24 september

Today’s Number 1 Hits of the USA (1890-2016), including the charts of Australia and New Zealand

De nummer 1-hits van 24 september

Best Selling Singles/Billboard Hot 100:

1892: Will Denny – The Pretty Red Rose (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 126 jaar geleden)

1898: Cal Stewart – I’m Old But I’m Awfully Tough (3 weken 1)
(vandaag 120 jaar geleden)
(Cal Stewart)

(1909: Cal Stewart (Laughing Song) [Victor Record 16403] (78 rpm)

(Twee weken later op 8 oktober 1898 wordt door vijf clubs de Nederlandse Hockey en Bandy Bond (NHBB) opgericht, in hotel Krasnapolsky te Amsterdam. Het is de voorloper van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockey Bond. Dit is de Nederlandse organisatie voor veld- en zaalhockey. De KNHB heeft in januari 2005 172.399 leden. Het bondsbureau is gevestig te Utrecht.)

1904: Byron G. Harlan – All Aboard For Dreamland (2 weken 1)
All Aboard For Dreamland
(vandaag 114 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Andrew B. Sterling /Muziek: Harry Von Tilzer)

1921: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – Song Of India [Victor 18777] (5 weken 1)
Song Of India - Paul Whiteman
(vandaag 97 jaar geleden)
(Adapted from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Chanson Indoue)

(B-kant van Cho-Cho-San)

(Bewerking van Chant Hindou van Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov uit 1897)

(1919: Fritz Kreisler (Violin Solo with Orchestra) als Chanson Indoue (A Song of India) [Victrola 64890] (78 rpm)

(1921: Dame Nellie Melba als Chanson Hindoue “Sadko” [78-His Master’s Voice D.B. 358]

(#5 hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (Featuring Tommy Dorsey, E. W. Bone, Les Jenkins, Trombones–Bob Cusumano, Jimmy Welch, Joe Bauer, Bunny Berigan, Trumpets–Fred Stulce, Bud Freeman, Clyde Rounds, Joe Dixon, Saxophones–Carmen Mastren, Guitar–Gene Traxler, String Bass–Dick Jones, Piano–Dave Tough, Traps) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 1937 [RCA Victor 25523] (78 rpm)

(#19 hit voor Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra in 1938 [Decca 2031] (78 rpm)

(1941: Performed by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra in de film Las Vegas Night)

(#20 hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra in 1943 [78-RCA Victor 27520] (Heruitgave van de 1937 song)

(#4 album-hit voor Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (Recorded Jan. 29, 1937) in 1945 (LP: Getting Sentimental with Tommy Dorsey) [RCA Victor ‎P 80-6] [RCA Victor 27520-B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(1945: Performed by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra in de film Thrill of a Romance)

(#20 hit voor Mario Lanza (Tenor with Orchestra and Chorus) (Constantine Callinicos Conducter) in 1953 [RCA Victor 49-4209] (45 rpm)

(1954: Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra (LP: Lure of the Tropics) [Columbia CL-780]

(#4 album-hit voor André Kostelanetz and his Orchestra in 1955 (LP: Meet André Kostelanetz) [Columbia ‎KZ 1]

(#19 album-hit voor The Three Suns (Arr.: Tommy Dorsey) (with Orchestra Conducted by Marty Gold and Sid Ramin) in 1956 (LP: High Fi and Wide) [RCA Victor ‎LPM 1249]

(#28 album-hit voor Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra in 1958 (LP: Sounds of the Great Bands!) [Capitol SM-1022]

(1959: Ruby Braff (LP: Blowing Around the World) [United Artists UAL 3045]

(#2 album-hit voor The Command All-Stars ‎(Produced And Originated By Enoch Light) (Terry Snyder, Charles Magnante, Bob Haggart, Tony Mottola, Willie Rodriguez, Moe Wechsler, Urbie Green, Bobby Byrne, Pee Wee Erwin, Artie Marotti, Dominic Cortese, Ezelle Watson, Russ Banzer, Stanley Webb, Milt Yaner, Leonard Calderon, George Dessinger, Bernie Kaufman) (℗ 1959) in 1960 ‎(LP: Provocative Percussion) [Command ‎RS-806-S.D.]

(#128 album-hit voor Les & Larry Elgart (Arranged by Charles Albertine) in 1964 (LP: Command Performance! Les & Larry Elgart Play the Great Dance Hits) [Columbia CL 2221]

(1965: Buddy Merrill (Arr. and adapted by Buddy Merrill) (Produced by Buddy Merrill & Scott Seely) (LP: Holiday for Guitars) [Accent ACS 5016]

(1974: The Syd Lawrence Orchestra (Production: Ric Dixon) (Recorded at: Strawberry Studios, Manchester, England) (LP: This Is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening) [Philips 6308 204]

1938: Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell With Victor Young and His Orchestra – Alexander’s Ragtime Band [Decca 1887] (2 weken 1)
Alexander’s Ragtime Band - Bing Crosby

(vandaag 80 jaar geleden)
(Irving Berlin)
(Introduction by Eddie Canter)
(Vocal Duet with Orchestra)

(Succesvol geïntroduceerd op 17 april 1911 door Emma Carus, headliner van de vaudeville-act Big Easter Vaudeville Carnival in de American Music Hall, Chicago, Illinois)

(#1 hit voor Collins & Harlan

(Irving Berlin)
(Duet) (with Orchestra); B-kant van The Oceana Roll van Eddie Morton op 16 september 1911 [Victor Record 16908] (78 rpm)

(#2 hit voor Billy Murray

(Irving Berlin) op 9 december in 1911 [Edison Standard Record 10522] (wax cylinder)

(#3 hit voor Prince’s Band

(Irving Berlin) op 27 april in 1912 [78-Columbia A1126]

(#4 hit voor Victor Military Band (Military Band) in 1912 [Victor Record 17006] (78 rpm)

(#17 hit voor Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys in 1927 [Columbia 14219-D] (78 rpm)

(1927: Ted Lewis And His Band (Vocal Chorus); B-kant van The Darktown Strutter’s Ball [Columbia 1084-D] (78 rpm)

(1932: Harry Green’s Blue Boys (with vocal refrain) [Bluebird B-5519] (78 rpm)

(1932: Gene Kardos and his Orchestra (Vocal refrain by Dick Robertson) [Victor 22920] (78 rpm)

(#9 hit voor The Boswell Sisters (Vocal Trio with Orchestra) in 1935; B-kant van Dinah [Brunswick 7412] (78 rpm)

(1936 Henry Busse And His Orchestra [Decca 1015] (78 rpm)

(1936: Benny Goodman and his Orchestra Featuring Benny Goodman, Clarinet–Hymie Schertzer, William Depew, Arthur Rollini, V, Russo, Saxophones–Zeke Zarch, Harr Finkelman, G. Griffin, Trumpets–S. Ballard, Murray McEachern, Trombones–Allan Reuss, Guitar–Harry Goodman, String Bass–Jesse Stacey, Piano–Gene Krupa, Drums

(Irving Berlin)
[Victor 25445] (78 rpm)

(#12 hit voor Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra

(Irving Berlin)
(Vocal Chorus by Louis Armstrong) in 1937; B-kant van I’ve Got a Heart Full of Rhythm [Decca 1408] (78 rpm)

(1937: Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orch.

(Irving Berlin); B-kant van Bob White [Bluebird B-7345] (78 rpm)

(#4 hit voor The Boswell Sisters (Vocal Trio with Orchestra) in 1938 [Vocalion 4239] (78 rpm) (Heruitgave van de 1935 song)

(#6 hit voor Ray Noble and his Orchestra in 1938 [Brunswick 8180] (78 rpm)

(1938: Bert Block and his Bell Music (Vocal Chorus Bill Heathcock); B-kant van Glow-Worm [Vocalion 4166] (78 rpm)

(1938: Performed by Alice Faye with Tyrone Power on violin, Don Ameche on piano, Jack Haley on drums, and others. Reprised by Alice Faye at the end. Snippets played in the score throughout in de film Alexander’s Ragtime Band)

(1938: Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys (Hot String Band) (Vocal by Leon McAuliffe) [Vocalion 04275] (78 rpm)

(1939: Rolf Syversen; B-kant van Temptation Rag [78-Telefunken N.T. 8224]

(1939: Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra (Vocal Chorus by The Four Modernaires) [Decca 2695] (78 rpm)

(1941: Svend Asmussens Kvintet (Sang: Svend Asmussen) [Odeon D-468] (78 rpm)

(1941: George Formby and His Ukulele (With Orchestra Conducted by John Firman) als George Formby’s Crazy Record–Part 1 – Intro: Alexander’s Ragtime Band; La donna e mobile [Regal Zonophone MR 3550] (78 rpm)

(1943: Harry Parry And His Radio Rhythm Club Sextet [Parlophone R 2867] (78 rpm)

(1945: Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His Orchestra (Vocal Group With Orchestra) [Capitol 10064] (78 rpm)

(#2 album-hit voor Wayne King and his Orchestra in 1946 (LP: Irving Berlin Melodies) [RCA Victor ‎P 159] RCA Victor 20-1899-B] (78 rpm Box Set)

(#20 hit voor Bing Crosby and Al Jolson (With Orchestra Directed By Morris Stoloff) in 1947 [Decca 40038] (78 rpm)

(#13 R&B-hit voor Nellie Lutcher and her Rhythm (Vocal With Rhythm Accompaniment) in 1948 [Capitol C 15180] (78 rpm)

(1948: Andrews Sisters With Vic Schoen And His Orchestra (Vocal With Orchestra) [Decca 24424] (78 rpm)

(#4 album-hit voor Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye in 1950 (LP: Sammy Kaye Plays Irving Berlin for Dancing) [RCA Victor ‎WP 266] [RCA Victor 47-3170-B] (45 rpm Box Set)

(1953: Johnny Maddox and the Rhythmasters (Instrumental with Rhythm Accompaniment); B-kant van Dipsy Doodle [Dot 45-15102] (45 rpm)

(#9 album-hit voor Bing Crosby With Al Jolson in 1954 (LP: Bing: A Musical Autobiography) [Decca DX-151] (Box Set)

(1954: Ben Light and His Lightning Fingers [“X” 4X-0058] (45 rpm)

(1954: Johnnie Ray with Percy Faith and his Orch.; B-kant van If You Believe [Columbia 4-40391] (45 rpm)

(#6 album-hit voor voor Ethel Merman, Donald O’Connor, Dan Dailey, Johnnie Ray, Mitzi Gaynor (℗ 1954) in 1955 op de Selections from the Sound Track of Darryl F. Zanuck’s Presentation of Irving Berlin’s (LP: There’s No Business Like Show Business) [Decca ‎DL 8091]

(1956: Neal Hefti Quintet (LP: Light and Right! The Modern Touch of the Neal Hefti Quintet) [Columbia CSR 8316]

(1956: Lou Stein (LP: Honky Tonk Piano featuring Lou Stein) [Mercury MG-20159]

(1957: Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine (Orchestra Conducted by Hal Mooney) (LP: Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine Sing the Best of Irving Berlin) [Mercury MG-20316]

(#19 album-hit voor Lester Lanin And His Orchestra als It’s Delovely / You’re Sensational / Ev’rything I’ve Got / Love Walked In / Alexander’s Ragtime Band / Charleston in 1958 (LP: Lester Lanin Goes to College) [Epic LN 3474]

(1958: Ella Fitzgerald (Arrangements and Orchestra Conducted by Paul Weston) (LP: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Song Book) [Verve Records MGV 4019-1]

(1958: Lawrence Welk And His Champagne Music (LP: Champagne Dancing Party) [Coral CRL 757226]

(1959: Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine (Orchestra Conducted by Hal Mooney) (LP: Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine Sing the Best of Irving Berlin) [Mercury SR 60002]

(1959: Sarah Vaughan – Billy Eckstine With Hal Mooney & His Orchestra (Vocal by Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine) [Mercury Records 71393X45] (45 rpm)

(#17 album-hit voor Ray Charles in 1960 (LP: The Genius of Ray Charles) [Atlantic SD 1312]

(1960: Dutch Swing College Band; B-Kant van Tears [Philips 317 389 PF] (45 rpm)

(1960: Pee Wee Hunt (LP: Pee Wee Hunt’s Dance Party) [Capitol Records ST-1362]

(1960: Charlie Shavers (LP: Charlie Digs Dixie) [MGM SE 3809]

(#44 album-hit voor Enoch Light And His Orhestra in 1962 (LP: Enoch Light and his orchestra at Carnegie Hall Play Irving Berlin) [Command RS 840-S.D.]

(1962: Julie Andrews (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) (LP: Don’t Go in the Lion’s Cage Tonight) [Columbia CS 8686]

(1962: The Anita Kerr Singers (LP: Vocal Stylings of “The Genius” in Harmony) [RCA Victor LSP 2581]

(#85 album-hit voor Ray Conniff & Billy Butterfield in 1963 (LP: Just Kiddin’ Around) [Columbia CS 8822]

(1967: Lou Stein With Banjo And Rhythm Section (Honky Tonk Favorites) (LP: Hey Louie! Play Melancholy Baby!) [Musicor Records MS 3057]

(1967: Brother Jack McDuff (LP: Tobacco Road) [Atlantic SD 1472]

(1971: Tres Para El Jazz (Written by Irving Berlin) als La banda de Alejandro (LP: En Vivo) [Sondor 33.120]

(1971: The Ragtimers (Arranged and Conducted by Moe Wechsler) (Produced by Ethel Gabriel) (Recorded in RCA’s Studios B and C, New York City) (Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson) (LP: Those Were the Days) [RCA Camden CAS-2467]

(1974: Judith Durham And The Hottest Band In Town (LP: Judith Durham and the Hottest Band in Town) [Interfusion L 35098] {Australische persing}

(1994: Queen City Jazz Band {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} (CD: C’mon Along) [Happy Hairy Zeno Productions HHZ-122]

(Enkele dagen later op 30 september 1938 wordt het eerste nummer van het weekblad Margriet uitgegeven door De Geïllustreerde Pers. Destijds had het als ondertitel Weekblad voor Vrouwen en meisjes wat later veranderde in Weekblad voor Dames. Al vier jaar eerder publiceerde NV Uitgeverij wekelijks het eveneens voor vrouwen bestemde tijdschrift Libelle. Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog wordt in april 1943 de uitgave van Margriet tijdelijk gestopt. Vanaf november 1945 komt dit damesblad terug al duurt het tot 1949 voor het weer elke week verschijnt. In 1948 wordt het blad Moeder en kind onderdeel van Margriet en in 1950 gebeurt hetzelfde met Cinderella. Op 25 oktober 1952 zit gratis bij de Margriet het eerste Nederlandstalige nummer van het weekblad Donald Duck. Langzamerhand wordt de naam De Geïllustreerde Pers vervangen door VNU Tijdschriften. In 2001 koopt het Finse bedrijf Sanoma voor 1,25 miljard euro de VNU Consumer Information Group waaronder Donald Duck, Margriet, Libelle en vele andere tijdschriften behoren.)

1966: The Association – Cherish [Valiant Records V 747] (3 weken 1)
Cherish - The Association

(vandaag 52 jaar geleden)
(Words and Music by Terry Kirkman)
(Produced by Curt Boettcher)
{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Classic Song op radiostation Cruisin’ 1430 AM in Denver, Colorado} {Classic Song op radiostation KAAM 770 AM Legends in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(#7 album-hit voor Roger Williams (Orchestra Arranged And Conducted By Ralph Carmichael) (Produced By Hy Grill) (Roger Williams At The Piano) in 1966 (LP: Born Free) [Kapp KS 3501]

(#16 album-hit in Groot-Brittannië voor Petula Clark in 1967 (LP: Colour My World) [Pye NSPL 18171]

(#11 album-hit voor Four Tops in 1967 (LP: Four Tops Reach Out) [Motown S-660]

(#31 album-hit voor The Lettermen in 1967 (LP: Spring!) [Capitol Records ST-2711]

(#49 album-hit voor Petula Clark in 1967 (LP: Color My World / Who Am I) [Warner Bros. Records W 1673]

(#158 album-hit voor Nina Simone (Arranged and Conducted by Sammy Lowe) (Produced by Danny Davis) in 1967 (LP: Silk & Soul) [RCA Victor LSP 3837]

(1967: Dizzy Gillespie (Arranged by Sammy Lowe) (Produced by Hal Mooney) (Dizzy Gillespie, Trumpet) (James Moody, Tenor and Flute) (Kenny Barron, Piano) (Frank Schifano, Bass) (Billy Butler, Guitar) (Otis Candy Finch Jr., Drums) (Panama Francis, Percussion) (Candido Camero, Conga) (Recorded, October 1966, Bell Sound Studios) (Engineer: Eddie Smith) (LP: The Melody Lingers On) [Limelight ‎LS-82042]

(#13 album-hit voor Ed Ames (Arranged and Conducted by Perry Botkin, Jr.) in 1968 (LP: Who Will Answer? And Other Songs of Our Time) [RCA Victor LSP 3961]

(1968: The Doodletown Pipers (LP: Love Themes: Hit Songs for Those in Love) [Epic BN 26340]

(#9 hit voor David Cassidy

(Words and Music by Terry Kirkman)
(Strings & Horns Arranged by Mike Melvoin)
(Produced by Wes Farrell) in 1971 [Bell 45,150] (45 rpm)

(#15 album-hit voor David Cassidy (Produced by Wes Farrell) in 1972 (LP: Cherish) [Bell BELL 6070]

(#138 album-hit voor Ray Conniff And The Singers in 1972 (LP: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing) [KC 31220]

(1980: Dave (Adapt.: Patrick Loiseau) (Arrangements et direction orchestre: Jimmie Haskell) (Réalisation artistique: Jean-Jacques Souplet) als Cherche un mot d’amour (Cherish); B-kant van Jure-moi [CBS – CBS 8630]

(#181 album-hit voor Jodeci (℗ 1991) in 1992 op de various artists op de Original Motion Picture (CD: Fried Green Tomatoes) [MCA MCAD 10461]

(1995: Michael Chapdelaine (CD: With Love) [Time Life Music]

(#2 album hit voor Barry Manilow (Duet With The Association) (Album Produced by Barry Manilow, Clive Davis and David Benson) (Executive Producer: Garry C. Kief) (Associate Producers: Greg Bartheld and Marc Hulett) als Cherish / Windy in 2006 op de Barry Manilow (CD: The Greatest Songs of the Sixties) [Arista 82876 82640 2]

(#125 album-hit voor Pat Metheny (Pat Metheny: Solo Baritone Guitar) (Produced By Pat Metheny) (Recorded February 2011 in New York City, NY) (Recorded By Pat Metheny, Pete Karam And David Oakes) (Mixed By Pete Karam) (Mastered By Ted Jensen At Sterling Sound, New York, NY) (Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz) in 2011 (CD: Whats It All About) [Nonesuch NONESUCH 527912-2]

(Het Evoluon is een opmerkelijk gebouw in Eindhoven in de vorm van een vliegende schotel. Het is bedoeld als uithangbord voor de technologische vooruitgang en dan met name van die aspecten waarbij het van oorsprong Eindhovense bedrijf Philips betrokken is. Vandaag precies 49 jaar geleden op 24 september 1966 wordt ter gelegenheid van het 75-jarig bestaan van Philips in Eindhoven een wetenschap- en techniektentoonstelling in het Evoluon geopend door prins Bernhard. Het gebouw werd door architect Louis Kalff ontworpen. Het Evoluon is van 1966 tot 1989 als educatief technologiemuseum in gebruik en trekt in de jaren zestig en zeventig grote bezoekersaantallen. Dit komt mede omdat het publiek zelf mag experimenteren en gebruik mag maken van demonstratiemodellen. Veel scholen organiseren traditioneel een maal per jaar een reisje Evoluon. In Madurodam staat een miniatuurkopie van dit futuristische gebouw.)

(Op 2 oktober 1966 begint de Televisie Radio Omroep Stichting met uitzendingen als aspirant-omroep. De omroep is opgericht door voormalige REM-medewerkers. De TROS is de eerste nieuweling in het open bestel. Voorzitter Joop Landré opent op radio en televisie officieel de programmering van de TROS. Een show rond Patricia Paay is het eerste televisie-programma van deze omroep.)

(Op 6 oktober 1966 wordt LSD in de Verenigde Staten illegaal verklaard. LSD is een drug die in 1938 kunstmatig werd samengesteld door de Zwitser Albert Hofmann. Pas in 1943 ontdekte Hofmann het sterke effect van de stof dat hallucinaties veroorzaakte toen hij per ongeluk LSD op zijn huid kreeg. De hippies uit de jaren 1960 hebben er op grote schaal gebruik van gemaakt. Velen geloofden dat dit zogenaamde wondermiddel de wereld zou veranderen. In werkelijkheid is LSD een zeer gevaarlijk middel met even schadelijke effecten als andere drugs.)

1983: Billy Joel – Tell Her About It [Columbia 38-04012] (1 week 1)
Tell Her About It - Billy Joel

(vandaag 35 jaar geleden)
(Billy Joel)
(Produced by Phil Ramone)

1988: Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy [EMI Manhattan B-50146] (2 weken 1)
Don’t Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

(vandaag 30 jaar geleden)
(Bobby McFerrin)
(Produced by Linda Goldstein)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(Uit de film Cocktail met in de hoofdrol Tom Cruise, draait vanaf 29 juli 1988 in de Amerikaanse bioscopen)

(#2 album-hit voor Bobby McFerrin in 1988 op de various artists Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP: Cocktail) [Elektra ‎60806-1]

Billboard: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1910: Arthur Collins & Bryon Harlan – Sugar Moon (3 weken 3)
Sugar Moon
(vandaag 108 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Stanley Murphy /Muziek: Percy Wenrich)

1921: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – Learn To Smile [Victor 18778] (3 weken 3)
Learn To Smile - Paul Whiteman
(vandaag 97 jaar geleden)
(Louis Hirsch)

(1921: Finita DeSoria, Elizabeth Hines en Carl Hemmer in de Broadway-musical theaterproductie The O’Brien Girl met in de hoofdrollen Julian Mitchell & John Meehan, gaat op 3 oktober 1921 in Liberty Theatre, NY in première. Na 164 keer is op 18 februari 1922 de laatste voorstelling)

(#4 hit voor John McCormack (Tenor with Orchestra in 1921 [Victrola 64982] (78 rpm)

(#13 hit voor Carl Fenton’s Orchestra in 1921 [78-Brunswick 2120]

1977: Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop [Warner Bros. Records WBS 8413] (2 weken 3)
Don’t Stop - Fleetwood Mac

(vandaag 41 jaar geleden)
(Christine McVie)
(Produced by Fleetwood Mac with Richard Dashut & Ken Caillat)
(Engineered by Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut)
(Assisted by Chris Morris)

1988: Taylor Dayne – I’ll Always Love You [Arista AS1-9700] (2 weken 3)
I’ll Always Love You - Taylor Dayne

(vandaag 30 jaar geleden)
(Jimmy George)
(Produced By Ric Wake)

Billboard Easy Listening chart:

1983: Billy Joel – Tell Her About It [Columbia 38-04012] (2 weken 1)
Tell Her About It
(vandaag 35 jaar geleden)
(Billy Joel)
(Produced by Phil Ramone)

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 24 september 1983)

Billboard Easy Listening: “Net geen N°1-hits”

1961: Jerry Butler – Moon River [Vee-Jay VJ 405] (1 week 3)
Moon River - Jerry Butler

(vandaag 57 jaar geleden)
(Tekst: Johnny Mercer /Muziek: Henry Mancini)
(Arr. by Riley C. Hampton)

(#11 hit in de Hot 100 op 25 december 1961)

{Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(Het origineel is van Audrey Hepburn uit 1961 in de film Breafast at Tiffany’s met in de hoofdrollen Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard, ging op 5 oktober 1961 in New York City in première)

(#1 hit in Engeland voor Danny Williams with Geoff Love and His Orchestra and The Rita Williams Singers op 28 december in 1961 [His Masters Voice 45-POP 932] (45 rpm)

(#11 pop-hit Henry Mancini, His Orch. And Cho. (Produced by Dick Peirce) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} in 1961 [RCA Victor 47-7915] (45 rpm)

(#44 hit in Engeland voor Henry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus) in 1961 [RCA 45-RCA 1256] (45 rpm)

(1961: Danielle Darrieux (Adapt.: Eddy Marnay) (Orchestre direction: Jo Moutet) als Le jardin aux souvenirs (Moon River); B-kant van Les sourires de Paris [La voix de son maître 7 GF 807] (45 rpm) (Franse versie)

(1961: Hollyridge Strings And Chorus (Produced By Nick Venet) (Conducted by Perry Botkin Jr.) [Capitol Records ‎4631] (45 rpm)

(#3 album-hit in voor Andy Williams (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) {Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} {Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010} in 1962 (LP: Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes) [Columbia CS 8609]

(#4 album-hit voor Lawrence Welk And His Orchestra in 1962 (LP: Moon River) [Dot DLP 3412]

(#9 album-hit voor Roger Williams (Orchestra Directed by Ralph Carmichael & Frank Hunter) in 1962 (LP: Maria) [Kapp KS-3266]

(#10 album-hit voor George Maharis (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) in 1962 (LP: George Maharis Sings!) [Epic BN 26001]

(#11 album-hit voor Ferrante & Teicher (Orchestra Arrangements by Ferrante & Teicher) (Conducted and Produced by Nick Perito) in 1962 (LP: Tonight) [United Artists UAS 6171]

(#14 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra (Produced by Randy Wood) (Arrangments: Billy Vaughn/‎Milt Rogers/Ernest Hughes) in 1962 (LP: Chapel by the Sea) [Dot DLP 3424]

(#16 album-hit voor Peter Nero (Orchestra conducted by Marty Gold) in 1962 (LP: For the Nero-Minded) [RCA Victor LSP 2536]

(#32 album-hit voor Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra and The Ray Charles Singers (Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore Producers) in 1962 (LP: By Request) [RCA Victor LPS 2567]

(#72 album-hit voor Duane Eddy (Arranged and conducted by Bob Thompson) (Supervised by Lee Hazlewood) in 1962 (LP: Twangy Guitar–Silky Strings) [RCA Victor LSP 2576]

(#145 album-hit voor Anita Bryant (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) in 1962 (LP: In a Velvet Mood) [Columbia CS 8685]

(1962: Nico Fidenco con Luis Enriquez e la sua Orch. (Adapt.: Nico Fidenco – Mogol [= Giulio Rapetti] (Coro di Franco Potenza) als Colazione da Tiffany (Moon River) in 1962 [RCA Italiana PM 45 3044] (45 rpm) (Italiaanse versie)

(1962: Ann-Margret (Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Don Robertson) (LP: On the Way Up) [RCA Victor LPM 2453]

(1962: Ema Damia (Adapt.: Eddy Marnay) als Le jardin aux souvenirs (Moon River) (EP: Toi aussi) [45-Polydor 21 855] (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

(1962: Jay And The Americans (Conductor-Arranger: Garry Sherman) (Produced by Jerry Leiber-Mike Stoller) (LP: She Cried) [United Artists UAS 6222]

(1962: Ben E. King (LP: Ben E. King Sings for Soulful Lovers) [Atco Records SD 33-137]

(1962: The Lennon Sisters (Conducted by Milt Rogers) (Arranged by Billy Vaughn, Milt Rogers, Bob Ballard, Frank Scott, Joe Rizzo) (Produced by George Cates, Lawrence Welk and Randy Wood) (LP: Can’t Help Falling in Love) [Dot DLP 25417]

(#17 album-hit voor Billy Vaughn and his orchestra (Arranged by Billy Vaughn & Milt Rogers) in 1963 (LP: 1962’s Greatest Hits) [Dot ‎DLP 25,497]

(#27 album-hit voor Steve Lawrence (Produced by Al Kasha) (Arranged and Conducted by Marion Evans) in 1963 (LP: Winners!) [Columbia ‎CS 8753]

(#83 album-hit voor Kate Smith (Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore Producers) (Orchestra under the direction of Skitch Henderson) (Will Irwin, Choral Director) (Carnegie Hall Concert produced by Durgom-Katz Associates) (Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson) in 1963 (LP: Kate Smith at Carnegie Hall) [RCA Victor LSP 2819] {Recorded live in concert at Carnegie Hall, November 2, 1963}

(#108 album-hit voor Connie Francis (Produced by Danny Davis) in 1963 (LP: Connie Francis Sings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits) [MGM SE4048]

(1963: Paul Anka (LP: Songs I Wish I’d Written) [RCA Victor LSP 2744]

(#30 album-hit voor Jim Reeves (Arranged by William McElhiney) (Produced by Chet Atkins) in 1964 (LP: Moonlight and Roses) [RCA LSP 2854]

(1964: Ace Cannon And His Alto Sax (Supervision: Joe Cuoghi) (Engineer: Ray Harris) (LP: Ace Cannon Plays the Great Show Tunes) [Hi Records SHL 32019]

(1964: Dick Contino (LP: 12 Immortal Songs) [Dot DLP 25609]

(1964: Hugo & Luigi Chorus (Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore Producers) (Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City) (Recording Engineer: Mickey Crofford) (LP: The Cascading Voices of the Hugo & Luigi Chorus: With Strings) [RCA Victor LSP 2863]

(1964: Henry Mancini his Orchestra and Chorus (LP: Mancini Plays the Great Academy Award Songs) [RCA Victor PRS 151]

(1964: Gustav Winckler (Adapt.: Spar) als Langt borte (Moon River) (LP: Blå time) [Sonet SLP 1203] (Deense versie)

(#32 album-hit voor Trini Lopez (Arranged and Produced by Don Costa) in 1965 (LP: The Love Album) [Reprise RS 6165]

(#129 album-hit voor Barbara Mason in 1965 (LP: Yes, I’m Ready) [Arctic ALPS 1000]

(#74 album-hit voor Henry Mancini in 1966 (LP: Henry Mancini Presents the Academy Award Songs – 31 “Oscar” Winners) [RCA Victor LSP 6013]

(#78 album-hit voor Ray Conniff with His Orchestra and Chorus in 1966 (LP: Ray Conniff’s World of Hits) [Columbia CS 9300]

(1966: Brook Benton (Arranged and Conducted by Ray Ellis) (LP: That Old Feeling) [RCA Victor LSP 3514]

(1966: Lena Horne (LP: Lena in Hollywood) [United Artists UAL 3470]

(1966: Mrs. Elva Miller (LP: Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?!) [Capitol Records ST-2579]

(1966: Herbert Seiter mit Rhythmikern (LP: Barmusik aus Wien – Nr. 2) [Philips P 14 421 L] (Potpourri of 18 songs)

(1966: Bobby Solo (Adapt.: Nico Fidenco – Mogol [= Giulio Rapetti] (Orchestra e coro diretti da Raf Ferraro) als Moon River (LP: La vie en rose) [Ricordi MRL 6051] (Italiaanse versie)

(1967: Basil Henriques and The Waikiki Islanders (LP: Shades of Hawaii) [Studio 2 Stereo TWO 177]

(#26 album-hit voor Johnny Mathis (Produced by Robert Mersey) (Arranged and Conducted by Robert Mersey) (Engineering: Frank Laico, Glen Kolotkin) in 1968 (LP: Love Is Blue) [Columbia ‎CS 9637]

(#70 album-hit voor Ray Conniff And The Singers in 1968 (LP: Turn Around and Look at Me) [Columbia CS 9712]

(#30 album-hit Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (Arranged by: Herb Alpert) (Orchestrations by Dave Grusin) (Producers: Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss) (Recorded at A&M Recording Studios) (Engineer: Larry Levine) als Moon River in 1969 (LP: The Brass Are Comin’) [A&M Records ‎SP-4228]

(1970: Rufus Harley (Rufus Harley, bagpipes) (Richard Tee, piano) (Eric Gale, guitar) (Charles Rainey, electric bass) (Jimmy Johnson, drums) (Montego Joe, Conga drum) (Recorded at Regent Sound Studios, New York) (Recording engineers: Bob Liftin & Lew Hahn) (Produced By Joel Dorn) (LP: King / Queens) [Atlantic SD 1539]

(#212 Bubbling Under album-hit voor Tony Mottola (Instrumental) als Medley: Moon River / What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life in 1971 (LP: Close to You) [Project 3 Total Sound Stereo PR 5050 SD]

(1971: Edward Woodward (LP: It Had to Be You) [DJM Records DJLPS 418]

(#12 hit in Engeland voor Greyhound (Produced by: Dave Bloxham) (Arranged by: Tony King) in 1972 [Trojan TR-748] (45 rpm)

(#196 album-hit voor Alpert And The Tijuana Brass ‎‎(Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss) (Compiled and edited by Clare Baren and Richard Burns) in 1973 (LP: Foursider) [A&M Records ‎SP-3521]

(1974: Michel Legrand (Arr., Cond. and Musically Designed by Michel Legrand) (LP: Twenty Songs of the Century) [Bell 4200]

(1976: Fausto Papetti (Sax) (Arrangiamenti di Giancarlo Sorio e Reddy Bobbio) (LP: 22ª Raccolta) [Durium ms AI 77380]

(#84 album-hit voor Andy Williams in 1979 op de various artists Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP: More American Graffiti) [MCA Records MCA2-11006]

(#116 album-hit voor Stanley Jordan (℗ 1986) in 1987 (LP: Standards Volume 1) [Blue Note BT-85130]

(#38 album-hit voor Barbra Streisand in 1991 (CD: Just for the Record…) [Columbia 44111]

(1995: Michael Chapdelaine (CD: With Love) [Time Life Music]

(#31 album-hit voor Neil Diamond (Conducted by Elmer Bernstein) (Produced by Bob Gaudio) in 1998 (CD: The Movie Album: As Time Goes By) [Columbia C2K 69540]

(#11 album-hit in Engeland voor Cliff Richard in 2002 (CD: Wanted) [Papillon 5 050003 002025]

(#5 album-hit voor Barbra Streisand in 2005 (CD: The Movie Album) [Columbia CK 89018]

(2006: Tony Christie (CD: Simply in Love) [Tug Records ‎SNOGCD03]

(2007: Jane Monheit ‎(Produced by Jorge Calandrelli) (Executive Producer: John Burk) (Mixed by Al Schmitt) {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington} (CD: Surrender) [Concord Records ‎CCD-30050]

1977: Stephen Bishop – On And On [ABC Records AB-12260] (2 weken 2)
On And On - Stephen Bishop

(vandaag 41 jaar geleden)
(Stephen Bishop)
(Produced By Henry Lewy And Stephen Bishop)

(#11 hit in de Hot 100 op 8 oktober 1977)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado} {Timeless Classic Song op radiostation KIXI (880 AM) Mercer Island-Seattle, Washington}

(2002: Bruce Foulke And Howard Kleinfeld (CD: A Shade of Paradise: More Music for a Virtual Vacation) [North Star Music NS 169]

1994: Richard Marx – The Way She Loves Me (Acoustic Version) [Capitol C2 7243 8 58167 2 7] (1 week 3)
The Way She Loves Me - Richard Marx
(vandaag 24 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Richard Marx)
(Produced by Richard Marx)
(Arranged by Richard Marx, Bruce Gaitsch and Leland Sklar)
(Engineered and Mixed by Bill Drescher)

(#20 hit in de Hot 100 op 27 augustus 1994)

Billboard Country & Western chart: 

1949: Ernest Tubb – Slipping Around [Decca 46173] (1 week 1)
Slipping Around - Ernest Tubb
(vandaag 69 jaar geleden)
(Floyd Tillman)
(Singing With Instrumental Accompaniment)

(#17 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 17 december 1949)

(#5 C&W-hit voor Floyd Tillman (Vocal with Instrumental Acc.) {het origineel} in 1949 [Columbia 20581] (78 rpm)

(#30 pop-hit voor Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely (With Orchestra) (Vocal Duet With Orchestra) in 1949 [Capitol 57-40224] (78 rpm)

(#13 C&W-hit voor Texas Jim Robertson and The Panhandle Punchers in 1950 [78-RCA Victor 21-0074]

(#109 Bubbling Under-hit voor Betty Johnson (Orch. Cond. by Charles Grean) in 1960 [Dot 45-16127] (45 rpm)

(#23 C&W-hit voor Marion Worth And George Morgan (Prod. by Don Law and Frank Jones) in 1964 [Columbia 4-43020] (45 rpm)

(1964: George Morgan and Marion Worth (LP: Slippin’ Around) [Columbia CS 8997]

(1964: Kai Winding (Arranged by Kai Winding & Bill McElhiney) (Vocal Accompaniment Anita Kerr Singers) (LP: Modern Country) [Verve Records V6-8602]

(#45 C&W-hit voor Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell (Producer: Johnny Kennedy) in 1965 [Mercury 72497] (45 rpm)

(#98 C&W-hit voor Mack Abernathy (Produced by Vic Clay) in 1988 [CMI 1988-8S] (45 rpm)

1977: Conway Twitty – I’ve Already Loved You In My Mind [MCA Records MCA 40754] (1 week 1)
I’ve Already Loved You In My Mind - Conway Twitty
(vandaag 41 jaar geleden)
(Conway Twitty)
(Produced By Owen Bradley)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburns Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

(1977: Conway Twitty (Produced by Owen Bradley) (LP: I’ve Already Loved You in My Mind) [MCA Records MCA-2293)

1983: Crystal Gayle – Baby, What About You [Warner Bros. Records 7-29582] (1 week 1)
Baby What About You - Crystal Gayle
(vandaag 35 jaar geleden)
(Josh Leo; Wendy Waldman)
(Produced By Jimmy Bowen)
(Published ℗ 1982)

(#83 hit in de Hot 100 op 1 oktober 1983)

(#120 album-hit voor Crystal Gayle in 1982 (LP: True Love) [Elektra 60200]

1988: Dan Seals – Addicted [Capitol Records B-44130] (1 week 1)
Addicted - Dan Seals
(vandaag 30 jaar geleden)
(Cheryl Wheeler)
(Produced by Kyle Lehning)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1994: Joe Diffie – Third Rock From The Sun [Epic 34-77577] (2 weken 1)
Third Rock From The Sun - Joe Diffie
(vandaag 24 jaar geleden)
(John Greenebaum; Sterling Whipple; Tony Martin)
(Produced by Johnny Slate and Joe Diffie)

(#84 hit in de Hot 100 op 15 oktober 1994)

2005: Sara Evans – A Real Fine Place To Start (2 weken 1)
A Real Fine Place To Start - Sara Evans

(vandaag 13 jaar geleden)
(George Ducas; Radney Foster)

(#38 hit in de Hot 100 op 24 september 2005)

2011: George Strait – Here For A Good Time (1 week 1)
Here For A Good Time - George Strait
(vandaag 7 jaar geleden)
(George Strait; Bubba Strait; Dean Dillon)

(#46 hit in de Hot 100 op 22 oktober 2011)

2016: Kelsea Ballerini – Peter Pan (2 weken 1)

(vandaag 2 jaar geleden)
(Kelsea Ballerini; Jesse Lee; Forest Glen Whitehead)

(#35 hit in de Hot 100 op 24 september 2016)

Billboard Rhythm & Blues Chart:

1949: Dinah Washington – Baby Get Lost [Mercury 8148] (2 weken 1)
Baby Get Lost - Dinah Washington
(vandaag 69 jaar geleden)
(Billy Moore)
(Blues Vocal by Dinah Washington)

{Classic Non-Hot 100 Song in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2010}

1966: The Temptations –  Beauty Is Only Skin Deep [Gordy G-7055] (5 weken 1)
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - The Temptations
(vandaag 52 jaar geleden)
(Norman Whitfield; Eddie Holland)
(Produced by Norman Whitfield)

(#3 hit in de Hot 100 op 1 oktober 1966)

(#41 album-hit voor Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Het origineel) uit 1966 (LP: Away We Go Go) [Tamla ‎S-271]

(#24 album-hit voor The Temptations (Produced By Jackie Barnett) als Medley: Girl (Why You Wanna’ Make Me Blue) / Beauty Is Only Skin Deep / You’re My Everything / My Girl / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg in 1969 (LP: The Temptations Show) [Gordy S-933] {Recorded during a one-hour syndicated television special, which aired on July 10, 1969}

(#21 album-hit voor The Temptations als Introduction Medley: Get Ready / Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) / Beauty Is Only Skin Deep / You’re My Everything / My Girl / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg in 1970 (LP: The Temptations Live at London’s Talk of the Town) [Gordy 953]

1977: KC And The Sunshine Band – Keep It Comin’ Love [T.K. Records 1023] (1 week 1)
Keep It Comin’ Love - KC And The Sunshine Band

(vandaag 41 jaar geleden)
(Harry Wayne Casey; Richard Finch)
(Produced by: Harry Casey/Richard Finch)
(Arranged by: Harry Casey & Richard Finch)

(#2 hit in de Hot 100 op 1 oktober 1977)

1988: Jeffrey Osborne – She’s On The Left (Edited Version) [A&M Records AM-1227] (1 week 1)
She’s On The Left - Jeffrey Osborne
(vandaag 30 jaar geleden)
(Robert Brookins; Jeffrey Osborne; Tony Haynes; Clinton “Spud” Blanson)
(Produced by Jeffrey Osborne and Robert Brookins)
(Arranged by Jeffrey Osborne and Robert Brookins)
(Recorded by Khaliq Glover and Tommy Vicari)
(Recorded at Wings West)

(#48 hit in de Hot 100 op 1 oktober 1988)

2005: Kanye West Featuring Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger (4 weken 1)
Gold Digger - Kanye West

(vandaag 13 jaar geleden)
(Kanye West; Ray Charles; Renald Richard)
(Produced by Kanye West)
(Recorded by Anthony Kilhofer at the Record Plant, Hollywood, CA; Andrew Dawson at Sony Music Studios, NYC and Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA and by Tom Biller at Grandmaster Recording Studios, Hollywood CA)
(Mixed by Mike Dean at Chalice Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA)
(Assistant Engineers: Richard Reitz, Matt Green, Nate Connelly and Mike Mo)
(Additional Vocals: Plain Pat & Don C. Scratches)
(Bevat samples uit I Got a Woman van Ray Charles (1955)

(#1 hit in de Hot 100 op 17 september 2005)

(#108 Bubbling Under Hot-100-hit voor Glee Cast in 2009 [albumtrack] (CD: Glee: The Music, Season 1, Volume 1) [Columbia ‎88697 60687 2]

2016: Needed Me – Rihanna (2 weken 1)
(Copyright: Roc Nation)

(vandaag 2 jaar geleden)
(Nick Audino; Derrus Rachel; Adam Feeney; Robyn Fenty; Brittany Hazzard; Charles Hinshaw; Lewis Hughes; Dijon McFarlane; Khaled Rohaim; Te Whiti Warbrick)

(#7 hit in de Hot 100 op 12 juli 2016)


This US list was compiled by data from the books titled Joel Whitburn’s “Pop Memories 1890-1954”, “Top Pop Singles 1955-2010”, “Top Adult Songs 1961-2006″ ,”Hot Country Songs 1944-2010”, “Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010” and Billboard Magazine (©2018)



1949: Evelyn Knight and The Stardusters – Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 69 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Carmen Lombardo; Stanley Rochinski)
(Vocal with Chorus and Rhythm Accompaniment)

(#1 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 5 maart 1949)

{Nostalgia Classic Song op radiostation KEZW Studio 1430 AM Denver, Colorado}

(#10 hit in Amerika voor Dean Martin (With Paul Weston And His Orchestra) (Vocal With Orchestra) in 1949 [Capitol 15351] (78 rpm)

(#13 hit in Amerika voor Swing and Say with Sammy Kaye (Vocal refrain by The Three Kaydets) in 1949 [RCA Victor 20-3321] (78 rpm)

(#16 hit in Amerika voor Doris Day and Buddy Clark (Orchestra under the direction of George Siravo) in 1949 [Columbia 38394] (78 rpm)

(#18 hit in Amerika voor Blue Barron and his Orchestra (Vocal by Ensemble); B-kant van Cruising Down the River in 1949 [MGM 10346] (78 rpm)

ex aequo:

1949: Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye – Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 69 jaar geleden)
(Tekst & Muziek: Carmen Lombardo; Stanley Rochinski)
(Vocal refrain by The Three Kaydets)

(#13 hit in de US Pop Singles Charts op 5 maart 1949)

2000: Kylie – One A Night Like This [Mushroom MUSH019725] (2 weken 1)
(vandaag 20 jaar geleden)
(Steve Torch; Graham Stack; Mark Taylor; Brian Rawling)
(Produced by Graham Stack and Mark Taylor)
(Mixed by Mark Taylor and Graham Stack at Dreamhouse Studios, London)


1976: ABBA – Dancing Queen (4 weken 1)
(vandaag 42 jaar geleden)
(Benny Andersson; Stig Andersson; Björn Ulvaeus)
(Produced by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus)

(#1 hit in de US Hot 100 op 9 april 1977)

(#110 Bubbling Under Hot 100-hit voor Carl Douglas (Arranged and conducted by John Davis) (Produced by Ed O’Loughlin) in 1977 [Midland International ‎MD-10870] [12-inch] ( 33 ⅓ rpm)

(#95 hit in Amerika voor A*Teens (Produced by Ole Evenrude) als Dancing Queen (Album Version) in 2000 [Stockholm Records ‎012 156 704-4] (Cassette-single)

2012: PSY – Gangnam Style (6 weken 1)
(vandaag 6 jaar geleden)
(Park Jai-Sang; Yoo Gun Hyung)

(#2 hit in de US Hot 100 op 6 oktober 2012)


Australia and New Zealand charts sourced from Wikipedia


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