fiori (Adapt.: Michel Jourdan) als Feelings (Dis-lui) op de various artists (LP: Feelings – Hommage à Loulou Gasté) [Epic EPC 502016 2] (Franse versie)

(2006: Vincent Niclo (Adapt.: Michel Jourdan) als Dis-lui (CD: Un nom sur mon visage) [Disc’Az 983 446-2] (Franse versie)

(2008: Jean-Luc Lahaye (Adapt.: Michel Jourdan) als Dis-lui (CD: Chansons que j’aime) [Wagram Music ‎3130432] (Franse versie)

(2010: Ramón [Session] (Adapt.: Carlos Céspedes) als Sombras (LP: Pop – Versiones en Español) [Open Records 08 8568 63424 2 8] (Spaanse versie)

(2014: Amaury Vassili (Adapt.: Michel Jourdan) (Version Instrumentales) als Dis-lui (CD: Amaury Vassili chante Mike Brant) [Warner Music France ‎0825646223701]

1980: Mickey Gilley – Stand By Me [Full Moon/Asylum Records E-46640] (2 weken 3)
Stand By Me - Mickey Gilley

(vandaag 39 jaar geleden)
(Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller Ben E. King)
(Produced by Jim Ed Norman)
(Executive Producer: Irving Azoff)

(#22 hit in de Hot 100 op 2 augustus 1980)

(Uit de film Urban Cowboy met John Travolta, Debra Winger, Scott Glenn, Barry Corbin & Madolyn Smith, draait vanaf 6 juni 1980 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#4 pop-hit voor Ben E. King (Het origineel)

(Ben E. King Elmo Glick [ = Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller]
(Arr. & Cond. by Stan Applebaum)
(A Jerry LeiberMike Stoller Production)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} {het origineel}  in 1961 [Atco Records 45-6194] (45 rpm)

(#1 hit in Italië voor Adriano Celentano e I Ribelli

(Adapt.: Detto MarianoRicky GiancoDon Backy)
(Arrangiamenti: Detto Mariano) als Pregherò (Parte I) in 1962 [Clan Celentano ‎ACC 24005] (45 rpm)

(1962: Gene Chandler (LP: The Duke of Earl) [Vee-Jay VJLP 1040]

(1962: Dalida

(Adapt: Jacques Plante / Ben E. King)
(accompagnée par Raymond Lefèvre et son orchestre) als Tu croiras (Stand by me) (EP: La partie de football) [Barclay 70 496] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

(1962: Ricky Gianco e I Ribelli di Adriano Celentano

(Detto Mariano Ricky GiancoDon BackyMiki Del Prete)
(Arrangiamenti: Detto Mariano) als Tu vedrai (II parte di pregherò) [Clan Celentano ‎ACC 24006]  (45 rpm) (3 tracks) (Italiaanse versie)

(1962: Jay And The Americans (Conductor-Arranger: Garry Sherman) (Produced by Jerry Leiber-Mike Stoller) (LP: She Cried) [United Artists UAS 6222]

(#39 hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Kenny Lynch (with Orchestra conducted by Ivor Raymonde) in 1964 [His Master’s Voice POP 1280] (45 rpm)

(#102 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Cassius Clay in 1964 [Columbia 4-43007] (45 rpm)

(#103 album-hit voor Otis Redding in 1964 (LP: Pain in My Heart) [Atco Records SD 33-161]

(#68 album-hit voor The Kingsmen in 1965 (LP: The Kingsmen on Campus) [Wand WDS 670]

(#75 pop-hit voor Earl Grant

(Ben E. King Elmo Glick)
(Piano And Organ Solo With Instrumental Accompaniment) in 1965 [Decca 25674] (45 rpm)

(1965: Little Milton (LP: We’re Gonna Make It) [Checker LPS-2995]

(#45 album-hit voor Sonny & Cher (Arranged & Produced By Sonny Bono) (Conducted by: Harold Battiste) (Engineer: Stan Ross, Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, California) in 1967 (LP: In Case You’re in Love) [Atco Records SD 33-203]

(#12 pop-hit voor Spyder Turner als Stand by Me (Including Vocal Impressions of: “My Girl”, “I’ll Try Something New”, “Any Day Now”) in 1967 [MGM K-13617] (45 rpm)

(1967: The Bonne Villes (LP: Bringing It Home) [Justice JLP 146]

(1967: Sonny & Cher (LP: In Case You’re in Love) [Atco 33-203]

(#24 R&B-hit voor David & Jimmy Ruffin

(Ben E. King Elmo Glick)
(Produced by Frank Wilson)
(Arranged by Willie Shorter & Tom Baird) in 1970 [Soul S 35076] (45 rpm)

(#6 album-hit voor John Lennon (Produced and Arranged by John Lennon) in 1975 (LP: Rock ‘n’ Roll) [Apple SK-3419]

(#20 pop-hit voor John Lennon

(Ben E. King Elmo Glick)
(Produced and Arranged by John Lennon) in 1975 [Apple 1881] (45 rpm)

(1984: Demis Roussos (Produced by Vangelis) (Recorded at Nemo Studios – London) (LP: Reflection) [Mercury 824 028 1]

(#6 R&B-hit voor Maurice White

(Words and Music by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
(Produced by Maurice White)
(Co-Produced by Robbie Buchanan)
(Associate Producers: Martin Page, Brian Fairweather) in 1985 [Columbia 38-05571] (45 rpm)

(#9 pop-hit voor Ben E. King in 1986 [Atlantic 7-89361] in de film Stand by Me (Heruitgave van 1961 song)

(1997: Sylvia Millecam (Adapt.: Roland Verstappen) als Blijf bij mij (Stand By Me) (CD: Lekker Puh) [Epic EPC 488591 2]

(#82 pop-hit voor 4 The Cause

(Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller Ben E. King)
(Produced by: Funky Be/Michael Vitoria)
(U.S. A&R: Dave Novik)
(U.S. Mastering: Leon Zervos at Absolute Audio NYC) in 1998 [RCA ‎07863 65532-2] (CD-single)

(1998: 4 The Cause (CD: Stand by Me) [RCA ‎74321 59030 2]

(#13 album-hit voor Seal in 2008 (CD: Soul) [143 Records 515868-2]

(#109 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Prince Royce in 2010 [albumtrack] (CD: Prince Royce) [Top Stop Music 8554 730021]

1986: Jeffrey Osborne – You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song) [A&M Records AM-2814] (2 weken 2)
You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song) - Jeffrey Osborne

(vandaag 33 jaar geleden)
(Andy Goldmark and Bruce Roberts)
(Remixed by the Mix Busters)
(Remix Engineer: Tommy Vicari)
(Produced by Richard Perry)
(Associate Producer: Andy Goldmark & Bruce Roberts)
(Additional Engineers: Dave Luke & Wally Buck)

(#13 hit in de Hot 100 op 23 augustus 1986)

1997: James Taylor – Little More Time With You (3 weken 3)
Little More Time With You - James Taylor

(vandaag 22 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by James Taylor)
(Produced By: Frank Filipetti and James Taylor)
(Associate Producer: Jill Dell’Abate)
(Engineered And Mixed By: Frank Filipetti)
(Recorded At: Chalker’s Creek, Martha’s Vineyard, MA; Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA; Right Track Studios, New York, NY)
(Mastered By: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY)
(Harmonica: Stevie Wonder)

(#70 hit in de Hot 100 op 23 augustus 1997)

Billboard Country & Western chart:

1975: Johnny Rodriguez – Just Get Up And Close The Door [Mercury 73682] (1 week 1)
Just Get Up And Close The Door - Johnny Rodriguez

(vandaag 44 jaar geleden)
(Linda Hargrove)
(Produced By Jerry Kennedy)
(Strings Arrangements By Cam Mullins)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

(1976: Loretta Lynn (LP: When the Tingle Becomes a Chill) [MCA Records MCA-2179]

1980: Bellamy Brothers – Dancin’ Cowboys [Warner Bros. Records/Curb Records WBS 49241] (1 week 1)
Dancin’ Cowboys - Bellamy Brothers foto

(vandaag 39 jaar geleden)
(David Bellamy)
(Produced By Michael Lloyd)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1986: George Strait – Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her [MCA Records MCA-52817] (1 week 1)
Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her - George Strait

(vandaag 33 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Dean Dillon)
(Produced By Jimmy Bowen And George Strait)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

(#25 C&W-hit voor Dean Dillon (Produced by Jerry Bradley) (℗ 1980) in 1981 [RCA PB-12109] (45 rpm)

2003: Brooks & Dunn – Red Dirty Road (1 week 1)
Red Dirty Road - Brooks & Dunn

(vandaag 16 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn)

(#25 hit in de Hot 100 op 9 augustus 2003)

2008: Alan Jackson – Good Time (2 weken 1)
Good Time - Alan Jackson

(vandaag 11 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Alan Jackson)

(#40 hit in de Hot 100 op 26 juli 2008)

Billboard Rhythm & Blues chart:

1969: James Brown – Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1 [King 45-6245] (2 weken 1)
Mother Popcorn - James Brown

(vandaag 50 jaar geleden)
(James Brown Alfred Ellis)
(A James Brown Production)

(#11 hit in de Hot 100 op 26 juli 1969)

1980: Larry Graham – One In A Million You [Warner Bros. Records WBS 49221] (2 weken 1)
One In A Million You - Larry Graham

(vandaag 39 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Sam Dees)
(Produced By Larry Graham)
(Executive Producer: Ron Nadel)

(#9 hit in de Hot 100 op 20 september 1980)

1986: Jean Carne – Closer Than Close [Omni Records 7-99531] (2 weken 1)
Closer Than Close - Jean Carne

(vandaag 33 jaar geleden)
(Terry Price Brandi Wells)
(Produced By Grover Washington, Jr.)
{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006”, “Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2019)


[République française]

1969: Johnny Hallyday – Que je t’aime [Philips 437.480 BE] (Totaal: 11 weken 1)

vandaag 50 jaar geleden)
(Jean Renard · Giles Thibaut)
(Orchestre: Jean-Claude Vannier)
(A-kant 1: Que je t’aime (J. Renard – Gilles Thibaut)
(Orchestre: Jean-Claude Vannier)
(A-kant 2: Voyage au pays des vivants (Micky Jones – Tommy Brown – Long Chris)
(Direction musicale: Micky Jones et Tommy Brown)
(B-kant 1: Je suis né dans la rue (Micky Jones – Tommy Brown – Long Cris)
(B-kant 2: Viens (Micky Jones – Tommy Brown – Gilles Thibaut)
(Direction musicale: Micky Jones et Tommy Brown)
(terug op #1: 04-10-1969, 11-10-1969, 18-10-1969 (3 weken)

(1969: Caravelli

(Jean Renard
Giles Thibaut)
(Direction artistique: Philippe Boutet) (LP: Que je t’aime) [CBS S 7-63832]

(1969: Raymond Lefèvre et son Grand Orchestre

(Jean Renard
Giles Thibaut)
(Direction: Léo Missir) (LP: Raymond Lefèvre et son grand orchestre N° 10) [Riviera X CED 521.131]

(1969: Johnny Hallyday con orchestra diretta da Claude Vannier (Adapt.: Bruno Lauzi) als Quanto ti amo (Que je t’aime) [Philips ‎336240 BF] (45 rpm) (Italiaanse versie)

(1970: Heidi Brühl

(Jean RenardGiles Thibaut / Adapt.: Fred Weyrich)
(Orchester Les Humphries) als Was weißt du von meiner Liebe (Que je t’aime); B-kant van Regen fällt heute auf die Welt (Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head) [Philips 6003 001] (45 rpm) (Duitse versie)

(1984: Hervé Vilard (Arrangements et direction d’orchestre: Hervé Roy) (Enregistrements: Studio des Dames) (Dominique Poncet), C.B.E. (Bernard Estardy) et Tréma (Gérard Bavoux) (Réalisation: Hervé Roy, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Jacques Revaux) (Produit par Jacques Revaux et Régis Talar pour Tréma) (LP: Les chansons que j’aime) [Tréma 310 177]

(1996: Gilbert Montagné op de various artists (CD: Les plus belles chansons françaises – 1969) [Éditions Atlas FRA CD 008]

(2004: Les Castafiores ‎(CD: Airs de jeux) [Mosaic Music Distribution 364372]

(2006: Nello Villa (Adapt.: Bruno Lauzi als Quanto t’amo (CD: Le mie cover preferite Vol. 1 – 12 successi degli anni 60) [NV Records NVR 034] (Italiaanse versie)

(2009: The Lost Fingers (Produced by The Lost Fingers) (Arranged by The Lost Fingers) (Mastered by Frisco at Frisco Studios) (CD: Lost in the 80’s) [Tandem.mu ‎TMUCD-5802]

(2010: Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder (CD: Together Again) [CNR 22 233002]

(2017: Amel Bent (Réalisé & arrangé par Yarol Poupaud) (Enregistré au studio Ferber & au studio de la Grande Armeé) (Mixé au Labomatic par Dominique Blanc-Francard) (Production exécutive: Cattleya Communication) op de various artists (CD: On a tous quelque chose de Johnny) [MCA 0602567098980]

(2018: Sylvie

(Jean RenardGiles Thibaut) (CD: Avec toi…) [Columbia 19075900382]


1952: Eddie Fisher with Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra – Any Time (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 67 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Herbert Happy Lawson)
(Published ℗ 1921)

(#2 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 12 april 1952)

(#14 C&W-hit in Amerika voor Foy Willing and his Riders Of The Purple Saga (Vocal with Western Band) als Anytime in 1948 [Capitol Americana 40108] (78 rpm)

(#17 hit in Amerika voor Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and his Guitar {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} als Anytime in 1948 [RCA Victor 20-2700] (78 rpm)

(#73 C&W hit in Amerika voor Patsy Cline (Vocal With Chorus And Instrumental Accompaniment) als Anytime in 1969 [Decca 25744] (45 rpm)

(#54 C&W hit in Amerika voor The Osmond Brothers als Any Time in 1985 [45-Warner Bros. Records/Curb Records 28982]

1958: Sheb Wooley – The Purple People Eater (5 weken 1)
(vandaag 61 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Sheb Wooley)
(Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction of Neely Plump)

(#1 hit in de US Top 100 op 9 juni 1958)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#119 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit in Amerika voor Dickie Goodman (Arranged and Conducted by Charles Calello) in 1973 [Rainy Wednesday Records RW204] (45 rpm)

1982: A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away) (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 37 jaar geleden)
(Mike Score; Ali Score; Frank Maudsley; Paul Reynolds)
(Produced By Mike Howlett)

(#9 hit in de US Hot 100 op 23 oktober 1982)

1998: Goo Goo Dolls – Iris [Reprise 9362445252] (5 weken 1)
(vandaag 21 jaar geleden)
(John Rzeznik)
(John Rzeznik: Vocals, Guitar)
(Robby Takac: Bass, Backing Vocals)
(Mike Malinin: Drums)
(String Arrangemet By David Campbell)
(Additional Musicians):
(Mandolin By Tim Pierce)
(Piano By Jamie Muhoberac)
(Produced By Rob Cavallo And Goo Goo Dolls)
(Engineered By Allen Sides)
(Mixed By Jack Joseph Puig)

(#1 hit in de US Airplay Hot 100 op 1 augustus 1998)

2015: Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 3 jaar geleden)
(Tommy Lee James; Shane McAnally; Terry McBride)

(#11 album-hit in Amerika voor Easton Corbin {het origineel} in 2012 (CD: All Over the Road) [Mercury Nashville 1670502]


1968: The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 51 jaar geleden)
(Mick Jagger; Keith Richards)
(Producer: Jimmy Miller)

(#3 hit in de US Hot 100 op 6 juli 1968)

(#89 hit in Amerika voor Johnny Winter (Produced by Johnny Winter – Rick Derringer – Murry Krugman) in 1971 [Columbia 4-45368] (45 rpm) {live-versie}

(#21 hit in Amerika voor Aretha Franklin (Produced by Keith Richards (Engineered by Steve Lillywhite) in 1986 [Arista AS1-9528] (45 rpm) in de film Jumpin’ Jack Flash)


France charts sourced from www.infodisc.fr and SNEP. Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


Hans van Erp heeft ernaar gestreefd de fotorechten te regelen volgens de wettige bepalingen. Degenen die desondanks menen rechten te kunnen doen gelden, kunnen zich alsnog tot de uitgever wenden.